Han Ye Seul flaunts her provocative beauty for ‘High Cut’

Han Ye Seul flaunts her provocative beauty for ‘High Cut’

Actress Han Ye Seul recently posed elegantly for the latest issue of ‘High Cut’.

She wore various snake-shaped accessories as well as gold and diamond jewels, expressing her provocative charm with the concept of getting ready to go out to party on a hot summer night.

Sporting a new haircut, the actress commented, “Since it’s the summer and all, I wanted to present a fresh, cool mood.  I had long hair for quite a while so I wanted to try something different.”

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The actress is set to greet fans on the small screen in the fall through the romantic comedy drama ‘No Sex and the City’.  When asked how she was enjoying life in her 30s, Han Ye Seul answered, “I have learned to become more relaxed as I entered my 30s. I have also learned to distinguish light and dark, truth from false as well as being stylish and not masquerading it.  Though I am a bit envious of the youthful energy from the 20s,” and added how she liked the way things are now.

Check out more photos from the photo shoot below.

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