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2PM"s Nichkhun says he"s happy and discusses new line of bags with "rosa.K" on "One Night of TV Entertainment"

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2PM"s Nichkhun wittily avoided indirect questions about his girlfriend Girls" Generation"s Tiffany during his interview with SBS" "One Night of TV Entertainment".

The "One Night of TV Entertainment" reporter met with him at the showcase for the launch of his collaboration line of bags with "rosa.K". When ask how he"s been, Nichkhun responded, "I am filming a drama in China." The reporter then went right into an indirect question about his love life, asking, "You"re happy, right?"

Nichkhun, who is known to be quick-witted, understood the underlying question and simply replied, "I am happy," with a shy smile. The reporter continued, "You"re extremely happy, right?" He answered, "Yes, I am extremely happy," and changed the subject, "But filming makes me happy because being busy is good." The reporter commented, "There are so many good meetings (relationships) these days," making Nichkhun flustered.

In relation to his new collaboration line of bags, Nichkhun shared, "I like drawing and making things a lot, so this was perfect for me." The reporter suddenly asked if he knew he was handsome, and the 2PM member replied with confidence, "Sometimes... Before I started this career [as an idol], I was a total shy boy. If there were pretty girls, I couldn"t approach them."

He also showed his aegyo set, and when asked if he still has his abs, "I don"t have time to go to the fitness club [these days], so I work out in my room... Not getting to eat the food I want is the most difficult. I normally eat a lot," and revealed that he"s craving samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) and hot peppers.

2pm’s Nichkhun reveals he’s happy when asked indirectly about Girls’ Generation Tiffany

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During a recent broadcast of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment”, 2pm’s Nichkhun was surprised by a question regarding his girlfriend, Tiffany. In a broadcast, which aired on August 27th, Nichkhun was put on the spot by a reporter when asked about Tiffany. When the reporter asked if he was happy, Nichkhun responded that he has been happy lately. The reporter then went on to mention how there has been many relationships scandals lately, referencing Tiffany’s group mate of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon, and her relationship with Baekhyun. Nichkhun nervously laughed at the question, causing viewers to join in. As the discussion went on, Nichkhun confessed, “I was a shy boy before I became a singer. I still can’t talk if there are beautiful women around me.” Earlier this week, it was also revealed that 2PMs Nichkhun would be making his debut as a designer with a line of bags he designed in collaboration with Rosa.K.  Nichkhun and 2PM also plan to make a comeback in September with their 4th studio album. Source: Newsen

2PM Junsu Congratulates Nichkhun For His Birthday, "Happy Birthday!"

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2PM Junsu Congratulates Nichkhun For His Birthday,

Jun.K congratulated Nichkhun for his birthday.

On his Twitter, Jun.K posted, "Today is KhunKhun"s birthday. Happy Birthday."

In the picture he posted along with the tweet, both Nichkhun and Jun.K were wearing pink outfits and smiling for the camera.

In response, people said, "Happy birthday Nichkhun!" "They look good together in pink!" "When is 2PM making a comeback?"

Recently, Jun.K released his solo album LOVE&HATE in Korea as well as a digital single, "No love."

Happy birthday to 2PM's Nichkhun

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Happy birthday to 2PM's Nichkhun

Stage name: Nichkhun (닉쿤) Real Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul Birth date: June 24th, 1988 Birth place: California, USA Nationality: Thai, American Height: 180 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: O Religion: Buddhism Label: JYP entertainment Group: 2PM Languages: Fluent in Thai, English, and Korean. Still learning Chinese and Japanese Siblings: Nichkhun has 3 siblings Hobbies: Playing the piano, Exercising, Listening to music, Watching movies, Taking pictures Specialties: Playing the piano, Acrobatics Ideal Woman : A nice, cute, and good girl Favorite Food : There isn't a food that he doesn't like

- Nichkhun was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA. At the age of 18 months old, he moved by to Thailand with his family - He moved a lot when he was young and learned in many schools in many countries until debuted as 2PM under JYP entertainment

JYP Nation say happy birthday to 2PM's Nichkhun

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JYP Nation say happy birthday to 2PM's Nichkhun

As soon as it turned June 24 in South Korea, the warm family of JYP Nation said happy birthday to their adorable 2PM member, Nichkhun!

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Despite his complete baby face, Nichkhun has just turned 26 years old (International age) and is maturing into a very admirable man. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday, as well, through Twitter and other SNS to brighten his day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Khunnie0624#KhunnieDay pic.twitter.com/jvcPiqBA3t

— JYPnation (@jypnation) June 23, 2014

Nichkhun and Wooyoung to appear on Chinese TV show 'Happy Camp'

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Nichkhun and Wooyoung to appear on Chinese TV show 'Happy Camp'

Nichkhun and Wooyoung will make their appearance on popular Chinese TV program "Happy Camp".

