[HanCinema’s Digest] Food Lovers’ Lane

[HanCinema’s Digest] Food Lovers’ Lane

Travelers Today picks South Korea as one of their top food designations for 2017, My Korean Kitchen has the ultimate guide for making steamed eggs, CNN counts down Korea’s most delicious dishes, and “mukbang” takes off in America.

“Five Foodie Destinations To Visit This 2017”

According to this food-focused post on Travelers Today, South Korea is one of the hottest foodie destinations travellers should explore in 2017: “Whether you are in the mood for savory dishes or even ice cream and smoothies, the streets of Seoul has it all for you”. Other countries included on the list are Chile, Senegal, Illinois and Japan. There’s also a 6-minute video of all their picks…



Sue from My Korean Kitchen has the “ultimate Korean steamed egg guide” as her latest post, revealing three different ways to create this popular side dish. Gyeran Jim, Sue informs us, “somewhat resembles an egg souffl but it typically doesn’t include dairy products and it is steamed instead of being baked”. Sue really wants to you persuade you to get K-cooking, so the steps are simple to follow, there are great pictures of each step of the process, and there’s even a neat recipe card to add to your own collect at home!


“Eating Korea: 10 of South Korea’s most delicious dishes”

Author and travel writing Graham Holliday (“Eating Viet Nam” and, more recently, “Eating Korea: Reports on a Culinary Renaissance”) shares his top ten Korean foods with CNN after his exploration into South Korea’s “rich food history and evolving contemporary culinary scene”. There are some delicious (and healthy) choices on Graham’s list, many of them fans of Korean food will know, but perhaps there are a few entries that you’ve never heard of before. Click on through to see his picks and let us know yours in the comment section below…

“This Korean Food Phenomenon Is Changing the Internet”

Korean vloggers have taken to YouTube to eat on camera. These “mukbangers” have been very popular in recent months, so popular in fact that some are even able to make a living from it (according to NPR, some are earning around $10,000 per month!). Now, the trend is picking up traction in America…