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Haha’s Son Dream by accident Makes a Lovely Partial Appearance on “Running Man”

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Haha’s Son Dream Accidentally Makes a Cute Partial Appearance on “Running Man” While Haha is filming himself at house in the newest episode of “Running Man,” his son Dream is heard guffawing and audience get a peek at his tiny feet!

On this episode, every of the contributors and visitors are tasked with sharing a specifically memory-filled object with the others, yet they also have to give evidence of ways old the object is. so as to do so, they’re given cameras to movie themselves at home.

Haha first motion pictures a gigantic selection of toys which are mendacity the floor, giving viewers a glimpse of his dwelling house as he does so. His two-year-old son Dream is heard laughing within reach as Haha displays off the toys.

“Among all of these, there’s a gift that I played with when i used to be a kid. It used to be given to me as a present by capacity of my father and mother,” explains Haha as he scans over the toys. But Dream stands too on the topic of the toys and viewers can see his legs.

Haha says to him, “Dream, step back a bit, your legs are showing,” and we see Dream briefly running out of the frame.

Haha then displays off the toy truck that he used to play with as a kid, thirty years ago, and says that Dream plays with it now.

Haha married singer Byul in November of 2012, and the couple welcomed their first son Dream into the arena in July of 2013.

You can watch the entire October 18 episode of “Running Man” below!

'Running Man' costars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa approve of Jessi's upcoming concert in LA

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'Running Man' costars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa approve of Jessi's upcoming concert in LA

It was previously reported that sturdy unnni Jessi was once to make her excess of to the States, and veteran oversea performers Kim Jong Kook and HaHa sent her a short lived yet candy strengthen video!

In the 16-second video, "Running Man" co-stars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa needed their close friend a a success concert in LA. either Kim Jong Kook and HaHa have already held their own concert just ultimate year, drawing much passion from "Running Man" fans.

The "Unpretty Rapstar" rapper can be functioning at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday October 16, featuring Mighty Mouth.

The tickets are lately on sale here!

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“Running Man” Gary has questioned hilariously the claim of Haha about Monday Couple having never ever kissed

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Running Man Gary Questions Hahas Claim that the Monday Couple Have Never Kissed Have they or have they not? Gary leaves that to viewers imaginations.

On the June 14 episode of SBSs Sunday variety show Running Man, singer Byul and musical stars and married couple Kim So Hyun and Son Joon Ho guested for the Love and War themed special. Byul teamed up with her husband Haha, Kim So Hyun and Son Joon Ho were another team, Kim Jong Kook and Yoo Jae Suk were another pair, Lee Kwang Soo was teamed up with Ji Suk Jin, and Song Ji Hyo and Gary resurrected Monday Couple for the numerous couple missions for this weeks episode.

During one of the games, the male cast had to hold up their female partner with legs while lying down. The Haha-Byul and Monday Couple teams were in stiff competition against each other, and Haha, in an attempt to use some psychological warfare on the Monday Couple, taunted, That business couple. Theyre doing this do film a CF together again. Haha was referring to the fact that Song Ji Hyo and Gary filmed a commercial together, banking on their Monday Couple image.

Gary retorted, Do you even know what business is? Haha describes why he thinks Gary and Song Ji Hyo are just a couple for business reasons: You havent even kissed!

But have they not? Gary left that question in the air as he countered with, Hey, how do you know that? You never know.

Ah, Gary, fanning those shipper flames.

Also on this episode, actors and best friends Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, and Im Joo Hwan visited the set to say hi and support Lee Kwang Soo, although it didnt turn out exactly great for him.

HaHa has been stunned when seeing Byul on the show called "Running man"

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HaHa Surprised by Guest Appearance of Byul on Running Man HaHa’s awkwardness at the sight of his wife Byul on the latest episode “Running Man” had the rest of the show’s cast roaring with laughter.

Appearing as the guest partner of her husband on the June 14 episode of the variety show, Byul surprises the show’s entire cast, including HaHa. His awkwardness at his wife’s sudden appearance quickly has everyone laughing. “It looks like HaHa won’t be able to do anything today,” Yoo Jae Suk jokes. “Do you know what Ji Suk Jin told me? He said, ‘That must be no fun,’” which turns the set into a sea of laughter.

Byul then proceeds to have more fun at HaHa’s expense, describing card full of curse words that she received from him as a present. Naming the card as a gift that she had been disappointed to receive, Byul says, “Haha asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him to just write me a card. So he wrote a bunch of swear words on a card and gave it to me.”

“HaHa has deep thoughts but he’s not great at expressing them,” she continues. “Once he was congratulating me on my birthday and finished whatever he was saying with a swear word. To his bride-to-be,” she says, drawing more laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun and So Joon Ho also make guest appearances on this “Love and War” special of “Running Man.”

Haha & wife Byul to participate on couple race on "Running Man"

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Haha & wife Byul to participate on couple race on

SBS "Running Man" uploaded the teaser video for their June 14th episode featuring couples with a "Love and War" theme.

HaHa and his wife singer Byul will be partners in the couple race. When Byul was introduced as a guest and shouted "Yeobu [Honey]!", HaHa became shy and looked awkward immediately.

