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Unsung Artists: July 2015

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Unsung Artists: July 2015

Unsung Artists: July 2015 Written by Rachel On September 2, 2015 Welcome to another edition of Unsung Artists where we highlight hidden musical gems! Summer is always a good time for songs, and July was no exception. Although there were some decent releases from male singers, the ladies really dominated July both in variety and originality. Here were some of my favorites!

1. Eluphant (이루펀트) Feat. Soyou of Sistar, Only When Youre Bored (심심할때만)

Hip-hop duo Eluphant returns after a three year break with their album Man on the Moon. They released a few songs in July from their album including Home Sweet Home, but Only When Youre Bored was my favorite. Soyou just has such a magical quality to her voice, and I love when she does collaborations.The lyrics express the frustration of liking someone more than he or she likes you.

You only call me when youre bored, you only look for me when you have nothing to do

But I still like you, I wanna stay with your love,

When you have nothing to do, when you have free time

But I dont want to be your back-up plan anymore, I want to get to know you

The video is a little confusing, but the actress is the bored one who only calls her male friend when she feels like it. We see four different days, but she has the same daily routine. From morning until night she does the same things and has the same nonchalant expressions whether hes there or not. The first and second days we see she wakes up with someone, and the cellphone messages from her are cute (I like you. You like me?). In the middle of the video we see she also keeps her phone charged. On the third and fourth day, however, her interest drops. She wakes up with him on the third morning, but later on says she lost her cellphone. And by day four she wakes up alone, showing that she hasnt called him at all.S he doesnt charge her phone, and she doesnt even seem to be carrying it on the fourth day.

2. Z.Hera (지헤라) feat. Ga-eun of Dal Shabet, XOX

Z.Hera and Ga-eun take a stand against second-rate guys in “XOX.” Ga-eun wastes no time in calling out the type of guys she dislikes in her rap at the very beginning.

Hey boy, these days men are exactly the same

Here, there wherever you go it’s the same

Copied, with the same way of talking

I see, see their expressions, I’m sick and tired

Z.Hera continues the attack, going after the guys who harass her on the street with “Where are you going, my honey?” She’s frustrated that she can’t find a normal guy who treats her with love and respect; instead she has to put up with “plain, inferior guys” who are “just so-so.” Both are not willing to settle for less than they deserve and Z. Hera in the chorus sings, “those kinds of boring guys get lost/You should give up a little/it’s been done/all of them are XOX.” It’s a pretty bold song considering that most Kpop songs for girls/women are about chasing after oppa, not setting standards and boundaries.

The music video is just as colorful and fun as the song. Both Z.Hera and Ga-eun put on a strong performance. I was especially happy to see Z.Hera have shoes and clothing that gave her the freedom to move. The choreography in the music video was fun to watch too; at least one choreographer realized that women can do more than just butt wiggle and chest popping variations. I just wished that they brought more of that choreo into the live performances.

3.Fromm (프롬), Moonlight Dancing (달밤댄싱)

Indie artist Fromm manages to make a summer night feel just as warm and friendly as the day in Moonlight Dancing. In the lyrics she talks about spending time with her partner and just having a fun time holding hands and walking down the street. The instruments are so unique and quirky, and they are an interesting and different interpretation of summer nights.

Holding hands, we walk this street and we dont hear anything

Im happy enough just to see you, far away there is a piece of the half-moon

Its been a long time since we had this cool night, I dont want to think about anything else

Ive been very happy today, so I might bear it for a few days more

The music video shows Fromm in a house with a young woman who dances the stress of the day away. It may not be as intense as other videos, but it fits the easy-going tone of the song.

Next up is an upbeat song perfect for starting your day! The lyrics speak directly to the listeners, encouraging them to start the new day with a positive attitude. Its a fun mix of guitar, piano, and a bit of cuteness.

Troubled people are standing here, here

Slumped people are standing here, here

For those people is a different person

For those people is an understanding person

Shake it off easily like dust

The music gradually builds into an explosive chorus that is simple enough with Cha-du telling everyone to have a good day and to feel good. The video is interesting and fun to watch. We see the singer floating forwards and backwards through the streets and interacting with others. The video technique is something seen in other videos, but she makes it her own and even includes a weird little dance. I do wish that they had kept it until the end which was the climax of the song; the video slows things down by having Cha-du standing still for too long.

