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IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Easiest Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert

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IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Best Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert Jang Ki Ha didn’t dangle back on expressing her strengthen for his girlfriend, IU.

On November 21, IU’s solo concert for her fourth mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” came about at the Olympic corridor in Seoul.

During the concert, IU sang the songs in her new album for the primary time on stage, adding “Knee,” “Twenty-Three,” “The Shower,” in addition her arguable song, “Zeze.” She also packed the two-hour concert complete with her old hits as well, including “You and I,” “Good Day,” and “The Red Shoes.”

It was once reported that IU’s boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and one of her top friends, Yoo In Na also attended. Dynamic Duo joined IU on level as special visitors at the first day.

Meanwhile, IU released her mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” on October 23 and told the tale of her 23-year-old self thru it.

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Suzy Has Yet to discuss Co-Star Kim Woo Bin With Boyfriend Lee Min Ho

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Suzy Has Yet to speak About Co-Star Kim Woo Bin With Boyfriend Lee Min Ho miss A‘s Suzy says she has yet to obtain guidelines referring to acting with her upcoming co-star Kim Woo Bin from her boyfriend Lee Min Ho.

On November 19, the idol sat down for an interview with media outlet day by skill of day Sports to speak about her profession and advertise her newest film “The Sound of a Flower” which is determined to premiere this month.

After it was showed last August that she can be starring along Kim Woo Bin in a new romantic drama, many of Suzy’s lovers were wondering about Lee Min Ho’s reaction to the news. the pinnacle male stars played lead roles in the 2013 drama “The Heirs.”

When asked if Lee Min Ho has given her any tricks for acting with Kim Woo Bin, Suzy said, “We haven’t discussed that yet.”

“We haven’t began filming the drama yet,” she explained, and stated she is lately getting to understand her character, “I’m slowly beginning to arrange for my role.” She could be gambling a documentary producer with a robust sense of justice, who later comes to stand the unpleasant reality about the world.

Entitled “Uncontrollably Fond,” the drama is expected to premiere in early 2016.

EXID’s Hani Sings a candy Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend”

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EXID’s Hani Sings a Sweet Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend” EXID’s Hani makes the entire male fans’ hearts flutter when she sings a sweet lullaby.

On November 16, a video clip of Hani making a song a lullaby used to be posted on YouTube. In the clip, Hani sings the song “Kiss Me” by skill of Sixpence None the Richer so as to lend a hand her “boyfriend” fall asleep.

Her voice mesmerizes the listener as she sings the song. The fanatics who saw the clip utterly fell for her charms and commented, “I’d love to hear her singing each evening prior to I move to bed.”

EXID is these days in the direction of making ready for their comeback, their identify tune “Hot Pink” drops later this week on November 18!

Check out the video clip of Hani’s lullaby here.

How would Ga In feel about JeA doing skinship with her boyfriend?

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How would Ga In feel about JeA doing skinship with her boyfriend?

Brown Eyed Girls" Ga In and JeA gave the impression on JTBC"s 19+ communicate show, "Witch Hunt," on November thirteen - so you know it"s going to be a excellent episode.

In a corner where they discussed other difficult situations, the MCs asked Ga In a hypothetical question, "If you guys went on a shuttle in combination and JeA asked Ga In"s boyfriend if he may give her an arm pillow, how would you feel?"  Ga In replied, "If it"s JeA, I believe it"d be okay," unexpected everybody. Currently, she is understood to be dating actor Joo Ji Hoon.

Heo Ji Woong said, "You were trustworthy whilst you acknowledged it"d be okay, right?"  JeA stated, "It"s because she knows I"m now not that form of person," and Ga In elaborated, "I don"t think I"d be mad or anything, yet honestly, this is somewhat weird."

Han Ye Seul Congratulates Her Boyfriend Teddy’s Win in the “2015 Melon Tune Awards”

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Han Ye Seul Congratulates Her Boyfriend Teddy’s Win in the “2015 Melon Music Awards” Han Ye Seul proved her dating with Teddy is still going sturdy via openly congratulating his achievements for the “2015 Melon Music Awards.”

On November 8, the actress posted an image on her Instagram along side the caption, “#ilovebigbang#ilovebangbangbang#iloveteddy#teddyonlymakesthebest#word.”

Actress Han Groo Marrying Boyfriend of 365 days Today

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Actress Han Groo Marrying Boyfriend of One Year Today Actress Han Groo, 23, has grow to be a November bride. Her wedding rite is scheduled for November 8 at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel.

She could be marrying her boyfriend of one year, a non-celebrity nine years her senior. Folks were ready to look pictures of the stunning couple via a marriage photo shoot released forward of the ceremony.

