Han Ji Min is a miracle worker on ‘Three Meals a Day’

Han Ji Min is a miracle worker on ‘Three Meals a Day’

The ‘Three Days a Meal’ cast was taken aback as they witnessed something the never before seen, and that was Lee Seo Jin voluntary willing to cook dinner for guest, Han Ji Min!

As the cast are sitting around the dinner table on the August 4 broadcast, Han Ji Min looked at the remaining bean paste soup and exclaimed, “Is that the left over soup? Did we eat it all? It’s weird I’m not full at all, I want to eat something like rice or noodles.” To this, Lee Seo Jin replied, “Eat it, eat it. Bean paste soup ramen is really good. Should I make it for you?” Shocked, Yoon Kyun Sang said, “Are you serious? If you’re truly going to make it, then I’ll get a fire started.” The actor then went on to cook, something he’s never done himself in his entire ‘Three Meals a Day’ series!

Would you want to try bean paste soup ramen?

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