5. The Morning Glory (나팔꽃), Let Me Pay

Last is a song that would fit in perfectly at the end of a Quentin Tarantino film. A grimy guitar solo paired with an eerie voice make Let Me Pay the perfect background music for when a cold-blooded assassin crosses the last target off her list. The song is a strange journey into drunkenness as the music becomes warped towards the end, mimicking the videos slow progression. After going through a lot of bubblegum pop songs, it definitely stuck out as something different. The lyrics themselves are simple and repetitive, which almost puts you into a trance.

Unnie will pay, Today unnie got her paycheck

Unnie will pay, Unnie did a three-month internship

So, those were my picks for July! Lets hope that the end of summer is as fun as the beginning!

(YouTube [1][2][3][4], images via MNet, CJ EM Music)

Girls' Generation's 'Party' is the maximum watched K-Pop MV in The US and the sector for July 2015!

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Girls' Generation's 'Party' is the maximum watched K-Pop MV in The US and the sector for July 2015!

Summer is nearly coming to an finish yet it sort of feels like Girls" Generation"s very own "Party" will drag on, which is surely just right news for SONEs. 

Now lovers have anything else to celebrate but even so the go back in their favourite woman staff with new singles "Lion Heart" and "You Think." The MV for "Party," which dropped back in July, has earned the titles of being the maximum watched K-Pop video in now no longer just The usa yet also in all places the sector by means of YouTube! 

For the month of July, Girls" Generation"s summer hit "Party" crowned all other teams who released new songs around the similar time. GOT7"s "Just Right" and Girl"s Day"s "Ring My Bell" came in close behind, putting 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Such a feat become once to be expected from one of the maximum greatest woman staff of Korea, yet let"s congratulate the girls the entire same for all their persevered success!

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Gaon Chart releases chart scores for the month of July 2015

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Gaon Chart releases chart scores for the month of July 2015

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the identical of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart ratings for the month of July 2015 (July 1 - July 31) below!

Gaon Chart National electronic Singles Ranking

Rank Artist & Title Agency & Distributor 1 Big Bang - If You YG / Kt song 2 hyukoh - Comes And Goes DrDrAMC / Loen 3 hyukoh - Wi Ing Wi Ing DrDrAMC / Loen 4 Big Bang - Sober YG / Kt song 5 SISTAR - Shake It Starship / Loen 6 Girls" Generation - Party SM / Kt song 7 AOA - Middle Attack FNC Ent. / CJ E&M 8 Girls" Day - Ring My Bell DreamT Ent. / Loen 9 Crush ft. ZICO - Oasis Amoeba Culture / Loen 10 MAMAMOO - Um Oh Ah Yeh RBW / CJ E&M

Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Score

Rank Artist & Album Album Sales Distributor 1 TVXQ - Special Album upward push As God 148,155 Kt song 2 Super Junior - Special Album Devil 135,913 Kt song 3 INFINITE - Reality 131,917 Loen 4 Big Bang - D 89,017 Kt song 5 A Crimson - Crimson MEMORY 77,192 Loen 6 Girls" Generation - Party 74,727 KT song 7 B2ST - Ordinary

71,918 Universal Music 8 GOT7 - Just Right 61,119 Kt song 9 BTOB - Complete 40,951 Universal Music 10 Girl"s Day - Girl"s Day Love 28,499 Loen

Online Downloads For The Month Rank Artist & Title Download Count Label & Distributor 1 hyukoh - Comes And Goes 636,049 DrDrAMC / Loen 2 Big Bang - If You 627,808 YG / Kt song 3 hyukoh - Wi Ing Wi Ing 583,769 DrDrAMC / Loen 4 Big Bang - Sober 572,050 YG / Kt song 5 Girls" Generation - Party 503,899 SM / Kt song 6 Girls" Day - Ring My Bell 453,117 DreamT Ent. / Loen 7 Crush ft. ZICO - Oasis 410,222 Amoeba Culture / Loen 8 SISTAR - Shake It 405,859 Starship / Loen 9 A Crimson - Remember 399,542 A dice Ent. / Loen 10 Zion.T - Yanghwa BRDG 382,925 Amoeba Culture / Loen

