Lee Kwang Soo and Nana  has  opened up about  the parts of their body they are happy with and more

Lee Kwang Soo and Nana has opened up about the parts of their body they are happy with and more

Lee Kwang Soo and Nana Talk Preconceptions, Favorite Body Parts, and More KBSEntertainment Weekly” visited the set of Lee Kwang Soo and Nana’s recent photo shoot, where they talkedin a short timeabout everything from preconceptions people have about them to how they’ve changed as a result of their entertainment activities.

Lee Kwang Soo says they are shooting a waterpark photo shoot, at which the reporter says, “The ones that only people with hot bodies shoot?” Lee Kwang Soo stutters a bit and is unable to reply, but the reporter quickly shouts, “Congratulations!” giving the giraffe a respite from the answer.

lee kwang soo nana 3

On the subject of hot bodies, Lee Kwang Soo and Nana are asked to name the body part they are most confident in. Nana also hesitates a bit, saying that she’s afraid that people would hate her for her answer, but then she says, “My angular jawline?” Lee Kwang Soo gives a totally characteristic answer: “I, honestly, [love myself] down to every last strand of hair…”

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Lee Kwang Soo goes on to talk about some fans who ask him to spit on themafter a moment on “Running Man” when he feigned spitting on Haha after Haha said he was uglyexpecting him to be the exact same person. “I joke around a lot on TV, but if I were the same way during everyday life, I’d be a weirdo,” and continues, “When people ask me to [spit on them], it puts me in an strange position.”

And it seems their entertainment activities have had an effect on both of their personalities. Nana used to be pretty reserved, she says, but after starting Orange Caramel, she naturally became brighter, laughed more, andcautiouslyshe says cuter. She puts on a display of exactly how:

nana entertainment weekly

Lee Kwang Soo also shares how a moment “Running Man” has changed him. “There was an episode on ‘Running Man’ when my pants were pulled off. After that I changed, a bit. I became cuter, a bit more comfortable..”

running man lee kwang soo pants



Lee Kwang Soo says he will never forget his happy days filming

Lee Kwang Soo says he will never forget his happy days filming "It"s Okay, That"s Love"

Lee Kwang Soo says he will never forget his happy days filming

Lee Kwang Soo shared how much the SBS Wed-Thurs drama "It"s Okay, That"s Love" means to him in his message of thanks!

Lee Kwang Soo relayed his thanks through his agency King Kong Entertainment on the 13th, "It was a filming that shook my heart in happiness. I thank the director, writer, entire staff, seniors and juniors once again and I want to say that I love them... I don"t think I"ll ever be able to forget the happy 6 months that I lived as Park Soo Kwang... I sincerely thank the viewers who loved "It"s Okay, That"s Love" during that time and I hope that you will keep "It"s Okay, That"s Love" in your memory for a long time. I will greet you with a better image."

Who else won"t forget "It"s Okay, That"s Love"?


Kwang Hees Creative Snack Becomes a Big Hit on Happy Togethers Food Corner

Kwang Hees Creative Snack Becomes a Big Hit on Happy Togethers Food Corner

Kwang Hee’s Creative Snack Becomes a Big Hit on Happy Together’s Food CornerIdol group ZE:A member Kwang Hee’s nighttime snack that he presented on the October 31 episode of “Happy Together 3” became a big hit, and has become the 58th entry on Happy Together’s menu.

Dubbed Kwang-tos, the snack involves microwaving slightly soft/stale Cheetos with cheese on top, and adding chili sauce. Kwang Hee mentioned that he used to make this dish when he was a trainee.

Kwang-tos was competing with Seo In Guk’s dish, which was a creative dish made with ramen noodles, egg, and sausage. In the end, Kwang Hee’s menu prevailed and all of the cast got the chance to try it.

Everyone loved the creative snack, and some commented that it would be a perfect food to have while having beer. However, other cast members mentioned that it must be a caloric bomb, and that while it’s really good at first, it might get old quickly. Fellow guest Sayuri likened it to a celebrity who gets famous really fast but also disappears just as fast. Nevertheless, the snack made it onto the Happy Together menu, and heightened anticipation as to what other snack recipes people might bring to the show in the future.

