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‘Cunning Single Lady”: Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung eat late night snack together

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‘Cunning Single Lady”: Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung eat late night snack together

“Cunning Single Lady” there was a strange vibe between Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung.

On the 9th episode of “Cunning Single Lady” broadcast on March 26th, Cha Jung Woo (played by Joo Sang Wook) ran into Na Ae Ra (played by Lee Min Jung) when she was bringing back snacks.

Ae Ra said out of courtesy to Cha Jung Woo, “Do you want to eat together?” Cha Jung Woo refused at first and then answered “Whatever.”

The two people went to Cha Jung Woo”s house for a late night snack. It was awkward between the two and Cha Jung Woo said to Ae Ra, “Your hands are still big.” Ae Ra said, “It”s not warm-hearted to prepare just enough” as the two had a conversation.

After this, the two watched an ad that they had filmed together. Cha Jung Woo said to Ae Ra, “think of this as an honor. You”re not a face to be a model. You”re all old” and was hurtful. Then, Ae Ra said, “You age and get wiser. I have maturity in my face though I”m not fresh anymore. It”s a natural virtue.”

On this day, Na Ae Ra and Cha Jung Woo bickered like lovers. Especially as Cha Jung Woo fell asleep, Ae Ra looked at him and there was awkwardness as It will be interesting to see whether there will be a change In the two people”s relationship.

Lee Yeonhee’s late-night snack trucks: Surprise present for the staff members of the K-Drama “Miss Korea”

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Lee Yeonhee’s late-night snack trucks: Surprise present for the staff members of the K-Drama “Miss Korea” Lee Yeonhee’s late-night snack trucks: Surprise present for the staff members of the K-Drama “Miss Korea”

At the MBC K-Drama “Miss Korea” studio site on January 14, actress Lee Yeonhee from SM Entertainment provided 150 meals’ worth of late-night snack and café trucks for the staff members of this drama that she is currently starring in.

This pleasant surprise present and event was actually organized by Yeonhee’s fans for the staff members, actors, and actresses of the drama who have been working hard and producing superb products while working through the cold winter day. The fans had humorous banners for the late night snack and café trucks using lines from the drama.

Yeonhee helped distribute the food herself and also posted photos of herself and staff members eating delicious and heart-warming late-night snacks and some in front of the food trucks. Yeonhee couldn’t have had expressed more gratitude for her fans’ efforts in putting on this surprise event for her and the drama staff members.

This drama depicts the “Miss Korea” industry in 1997, where Lee Yeonhee plays the main character role of Jiyoung. Jiyoung was the most beautiful and popular high-school girl but she ends up working as an elevator girl in a department store. One of the employees of a cosmetic company that is in a danger of bankruptcy happens to remember Jiyoung from high school and tries to make her join Miss Korea in order to profit from Jiyoung’s foreseeable nation-wide popularity from winning the beauty pageant.

Park Shin Hye Thanks Fans From 11 Countries For Delicious Late-Night Snack

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Park Shin Hye Thanks Fans From 11 Countries For Delicious Late-Night SnackIn the early morning of December 10, actress Park Shin Hye tweeted the message, “Thank you fans from 11 countries. We enjoyed a delicious late-night snack thanks to all of you. I’m sorry it took me so long to thank you. Thank you!” along with a selca.

In the photo, Park Shin Hye is standing in front of a banner holding a cup in her hand after enjoying the late-night snack provided by her fans.  Although the photo was taken late at night, she exhibits flawless skin and pure beauty.

Meanwhile, the curiosity of how SBS’ “The Heirs” will end has been gaining much interest as the drama approaches its end. While we wait for the last two episodes, you can check out what the cast members chose as their favorite scenes in the drama.

The final episodes of “The Heirs” will air on Wednesday and Thursday at 10 PM KST.

Wonder Girls' Sunmi finds she eats late-night snacks to gain weight

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Wonder Girls' Sunmi finds she eats late-night snacks to gain weight

Wonder Girls" Sunmi has the other trouble of many idol stars. On the August 12th broadcast of SBS Pressure FM"s "2 O"Clock Cult Show", Sunmi published that she eats late-night snacks just to gain weight.