Online Streams For The Month

Rank Artist & Title Streaming Count Label & Distributor 1 SISTAR - Shake It 23,699,405 Starship / Loen 2 hyukoh - Comes And Goes 22,313,994 DrDrAMC / Loen 3 Big Bang - If You 21,247,319 YG / Kt song 4 AOA - Middle Attack 19,779,440 FNC Ent. / CJ E&M 5 hyukoh - Wi Ing Wi Ing 19,611,484 Cashmere Listing / Sony Music 6 Big Bang - Sober 18,290,138 YG / Kt song 7 Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang 17,442,067 YG / Kt song 8 Girls" Generation - Party 16,053,947 SM / Kt song 9 Baek Ah Yeon ft. Younghyun - Shouldn"t Have... 15,958,001 JYP / Kt song 10 MAMAMOO - Um Oh Ah Yeah 15,295,378 RBW / CJ E&M

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Top K-Drama Moments Fromthe overall Week of July

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Top K-Drama Moments From<b>the overall </b>Week of July

Recently, our K-Dramas coped with hard-to-ignore truths while the villains got their comeuppance. We like to end off the month with our favourite stories barreling through, and those moments did nownow not disappoint as they’re all about breakthroughs.

1. “Oh My Ghost”:Thereality comes out

Like many people, we’re nownow not sure if Chef likes Bong Sun, Soon Ae, or the mix of both, yet what we like about this scene is that Sun Woo is finallyready to confess.

After watching the lady he enjoyed fall for his friend because hewas once too slow, then spending several more yearsby means of her facet after his death, still not able to confess, we are so happyto glance him succumb to his emotions and confess toany person who’s “like family.”

Anotherreason why this moment makes the list is that’s it’s another two-for-one deal as both women hear the confession. Why do we suddenlyto locate ourselves supporting polyamory?

2. “The Time We Were Not in Love”: BFFs again

After Won expressed his affections to Ha Na and she reconciled withSEO Hoo, the BFF’s relationship have change into strained and distant. As a whilst passed, however, they struck a breakthrough. She accepts Won’s be offering of [a renewed] friendship after she held back her desireto select it back up out of attention for his feelings.

Their separation have made them learned the value in their relationship, butit's miles our hope that those two don’t settle being just friends and should soon turn out to be lovers instead.

There are twoaspects toeach coin and Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon exemplify the bad side.

Mi Yeon loves her vengeful husband such a lot that she’ll be hisdefend when wishes protecting. She’ll do anything else for him, even homicide his mistress.

After Min Woo and Ji Sookdisclose his evil schemes, Seok Hoon pulls a runner, and with nowhere to go, he runs into his wife’s car. She has just exposed her own murderous deed, and now thatthey simply have prisonexistence tosit up for in Korea, she proposes that they run away together. However, he needs none of that. Doesn’t sheremember that he used her to get to her father? But she doesn’t care. When he makes it transparent that he won’t be going with her, she begs him to inform her—even if it’s a lie—that he loves her. As always, though, he’s too blindto glance what’s correct in front of him and tells her he doesn’t love her. Our hearts break for the pitiful Mi Yeon whoseexistence was ruined the instant she fell in love with the incorrect man.

4. “The Time We Were Not in Love”:Thereason why I couldn’t love you

Dae Yoonwas once Won’s close friend inprime school. He also loved Ha Na andtrusted Won to lend a hand him woo her, asking his friend to give her his letters. the ones love letters never reached Ha Na though, as Won also loved her. However, Dae Yoon’s unexpected death weighed heavily on Won. as a result of his guilt, Won vowed to Ha Na that he would never fall in love with her. Won never toldanybody his secret but his writingwas once his outlet; a script formagnificence told his story, and his sensible teacher knew of Won’s hidden emotions for Ha Na. However, the recent passing of the beloved professor, whoseclosing words of livingexistence without regrets reverberated with Won, is helping him to letcross of his guilt and give himself an opportunity with Ha Na.

He provides her his old script, permitting her to notice hisreason why for why he couldn’t fall in love with her. After work, Ha Na is metby means of Won, who turns out more hopeful and fearless, especially as she knows his secret. So, what’s next for those friends? Will weafter all see romance bloom between them in the following episodes? Please, let’s hope so!