Here’s the recipe for Kwang-tos:


Cheetos (or some other similar snack) Mozzarella cheese Slice cheddar cheese Chili sauce Directions:

Leave the Cheetos open for a day, letting them get a little soft/stale.  Put the Cheetos in a bowl, and sprinkle the desired amount of mozzarella on top, as well as slices of cheese. Heat in the microwave for one minute, and then add chili sauce on top.

Fast and easy, right? Try it for yourself!

Kwang Hee’s Creative Snack Becomes a Big Hit on Happy Together’s Food Corner


Lee Kwang Soo wishes Kim Jong Kook a happy birthday

Lee Kwang Soo wishes Kim Jong Kook a happy birthday

Lee Kwang Soo wishes Kim Jong Kook a happy birthday

Contrary to their relationship on-screen, Lee Kwang Soo and his Running Man co-star Kim Jong Kook are close friends in real life. The actor made sure to congratulate Kim Jong Kook on his 38th birthday (International age: 37) today.

Lee Kwang Soo shared on his Twitter, Today is Kim Jong Kook hyungs birthday♡, along with a friendly snapshot of him and Kim Jong Kook enjoying the warm weather on the patio. The two running men, wearing matching couple sunglasses, look relaxed and happy.

Fans also congratulated Kim Jong Kook, commenting, Happy Birthday, Kim Jong Kook, So you guys are close in real life, and The way they show their V signs is surprisingly cute.

Happy Birthday to the one and only Sparta, Kim Jong Kook!


[Interview] Hong Dae Kwang Says He

[Interview] Hong Dae Kwang Says He"s Happy to be on the Same Charts as Cho Yong Pil and Psy

Hong Dae Kwang the rookie has been pitched against such big names as Psy and Cho Yong Pil, but instead of feeling daunted, he′s said he′s happy to mingle with them.

The singer released his first mini album on April 19, and soon after its release, his promotional single Far Away pushed back Cho Yong Pil and Psy on the Mnet charts, and most of the tracks from his album managed to make it into the top 10.

Even on the hard-to-crack Melon charts, his tracks have been staying within the top 20.

Hong Dae Kwang said he never expected such an explosive response.

In an interview held with enews soon after the songs were released, he said, "Everything is like a miracle. This is something that can′t happen by human design. I′m so honored to be listed in the same chart as the ′King of Gayo′ Cho Yong Pil and the global star Psy."

Many showed concern over his choice of competition, but he said, "Many worry over me, but I′m happy. It′s a miracle that I′m singing in the same age as these great figures. Things that I never even imagined could happen have been happening."

"Everything′s good," he said. "If you think positively of everything, it′s all good. I can′t believe I was in the same chart as the King of Gayo and the global star. I can′t put how I feel into words."

He also said about the positive reviews, "I think I′m really lucky. I feel compensated for the hard times I endured. I was happy to release a good album, and I′m even happier now that it′s being received well."

Hong Dae Kwang′s Far Away is still high on the charts.


[Happy Birthday] B2ST

[Happy Birthday] B2ST"s Lee Gi Kwang Turns 23

It′s B2ST′s Lee Gi Kwang′s birthday today and the dancing, singing machine is definitely all grown up.

On his birthday, Lee Gi Kwang tweeted, "Everyone who congratulated me is my fan ^_^. I′m so so grateful and thankful, and hope everyone is happy puhahaha!!~~"

Why so pensive?

Why so shy, Lee Gi Kwang?

There′s the confident Lee Gi Kwang we know!

Lee Gi Kwang knows he′s smokin′ hot now.

Maybe it was those ′Dancing Shoes′ that gave him that extra boost?

No one is ever too old to rock a bowl cut. Or to make a kissy face.

We′re beginning to notice a pattern here...

Happy birthday Lee Gi Kwang!

Photo credit: Lee Gi Kwang′s Twitter


[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Says He

[Interview] Lee Kwang Soo Says He"s Happy He"s Asked More about Song Joong Ki

Lee Kwang Soo is often asked more about his best friend Song Joong Ki than about himself, but he said he′s actually happy about it.

In a recent interview with enews, Lee Kwang Soo said, "I′m often asked about [Song] Joong Ki during my interviews following the conclusion of the drama. I′m happy as a friend that Joong Ki is so loved."