The team shared that the newly returned Wonder Women member eats middle of the evening snacks often. Sunmi explained, "I revel in dining trotters and hamburgers." When the DJ changed into once stunned that hamburgers were a snack for her, the contributors said, "Sunmi is naturally thin, so she eats overdue at evening to gain weight."

Sunmi added, "My whole circle of relatives is skinny. It"s our metabolism."

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Wonder Girls′ Sunmi Says She Eats Late-Night foods to Gain Weight

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Wonder Girls′ Sunmi Says She Eats Late-Night foods to Gain Weight

--> Wonder Girls′ Sunmi stated that she manages her nutrition via dining past due at night.

Sunmi seemed at the August 12 broadcast of SBS radio force FM′s Cultwo Show, where she published that she eats late-night foods so as to gain weight.

One listener asked, "Today is malbok (the final hot day of the summer), are there any fitness foods or late-night foods you experience eating?"

Sunmi responded, "I consume in reality well, yet I haven′t been dining neatly at the present time because we′re so busy. Pigs′ feet, hamburgers, I consume everything."

Ye Eun added, "Because Sunmi has a thin frame type, she eats past due at evening so as to gain weight," which Sunmi confirmed.

"My complete circle of relatives is skinny," stated Sunmi. "My more youthful siblings, mother and dad, we′re all skinny."

'Late Night Restaurant' Production Team Excuses WINNER Nam Tae Hyun's Controversial Acting

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WINNER (Photo : SBS ) On August 7, production team members from the SBS weekend series, "Late Night Restaurant," weighed in on the performance of WINNER"s Nam Tae Hyun. While "Late Night Restaurant" should have served as his breakout acting performance, Nam has been criticized for epitomizing a phenomenon commonly known in Korea as "foot acting." This term eloquently describes flat affect, expressionless faces and other characteristics of a poor acting performance.

In an article published by the Korean outlet Newsen, production staff members defend his acting and justify his eagerness to appear in the television show. Newsen opens with the story by expressing concern for the public image of the boy band member, which has been questioned, as domestic viewers continue to weigh-in on his acting ability.

Representatives for the production weighed in on the acting performance delivered by the idol, in a statement provided to Newsen. "Nam Tae Hyun has a passion for acting, we hope the sentiment is delivered to the viewers," said a spokesperson from the weekend drama.

The production staff went on to praise his professionalism and acting, during the recent filming of a scene which involved cold water submersion. "We are making this scene public, where Nam Tae Hyun goes into a reservoir," said the representative. "He won applause from the production staff with his acting and did not show signs of tiring when he had to jump into the water."

Critics and domestic audiences have cited the casting of the WINNER member in the series as the latest example of instances where idol actors fail to carry dramas. The acting idol trend continues to gain momentum, but recent examples of push back from fans have included the backlash against Miss A"s Suzy, who was considered for the leading female role in "Cheese in the Trap."

Have you watched "Late Night Restaurant?" What are your thoughts on Nam Tae Hyun"s performance? Please comment below.


About the writer: Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor for KDramaStars. She is also a contributing writer for KpopStarz, MTV Iggy, Viki and CJ Entertainment"s KCON blog. Her passions include a love of K-pop and Asian drama. When she is not writing, she is hanging out on Twitter (@retrogirladdy).

“late night restaurant” Teases Nam Ji Hyun and Oh Ji Ho’s Wedding photos

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“ past due evening eating place” Teases Nam Ji Hyun and Oh Ji Ho’s Wedding photos The manufacturers of < robust>SBS’s “< robust> past due evening eating place” printed a teaser symbol of a marriage photo of < robust>Oh Ji Ho and < robust>Nam Ji Hyun, who will cameo on the 7th episode, named “< robust>Samgyetang.”

Oh Ji Ho is clotheed in a black tuxedo, and Nam Ji Hyun is clotheed in a lovely little one purple get clotheed in the released teaser symbol. Oh Ji Ho turns out to be placing a ring on Nam Ji Hyun’s finger, resulting in additional speculations about what their dating is in the display, because they are meant to be 21 years aside in age at the display.