5. “High Society”: A done deal

The other candy pair of “High Society” were given their deservedglad ending!

With his mother’s blessing, Chang Soo will beready to marry Ji Yi. After straightening things out with his mom, Chang Soo waits for Ji Yi at her home. Since he’s a not-so-normal guy who loves a not-so-normal girl, his proposal to her is additional special. He asks her if she needs toreside with him, and Ji Yi answers yes without even a 2d thought. The youngfanatics embrace, sealing their time together.

Although this isn’t a grand proposal, we'd have been ecstatic to mention yes to Chang Soo in that moment, too.

6. “ITake into account You”:You have me

Lee Hyun is torn up about the truth that his little brother hasrelatively possibly grown up to be a serial killer and all because of Min’s angerin opposition to him. Lee Hyun feels that Min’s situation is his fault. Maybe if he never told Joon Young thereality about Min then maybe things would have been other for his brother. Maybe Min wouldn’t have experienced the trauma of abandonment. As he explains his pain to Ji An, the 2 tear up, and she hugs him. He thank you her with a kiss on the forehead, revealing just how close they’ve become.

It’s a bittersweet scene, yet we arecompletely satisfied that with Ji Hyun’s presence, Lee Hyun won’tmust endure the sadness all on his own.

That’sfocused on this batch of top K-Drama moments! percentage your mind below, and let’s do it back next time!

Gaon Chart releases chartscores for July 26 - August 1

News via allkpop.com
Gaon Chart releases chart<b>scores </b>for July 26 - August 1

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be thean identical of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart ratings for the week of July 19 to July 25 below!

4. hyukoh - "Comes And Goes"

6. Sik K, Lil Boy, Geeogooin ft. LOCO, Gray, & DJ Pumpkin - "Respect"

10. Primary ft. ChoA & Iron - "Don"t Be Shy"

2. Super Junior - "Devil Special Album"

1. B2ST - "YeY" - 149,416 Downloads

2. hyukoh - "Wi Ing Wi Ing" - 142,612 Downloads

3. Zion.T - "Yanghwa BRDG" - 115,163 Downloads

4. hyukoh - "Comes And Goes" - 102,732 Downloads

5. Sik K, Lil Boy, Geeogooin ft. LOCO, Gray, & DJ Pumpkin - "Respect" - 101,028 Downloads

6. LOCO ft. Jay Park & Gray - "Awesome" - 96,609 Downloads

7. Yoo Seung Woo - "You"re Beautiful" - 95,830 Downloads

8. Primary ft. ChoA & Iron - "Don"t Be Shy" - 90,669 Downloads

9. A Pink - "Remember" - 88,893 Downloads

10. Suzy - "Why AmI really like This?" - 84,854 Downloads

2. MC The Max - "Because Of You"

4. Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

5. Noel - "What If (Jun Woo Sung Solo)"

7. Baek Ah Yeon ft. Younghyun - "Shouldn"t Have..."

1. B2ST - "YeY" - 65,039Points

2. INFINITE - "Bad" - 46,126Points

3. AOA - "Heart Attack" - 33,117Points

4. B2ST - "GottaGo To Work" - 30,424Points

5. GOT7 - "Just Right" - 29,884Points

6. EXID - "Ah Yeah" - 22,936Points

7. INFINITE - "I Like You (OGS ReturnsLive Ver.)" - 19,811Points

8. EXID - "Up & Down" - 19,290Points

9. hyukoh - "Wi Ing Wi Ing" - 18,225Points

10. 4minute - "Crazy" - 17,562 Points

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July's Hottest K-Pop Dance Practice Videos From SISTAR, BTS, Stellar And More

News via kpopstarz.com
July's Hottest K-Pop Dance Practice Videos From SISTAR, BTS, Stellar And More

(Photo : Twitter ) A lot goes into preparations for a new K-pop release and these videos show the stars hard at work perfection their dances moves for some of July"s hottest tracks.

Tight choreography is an especially important element for any Korean pop group and the subsequent videos offer a fun behind the scenes look for many eager fans.

Check out some of July"s best dance routines below.

KARA"s Goo Hara Featuring Youngji; "How About Me?"

