[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Radiant Office” Episode 10

[HanCinema’s Drama Review] “Radiant Office” Episode 10

Episode 10 of “Radiant Office” focuses on things unseen or kept secret. Ho-won’s mysterious illness marches front and center, Ji-na’s relationship with Gi-taek is illuminated, and the mysterious Dr. Seo Hyeon reveals his Machiavellian nature.

My favorite emotional beats this episode involved Ji-na and her re-evaluation of Gi-taek. He is not a man of means, but who knows how to treat those around them and forge solid relationships. For an ambitious working woman like Ji-na, such a man is perfect. He is not intimidated by her. Instead, he admires her for her brilliance. Slowly, Ji-na is seeing past what she had rejected him for and sees why others embrace him.

The same holds true for Woo-jin who is growing to care for not only Ho-won, but the other two temps as well as they work hard and prove their mettle. As an itinerant man who never truly devoted himself to any one position, Ho-won’s fervor and passion for life and work motivates him to do the same. Already a fair man who pushed for the right thing, he now delves further, fighting the injustices of office politics. Outside the workplace, he finds himself worrying for Ho-won in a fashion more becoming of a friend or lover than a superior. The slow, but endearing pace at which their relationship develops is part of the beauty of this show. Nothing is forced. It just unfolds naturally. Both Woo-jin and Ho-won are good for each other. She teaches him to appreciate life. He teaches her how to grow in her career.

Dr. Seo Hyeon, the man who wrote a book on the trio to put himself in a better light, the man who befriended Ho-won for seemingly devious reasons, is quite the character. He is selfish and no matter what warm feelings he may hold for Ho-won, he casts them aside to use her for his personal benefit. Rather than the ladder-climbing schemers in the office, it is Hyeon who is the most dangerous — he who ingratiates himself to people and then uses them.

As for Ho-won’s illness, she was ill with gallstones, which is painful, but not life threatening (at least in her case.) I’m glad that part of the drama is over with, because although it helped develop Ho-won and open up Woo-jin, enough is enough.

Now to deal with the scheming Doctor.

Written by: Lisa Espinosa AKA Rainefrom ‘Raine’s Dichotomy’

“Radiant Office” is directed by Jeong Ji-in and Park Sang-hoon-III, written by Jeong Hee-hyeon, and features Go Ah-seong, Ha Seok-jin, Lee Dong-hwi, and Hoya.

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