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Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung to free up Special Album to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of His Solo Debut

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Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung to Release Special Album to Celebrate 10th Anniversary of His Solo Debut Idol group Shinhwa‘s primary vocalist Shin Hye Sung may be liberating a distinct album to celebrate his 10th anniversary since his solo debut.

The singer’s first solo album “Love of May” will be released as a special edition on September 30. The album was once a gigantic hit at the time of its release in 2005, with its name tune “Same Thought” topping more than a few music charts. His other singles from the album, “Don’t Leave” and “Mirror,” were also popular.

His agency Live Works announced, “Shin Hye Sung’s solo debut album ‘Love of May’ will be recreated into a special edition, and it's going to pass into pre-order today.”

Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary Special Album phase Two to Have 4 New Songs

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Super Junior’s 10th Anniversary Special Album component Two to Have Four New Songs Boy group Super Junior‘s special album section two “Magic” might be released on September 16.

The upcoming album will consist of 14 songs. The 10 songs at the album will be from the primary a part of the special album released previous, whilst the four other songs will be new tracks. The identify tune will be a song called “Magic,” while the opposite 3 new songs will be called “You were given It,” “Dorothy,” and “Sarang♥.”

As members Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Siwon will be enlisting in the fall after selling this album, it'll mean so much to the gang and its fans.

Eunhyuk will be enlisting on October 13, Donghae will be enlisting on October 15, and Siwon will be enlisting on November 19 for their two-year service.

Super Junior to unencumber Part.2 in their 10th anniversary special album, 'Magic'!

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Super Junior to unencumber Part.2 in their 10th anniversary special album, 'Magic'!

It"s Great Junior time again! SM Entertainment is solely killing us with a majority of these releases lately, we will hardly ever stay up! yet who may say no to more Super Junior? Especially as they"ll be shedding the Section 2 of their 10th anniversary special album!

This 2nd part is named "Magic", and the release date is faster than you have expected, September 16!

In addition to the 10 tracks from the initial special album, we"ll get new identify tune "Magic", and 3 other new songs "You were given It", "Dorothy", and "Sarang♥"!

This upcoming release is even more special as here is their final album sooner than Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Siwon"s enlistment.

So mark that date down and remain tuned for more info to come!

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Super Junior to hold Special 10th Anniversary Match with Fans

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Super Junior to hold Special 10th Anniversary Match with Fans

--> Super Junior can be web hosting a distinct match with enthusiasts in time for its 10th anniversary.

Super Junior can be preserving a mini concert, titled Super Junior 10th Anniversary Special Event ′Super Camp′, at the Korea University Hwajung Fitness center on September 19 at 6 p.m. KST, where the individuals will carry out for enthusiasts in addition get ready talks and occasions with fans.

As it has turn out to be more and more difficult, for the time being, to peer the Large Junior individuals in the course of the group′s exclusive concerts because of their respective enlistments, Large Camp, an match being held to thank the enthusiasts who have supported Large Junior for 10 years forward of the group′s 10th anniversary on November 6, is expected to be a valuable time for either Large Junior and the fans.

Tickets for the development will move on sale on August 27 at 8 p.m. KST by way of Yes24, and a ticketing war is expected to wreck out among enthusiasts who would like to enroll in Large Junior at the 10th anniversary celebration.

Meanwhile, the Large Junior members, who these days wrapped promotions for special 10th anniversary album Devil, are sporting out person activities.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Super Junior has reportedly wowed people with thew introduction of the teaser designed for the 10th Anniversary Special album called “Devil”

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Super Junior Unveils Teasers for 10th Anniversary Special Album Devil Super Junior will be returning with a 10th anniversary special album on July 16, entitled “Devil.”

On July 8, an SM Entertainment affiliate stated, “Along with the release of Super Junior’s record, they will be releasing a special album called ‘Devil’ on July 16 at midnight via various music sites.”

The special album is to celebrate Super Junior’s 10th anniversary, and expresses the group’s friendship and trust towards each other as well as their thanks and promise to the fans that have been with them all this time.