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HaHa and Byul to appear together on "Running Man"!

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HaHa and Byul to appear together on

HaHa and Byul will appear together for the first time on the upcoming episode of "Running Man"!

For the show"s "Love and War" special, celebrity couples Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho along with HaHa and Byul will be competing in a couples race. While recording for the episode, HaHa couldn"t contain his excitement when his wife appeared with a loud "Yeobo (Honey)!" At the couple"s blithe reunion, the rest of the "Running Man" members quipped, "HaHa is acting very awkwardly right now!

Once the actual missions commenced however, the HaHa-Byul couple got right down to business and showcased amazing teamwork. Byul even cheered on her husband with, "Yeobo, think of Dream!"

Be sure to watch HaHa and Byul adorable interactions on the June 14 episode of "Running Man"!

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Haha and his partner called Byul has entered the amazing couple competition on the show called "Running man"

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Haha and His Wife Byul Compete in Couple Race on Running Man On the upcoming episode of Running Man, Haha and his wife, Byul, will be appearing together with another star couple in a Love and War themed couple-race.

When Byul is introduced, she comes out shouting Honey! and makes Haha shy. The other members make fun of him saying, Haha seems very awkward right now!

As soon as the games start, however, Haha and Byul become one and give it their all to win. Whenever a mission is given, Byul shouts, Honey! Think of Dream [our son]! and cheers her husband on. Thanks to her, Haha supposedly does better than usual and surprises everyone on set.

To find out whether Haha and Byul triumph over others, watch this episode of Running Man when it airs on June 14 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Haha has wowed people with the introduction of throwback pictures taken on the show called "Running man" featuring Ji Suk Jin as Alien Shrek

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Haha Shares Throwback Running Man Behind the Scenes Photos of Ji Suk Jin as Alien Shrek Haha has taken to Instagram to share some hilarious pics of Ji Suk Jin in the costume he wore for a fan-favorite episode of Running Man.

The episode, which aired last November, featured all the members playing aliens who were stranded on Earth and trying to get back to their home planet. Each member of the cast dressed up as a different unique alien, including Yoo Jae Suk as a grasshopper alien and Lee Kwang Soo with a cone head.

One of the funniest transformations for both the cast and viewers was Ji Suk Jin turning into an alien version of Shrek, complete with full green makeup, a big fake nose, and Shreks trademark ears.

On June 9, Haha posted two photos of Ji Suk Jin in his bright green costume. They both include the hashtag, The life of a top comedian.

The second shows the back of Ji Suk Jins costume, with a caption that reads, I felt bad being the only one who had these, so Im sharing them. Ji Suk Jin hyung, you understand, right?

Please give us more of these behind the scenes pics, Haha!

Haha has asked G-Dragon to accept the honor of being his child' god father on the show called "Running Man”

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Haha Asks G-Dragon to Be His Sons Godfather on Running Man On June 7s much anticipated episode of Running Man, the guys of BIGBANG join the shows regular cast members for a historically-themed race. For the show, BIGBANG gets dressed up like Roman gladiators with Kim Jong Kook, while the rest of the cast of Running Man is dressed as wealthy merchants from the Joseon dynasty.

While everyone is saying hello to each other in the opening, Yoo Jae Suk mentions that Haha envies G-Dragon most of all.

Its not envy! retorts Haha. Hes a great man!

He then turns to G-Dragon and says, Please be my sons godfather! Haha and his wife Byul have a young son named Dream, who is just about two years old.

G-Dragon just laughs along with everyone else at Hahas request. Make my son like you! yells Haha.

Be sure to watch this weeks episode for more!

Haha appeared to have failed due to his Curiosity when showing up at the the show called “Running Man”

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Haha Is Foiled by His Own Curiosity on Running Man Its an intense game of wits on Running Man this week as the cast members and guests Son Hyun Joo and Park Seo Joon are not only trying to win games, but also attempting to figure out which two members among them havent been told the rules. This of course makes for a hilarious episode as the ones who dont know the rules are forced to try to follow the others while pretending to know what theyre doing.

As theyre playing, all the members are working towards the goal of freeing a kidnapped actress who is being held in a department store. Haha receives the hint that the players who dont know the rules will have a clue to her location on the bottom of their insoles.

The issue is that if he looks at the underside of the insoles of someone who does know the rules, hell be taken out of the game.

Haha freaks out when he hears this hint, because he figures he knows who it is that he needs to find. But then his curiosity gets the better of him.

What a minute, when did they stick things in our shoes? he says, sitting down on one of the sofas in the store to take off one of his shoes. Thats crazy, Ive been wearing these all day!

As hes doing so, he slips out his shoe lift, laughing and claiming that theyre only 0.5mm high.

***SPOILER ALERT- Highlight the text below to see:

He then flips up his insole to find the dreaded OUT sticker.

The bell goes right away. Haha refuses to believe that hes now out of the game, and when the staff member comes to take him away he fights them off. Let go! he yells.

Then he says to his cameraman, Sung Yong, lets run!

In the end, hes caught and gets taken out of the game as he wails, I was just looking at it!

Watch the May 10 episode of Running Man to see the rest of this hilarious mission!

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