[HanCinema’s Digest] Photography and Art

[HanCinema’s Digest] Photography and Art

Discover the simple beauty of Joseon-era white porcelain, the American artist Shepard Fairey paints “Peace Justice” on Korea’s streets, Adam Baldawi snaps up North Korea from the inside, and Incheon’s “Paradise City” is perfect for art-loving travelers.

“Pure beauty of Joseon era’s white porcelain”

Minimalism is trending at the moment within Korea’s art scene, but the desire for simplicity is not new. During Korea’s Joseon era, white porcelain was popular (in contrast to the blue porcelain that dominated the Gore kingdom), but how did they manage to remove all those impurities? “The answer was found in a kiln at the Baekja Museum in Yanggu County, Gangwon Province…”


“‘Peace Justice’ By Shepard Fairey In Seoul, South Korea”

The American street artist Shepard Fairey’s (aka ‘Obey Giant’) work is on display at the Hangaram Art Museum until the end of April. Fairey has also created a beautiful piece of street titled “Peace Justice Seoul” for all to see on Korea’s streets. If you’re in town this month, be sure to visit the Hangaram Art Museum to catch his works of art.

“Inside the world’s most secretive nation: Journalist goes undercover to capture a side of North Korea we rarely get to see”

Images from inside North Korea are always fascinating. In this piece on the Daily Mail, you’ll find a large gallery (over 44 images) from journalist/photographer Adam Baidawi. “I worked for three years, on and off, to make this story happen”, said Baldawi, adding that “It’s not terribly difficult for most people to access a tourist visa. But professional journalists and photographers are blanket banned”.

“New ‘art-tainment’ attraction opens in Incheon”

Incheon’s Paradise City Hotel Resort provides visitors with “a five-star hotel, convention halls, shopping area, casino, and high-end restaurants, along with art galleries”. According to this report on The Korea Herald, the resort offers ‘art-tainment’ by “combining the experience of viewing art pieces along with various forms of entertainment”. This incredible attraction is situated right by the airport and offers a variety of packages crammed with benefits.