“Devil,” the trendy title track for the album, is accompanied with others of various genres, for a total of 10 songs, including tracks from Super Junior’s various unitsSuper Junior K.R.Y., Super Junior T, Super Junior M, and Super Junior DE.

Check out the teasers below, including a funny video teaser:

Super Junior to comeback with 10th anniversary special album

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Super Junior to comeback with 10th anniversary special album

ELF guessed right after members hint that they are preparing something special for this summer.

Various sources have confirmed that Super Junior are indeed slated to release a special album in July to commemorate their 10th anniversary since debut. However, as it is not a full-length album, the group is only promoting for a short period of time and that includes broadcast activities and music programs.

ELF can assure that Super Junior are going to make use of their limited time in this comeback to express their gratitude to the fans" decade of support. Moreover, Super Junior are also preparing a Super Show 6 encore concert in Seoul on July 11-12.

"Infinity Challenge" cast to head to uninhabited island for 10th anniversary special

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MBC"s "Infinity Challenge" is taking it to the next level for part 2 of its "Uninhabited Island 2015" special! The cast members will be testing their survival skills on a deserted island for the extreme episode of the popular variety show.

As "Infinity Challenge" will be celebrating its 10th anniversary soon, staff members asked viewers which episode they"d like to see again, and viewers chose "Uninhabited Island 2015". The first part, aired on April 25, showed the cast members in suits heading to a lone island. 

The second special is said to have even more to offer with challenges from picking coconuts to more hardcore games. Stay tuned for this episode, airing on May 2 at 6:25PM KST!

“Infinity Challenge” to Determine Who Has the Sexiest Lips and More on 10th Anniversary Special

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“Infinity Challenge” to Determine Who Has the Sexiest Lips and More on 10th Anniversary Special

In honor of its 10th anniversary, MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” is currently receiving votes on their official website for a special questionnaire, the results of which will be revealed on the upcoming April 23 broadcast.

Each of the members has made his own predictions on how he will rank for each of the questions, and in the case that his predictions and the actual results don’t coincide, the member will be given a surprise mission determined by viewers.

The questionnaire consists of five questions:

1. Which of the “Infinity Challenge” members would you most like as a son-in-law?

2. Which of the “Infinity Challenge” members would you want as your father if you were born again?

3. Which of the “Infinity Challenge” members do you think would be the most beautiful if they were born again as women?

4. Which of the “Infinity Challenge” members has the sexiest, most kissable lips?

5. Which of the “Infinity Challenge” members do you think a foreigner would choose as the most handsome?

You can submit your vote here.

What are your predictions on the results of the ranking?

TVXQ to launch special live tour "T1ST0RY" in Seoul for their 10th anniversary

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TVXQ to launch special live tour

TVXQ will hold a special live tour to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

SM Entertainment announced on October 21st that TVXQ will launch "TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR- T1ST0RY" on December 6th7th at Olympic Park Stadium in Seoul.

The world "T1ST0RY" is a combination of "TVXQ" and "HISTORY, as well as the number "1" and "0" to indicate their 10th annniversary.

TVXQ successfully finished their world tour "TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR-Catch Me" which took place in Seoul, L.A, Santiago, Hongkong, Shanghai from November 2012 to July 2013. They are also the first Korean artist to went on 5 Dome tours in Japan and the first overseas artist to hold a concert at Nissan Stadium, proving their global popularity.

The ticker for the special live tour will be opened through G Marker on October 28th at 8pm kst.

TVXQ to hold special live tour "T1ST0RY" in Seoul to commemorate their 10th anniversary

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TVXQ to hold special live tour

Get your fingers stretched out and ready for the upcoming ticket battle asTVXQhave announced their special live tour in Seoul in honor of their 10th anniversary since debut!

The "TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR - T1ST0RY -" will kick off at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul on December 6-7. If you wondered what "T1ST0RY" stand for, it"s said to be a combination of "TVXQ", "HISTORY", and "10th anniversary".

This will surely be a treat to domestic fans whom TVXQ haven"t seen in a while due to their recent "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR",Japanese promotions and their big dome tour, and individual activities.

So continue celebrating with the boys on their 10th year since debut by getting your tickets, which will go live onGmarket on the 28th at 8 PM KST!