To shoot the marriage photos, the couple went to Maldives. Since they had now not yet determined on any honeymoon plans after the wedding, the photoshoot used to be like going at the honeymoon early.

After her marriage became announced, Han Groo acknowledged by way of an interview, “There were rumors that my long term husband is a chaebol, yet that’s not true. After my marriage I can undoubtedly stay operating not easy in my career. a huge number of individuals had suspicions about me marrying so young, but they are all unfounded. Because we like and care deeply for every other, we were certain about short of to get married early.”

Han Groo debuted in 2011 as a singer with the free up of the EP “Groo One.” She made her acting debut in CGV’s “Killer Lady K” prior to creating a call for herself in “A note From Warm Heart” and “Marriage, Not Dating.”

Dia sing In some way & My Friend's Boyfriend on Arirang Radio

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Dia sing In some way & My Friend's Boyfriend on Arirang Radio

Dia show off their skill at Arirang Radio, take a glance at their performances here

Boyfriend Lovers Aren’t the sole Ones Who need Them to Have a Comeback

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Boyfriend Fans Aren’t the one Ones Who wish Them to Have a Comeback It appears that Boyfriend would love to make a comeback, but for now, they have got no selection yet to be patient.

Members Hyunsung, Jungmin and Minwoo of the boy workforce Boyfriend appeared on a published on November 1 by the use of the Naver V app and dished out on any comeback plans they may have.

Though the members to get started with planned to speak musicals, as Hyunsung these days made his musical debut in “Joint safety Area: JSA,” the communication briefly grew to become to Boyfriend’s mind on comeback plans.

“I’ll be honest,” stated member Jungmin. “Our corporate has transform huge. I had no concept it should grow to this size.” Minwoo added, “It’s now not that we don’t have any promises, but we’re just looking ahead to our turn. Since other artists also have albums to place out, we’re making ready whilst we wait in order that we may be in a position to put out a just right song and an even album.”

Hyunsung then revealed that the queue is fortunately getting shorter and it’s practically their turn to start preparing a new album. “It’s our time soon. This is detailed data that I’m sharing with you.”

He went on to add that they, too, are eagerly awaiting a comeback. “Jungmin especially says that he needs to have a comeback all of the time. ‘I would like to come back’ and ‘I wish to stand on level again,’ he repeats these as ceaselessly as he eats. He says them sooner than going to bed, while dining breakfast, and while eating lunch. Saying "I wish to come back" is like a dependancy for him.”

It turns out that the fans aren’t the simplest ones who prefer Boyfriend to have a comeback! Meanwhile, the men are set to kick off their first global excursion this month.

Kim Ha Neul to get married to her one-year more youthful boyfriend next year

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Kim Ha Neul to get married to her one-year more youthful boyfriend next year

Actress Kim Ha Neul will tie the knot to a businessman in March 19th next year.

According to the officials on October 23rd, Kim Ha Neul is lately picking her wedding get dressed in addition the marriage hall. A close source also mentioned that the wedding venus could be perhaps a five celebrity hotel like 4 Seasons or Shilla Hotel.

Kim Ha Neul and her husband-to-be met every other via acquaintances and feature been in a courting for 1 year.

Congratulations to Kim Ha Neul! READ MORE

IU mentions boyfriend Jang Kiha whilst speaking about her happiness level

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IU mentions boyfriend Jang Kiha whilst speaking about her happiness level

IU was once of direction asked about her these days publicized courting with Jang Kiha all through "CHAT-SHOW" on October 23.  

When asked, "Are you having a truly tough time?" she replied, "Everything is hard. Is there one consumer here who isn"t having a troublesome time?  Although there are hard times, I believe this is a bit less hard those days."  Another person then brought up Jang Kiha"s name, flustering IU who said, "Hey, so that"s... uh... there would be numerous other complex reasons for it being less hard," and smiled.  

She continued, "It hasn"t been long since it"s been revealed, yet it"s been two years since we"ve dated.  It isn't a hugely influential part in my happiness point nowadays."

Changing the topic, IU stated, "However, anyway, these days, i think like i'm alive.  It actually felt that way while i used to be making ready my album.  My blood become circulating so speedy and my pulse was racing so fast, too.  The demon inside of me and my battling energy rose. When that happens, i am getting excited.  I think in comparison to the tough times, I"m having somewhat less of a hard time nowadays.  What offers me the toughest time in the arena is boredom.  I actually adore it when I"m unhappy or lonely.  Those are times when my feelings are clear; it appears like I"m involved with something."