He added, "I′m sometimes asked whether I think of him as my rival, but I′ve thought that Joong Ki and I were two very different people ever since we were born. Even when we were on Running Man I knew that Joong Ki and I were on different paths. I believe that it′s foolish to be jealous of and to compare myself with a person walking another path. I know how hard he worked, so I′m happy he′s doing well."

Lee Kwang Soo recently appeared in the role of Song Joong Ki′s best friend for the KBS2 drama Nice Guy. Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo) was a sincere man who cared for his friend, and didn′t hold back on any advice he had to give. He even spilled tears after learning that Kang Maru (Song Joong Ki) was sick.

The actor said about his Jae Gil role, "In the scenes where I appear with Joong Ki, acting came more easily since we′re friends in real life. I kept thinking of how I would feel if Joong Ki had been put in [Kang] Maru′s situation, and this led to natural emotions. I was able to concentrate more on my acting thanks to Joong Ki."

Lee Kwang Soo is currently taking a break after the conclusion of his drama, and is sifting through scenarios for his next piece. He will also appear in the film My Little Hero, which will premiere early 2013.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, CJ EM

Reach reporter Choi Eunhwa on Twitter @silvercandy88!


Lee Ki Kwang Leaves 'Win, Win'

Lee Ki Kwang Leaves 'Win, Win' "I Was Happy To Get Life Lessons"


lee gi kwang left win winLee Ki Kwang left KBS 2TV program "Win Win."

With the episode of KBS 2TV "Win Win" aired today being the last one for him, Lee Ki Kwang left the program.

Lee Ki Kwang, who started his MC for the program on August 10th, 2010, left after 2 long years.

Kim Seung Woo said, "Lee Ki Kwang is leaving us with today's episode as the last one."

Lee Ki Kwang then said, "I was happy to be able to get life lessons with the elders the past 2 years. I'm only 24, but I thank all the staff members and the cast for letting me learn so much."

Lee Ki Kwang exchanged a deep hug with Kim Seung Woo before he left.

Photo Credit: KBS


ZE:As Kwang Hee: Happy birthday to Min Woo!

ZE:As Kwang Hee: Happy birthday to Min Woo!

ZE:As Kwang Hee: Happy birthday to Min Woo!

ZE:As Kwang Hee recently took a picture to celebrate Min Woos birthday.

On September 6, Kwang Hee tweeted a picture with the comment, Happy birthday to Min Woo! It was hard to write this with capital letters and small letters in English. Is it old fashioned? Haha. Anyway, happy birthday, Min Woo.

In the picture, Kwang Hee is smiling and Min Woo is staring at the camera while holding his cell phone next to his ears.

People who saw the picture responded: Happy birthday, Min Woo. Lets be together forever. A year passed like this. Happy birthday. I will pray for you to become a man that everyone respect. Happy birthday!

Min Woo tweeted, I didnt say anything about my birthday but thank you for wishing me a happy birthday. I will try harder to live up to your expectations and be moderate. Thank you again for celebrating my birthday.

Min Woo, who was born on September 6 in 1990, turned 22 years old. He passed the JYP Entertainment audition in 2008 but he debuted in January of 2010 with Nativity through Star Empire with leader Moon Jun Youngs help.

Source: TV Report


Spoiler Added episodes 43 and 44 captures for the Korean drama 'Happy Home'

Spoiler Added episodes 43 and 44 captures for the Korean drama 'Happy Home'

Added episodes 43 and 44 captures for the Korean drama "Happy Home" (2016)Directed by way of Kang In-I, Lee Dong-yoonWritten by Jo Eun-jeongNetwork : MBCWith Kim Young-cheol, Won Mi-kyeong, Kim So-yeon, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Pil-mo, Kim Ji-ho,...50 episodes - Sat, Sun 20:45SynopsisA tale of a circle of relatives that runs a Chinese eating place and the tale of happiness and sadness in life.Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2016/02/27

#Jo Eun-jeong #Kang In-I #Kim Ji-ho #Kim So-yeon #Kim Young-cheol #Lee Dong-yoon #Lee Pil-mo #Lee Sang-woo #Won Mi-kyeong #Happy Home #news