The manufacturers acknowledged, “we were receiving numerous attention because the teaser symbols were released. As we close to midsummer, i hope that the target market will song in to look at the 2 actors tell the tale in their memories.”

Nam Tae Hyun"s acting in "Late-Night Restaurant" sparks intense debate

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Nam Tae Hyun

WINNER Nam Tae Hyun"s acting in new SBS drama "Late-Night Restaurant" has the public raving for all the wrong reasons.

The idol-turned-actors" awkward acting has caught the attention of viewers and media outlets alike, sparking some heated debate online. According to the reports, the idol"s "amateurish" acting are stirring whispers that it"s a detriment to the drama and that he has negatively impacted the term "idol actor" by giving all idol-turned-actors a bad name.

In one particular scene in the episode that aired early morning on July 5, Nam Tae Hyun acted out a scene in which he rued his character"s circumstances through tears. Some people severely criticized Nam Tae Hyun"s acting as "being more awkward than the acting that idols showcase on variety programs" and have even parodied the idol"s "foot acting."

Some netizens remarked, "These days everyone is appearing on TV without preparation saying that they"re idols it"s an eyesore maybe if they had some talent," "Nam Tae Hyun: but I"m acting!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~," and "Seriously if you"re not Siwan, please don"t act it"s not a joke why is everyone trying to act." 

The reports also state that rather than attracting attention for its distinctions from the Japanese original, the cinematic quality, and the message the drama is supposed to relay, "Late-Night Restaurant" seems to be sparking greater debate around Nam Tae Hyun"s acting.

"Late-Night Restaurant" still has 28 episodes left and though it may not be considered professional to learn the ropes of acting through a drama, there is hope that Nam Tae Hyun"s acting will improve in the later episodes.

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Nam Tae Hyun to share his feeling when taking part in "Late Night Restaurant"

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WINNERs Nam Tae Hyun Feels Honored to Be Part of Upcoming Drama Late Night Restaurant The cast and crew of the upcoming SBS drama Late Night Restaurant gathered for a press conference on July 2, including stars Kim Seung Woo, Choi Jae Sung, and WINNERs Nam Tae Hyun.

For Nam Tae Hyun, this is his second acting opportunity after his role in the web drama Midnight Girl.

He was surprised when he got cast for the role, saying, I play the role of Min Woo, who is a high school student. When I got the casting call, I was surprised to find that it included such superior actors and director.

He continued, Im very thankful that the crew considered me for this great project. When I got the first script I thought [the drama] played out like a movie. Its a calm and touching drama. Im very honored [to be a part of it].

During the press conference, the crew revealed that actors Ji Jin Hee, Oh Ji Ho, and Nam Ji Hyun will be making special appearances in the drama. Fans are definitely excited for this drama since it includes a star-studded cast whove performed well on both small and big screens.

Late-Night Restaurant is a remake of the hit Japanese manga/drama Shinya Shokudo and is about a unique restaurant that opens only from midnight to seven in the morning. It will air two 30-minute episodes every week and the first episode is set to broadcast on July 4 at 12:10 a.m. KST.

Nam Tae Hyun talks about starring in "Late-Night Restaurant"

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Nam Tae Hyun talks about starring in

WINNER"s Nam Tae Hyun expressed his feelings of being cast for the SBS drama "Late-Night Restaurant", which will be airing its first episode on July 4! 

At the press conference for the drama held today at Seoul Gangnam District"s Ramada Hotel, the singer said, "When I first received the casting offer, I was shocked to see that it was the work of great sunbaenims and director Hwagn In Roe ("Mischievous Kiss", "Princess Hours", "Prince Hours", etc.). I"m thankful that they considered me for such a great piece of work."

Nam Tae Hyun further conveyed, "I thought it very cinematic when I first received the script for "Late-Night Restaurant". I think it"s a drama that contains touching emotions, so it"s great honor to be starring in it." 

The singer will be portraying Minwoo, a hardworking boy who is pure and kindhearted despite growing up in an underprivileged environment.

Tune in to the show this coming July 4!

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