On may 14th, JYP Entertainment revealed that Nichkun and Wooyoung will participated in the recording of "Happy Camp" on May 26th. The episode featuring both of them will be broadcast later June.

Meanwhile, 2PM's comeback keeps being delayed from April to June, and now they decided to push it back once again till July. The group said they will spend more time on their individual schedules as well as give more space for their junior GOT7 to make their comeback first in mid-June.

Nichkhun Replies He Is Happy When Asked about Tiffany on “Running Man”

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Nichkhun Replies He Is Happy When Asked about Tiffany on “Running Man” In an idol special today, groups 2NE1, 2PM, and agency Mystic89′s Yoon Jong Shin, Muzie, and Jo Jung Chi were guests on the SBS Sunday variety “Running Man.

After group 2PM made their entrance onto the show, MC Yoo Jae Suk had a brief interview time with the members. Yoo Jae Suk focused on member Nichkhun, saying he didn’t expect to see the romantically linked idol on the show. Nichkhun replied he came to see Yoo Jae Suk. Yoo Jae Suk continued to tease Nichkhun, saying things are going well for the 2PM member. Nichkhun started to give an embarrassed smile as Yoo Jae Suk asked when he started seeing “her,” referring to Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany, whom Nichkhun confirmed to be dating earlier in the year. Instead of answering that question, Nichkhun just bursted out with “I’m happy,” and starting bowing.

Yoo Jae Suk then asked Nichkhun what his girlfriend was doing, but Nichkhun, who seemed to not have properly heard the question, answered, “Weekend drama.” Yoo Jae Suk corrected Nichkhun, directly saying Tiffany’s name. Nichkhun replied, “She’s resting. She’s sleeping.” Yoo Jae Suk then cunningly pointed out, “So you did call her in the morning.” Nichkhun started fanning himself, exclaiming it was hot as he couldn’t hide his embarrassed but happy smile.

2PM’s Nichkhun wishes his sister a happy birthday

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2PM’s Nichkhun wishes his sister a happy birthday

2PMs Nichkhun recently revealed a family photo, while wishing his sister a Happy Birthday.

Nickhun posted the photo on his Twitter with the comment, Happy Birthday my lovely sister~ July 22nd. In the photo are Nichkhun, his mother, older brother Nichchan, and younger sister Yanin.

Nichchan is currently an actor in Thailand, while Yanin also made her debut as a supermodel in Thailand as well.

Netizens commented on the photo with, Theyre all good looking, Nichkhuns whole family is great, and Nickhun isnt just called the Thailand prince for nothing.

Source + image via Nichkhuns Twitter

[NEWS] Paolo Coelho greets 2PM's Nichkhun a happy birthday!

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[NEWS] Paolo Coelho greets 2PM's Nichkhun a happy birthday!

On the 24th of June, 2PM's adorable NichKhun celebrates his 24th birthday and worldwide renowned novelist Paolo Coelho greet's him a happy birthday! On the 24th of June, Paolo Coelho tweeted NichKhun and said, "Happy Birthday, warrior of the light! May your soul be always in your songs!".

And with Paolo Coelho's touching greeting, NichKhun replied and said, "Thank you!! I'll put my soul in everything I Do" and their interaction via twitter has been a hot topic among netizens. Netizens commented, "Wow, thats so great for him to receive a greeting from Paolo Coelho", "Happy birthday Nichkhun!", "really inspiring birthday greeting".

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‘Happy Together’ Solbi Says Other folks Think She’s A Prophet

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‘Happy Together’ Solbi Says Other folks Think She’s A Prophet

A singer grew to become painter Solbi statedthat folk think she is "some roughly a prophet" after seeing her at the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge.'

On the newest episode of the preferred KBS 2 entertainment program 'Happy Together,' which aired on November 26, 2015, the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' member Yoo Jae Suk and Solbi, who starred on the MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' as a guest, mentioned her lifestyles after 'Infinite Challenge.' Solbi said that folks think she is some form of a prophet, adding that, "People inquire from me to wager their mothers' call and when they'll meet their long term boyfriends." Yoo Jae Suk commented, "Looking at the manner you dressed, you seem to be a Tarot reader," and made people laugh. In comparable news, on final weekend's episode of the well-liked MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge,' the 'Infinite Challenge' participants gave 3otherforms of tours for the world visitors. The 'Infinite Challenge' members toured Seoul with the foreignsite visitors in the 3 tours (romantic, food and historical) and taught the guests about Korean culture.The MBC entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' is one of the vital popular, long lasting entertainment systems in Korea. It functions the LimitlessDifficulty members Ha Ha, Park Myung Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Joon Ha, and Jung Hyung Don.