Which dance is your favorite?

top one thousand-Drama Moments From the quaternary Week Of July

News via soompi.com
top one thousand-Drama Moments From the quaternary Week Of July

InA genuinelyAbsolute maximum productive international, there would exist 3 further days inA nosotrosek … Three further nosotrosek finish days that we may exist inA position to devote to our yard-dramaAddiction, re-lookingAt  the maximum productive scenes from the newest episodes of our favourite displays. Which new yard-drama moments had U.S.A. wish for thisAbsolute maximum productive international? Let’s have a glanceAt the list!

1. “ student Who Walks The night”: Dream only were handn genuine

AfterA spirited drinking contest amongst the crown prince, Yang Sunday is left by myselfAnd hasA t finishency to his indus attempt. Sang Yeol displays upAnd escorts her condominium, shocked to glance him. Believing she’s dreaming, she confesses her emotions for him,And he's shocked. on the style condominium, he gifts her shoes,And she gushes over them. SheAnd thuson offers himA bussAnd overtly now no longeres that either their centers nosotrosre fluttering,And thus, she should now no longer exist dreaming. Sundayg Yeol tells her inA different style, equallysuring her IT’sA dream. He tells her to omit orAnd thus the whole matter this is set to take position then,And amongst that, he busses her deeply.

Real lifestyles is once inA whilst larger than our dreams,And amongst one of those passionate buss, nosotros’re shocked Sang Yeol didn’tAnd thusber correct up.

2. “The time We Were Not In love”: Favorite nurse

Won has waitedAll night in the rain for Ha Na to plough upAt their hideout, yet she makeesn’t go far. So, now no longer only is he now no longer inA position to hand her the necklace he purchased for her, he eventually finishs up goting unwell. the side by side day to come, he’s existdriddenAll day,And Ha Na, who’s existen un inA position to goA grasp of him, exams up on him later on that night.

When she encounters his condition, she glancesAfter him regardless of Won’s int finished loss ofAppreciation for her disastrous cooking. LOL. She evening sp finishs the night in his room, drowsing on the ground side by side to his existd. peradventure IT’s because of Ha Na’s presence or her unappetizing congee, which he utterly finishes upAnyway, yet Won wakes up the side by side dayAl maximum utterly recovered.

If matters sack identify for those two, then their coupled lifestyles may exist similar to this, unless for peradventure more intimate … Sometimes, nosotros need this display nosotrosre on c inA position existcause peradventure the tale will were re-written to own Ha Na l finishing her frame warmth to Won whilst he’s were handn the chills. Hehe.

3. “Oh My Ghost”: Jealousy isAn evil matter, honey!

Sun Woo prides himself on existingA good boss. He’s the form of guy who paintingss his paintingsers demanding existcause he existlieves in themAnd offers them room to fail equally he knows that good fortune makeesn’t typically comeAfter oneAreAttempting. So, if there’s a listinginging of fair, fair bosses, he’d put himself on IT,And here's why this scene is particularly hilarious.

search engine optimization Joon is the repose, observant paintingser who obtrusively hasA matter for Bong Sunday. Soon Ae (in Bong Sunday’s frame) enjoys hisAid yet isn’t clued in to his emotions. Sunday Woo briefly existcomesA commons-eyed monster when he encounters the delightful interactions existtween the 2. So, when he initiatesA fri finishly cooking pageant existtween his paintingsersAnd Soon Ae-Bong Sunday cheers loudly for search engine optimization Joon, Sunday Woo makeesn’tAward him the grand prize regardless of his dish existing the maximum productive.

Sun Woo sunbae, commons isAnd thus now no longer your colour!

five. “I existar in mind yous”: Pleasantly unforeseen

Ji An is more thankful to existAliveAfter her close to death enjoy. She recounts to Lee HyunAll her mind up till she existcome once stored. She specifices her talent to understand amongst her dad’s emotionsAnd stocks her sadness over the theory of now no longer encountering Lee Hyun back. He smirksAt her confessionAnd nosotros may only her compreh finish IT’sAll correct existcause they nosotrosre inA position to fulfill back. the instant intensifies equally she busses him.

Lee Hyun didn’t encounter this coming,And itAnd thusunds equally if, neither did Ji An, yet nosotros’re satisfied she tookAction existcause weAdore them in combination!

five. “Orange Marmalade”: timeless romance

“Orange Marmalade” closed ITs ultimate bankruptcy amongst Jae minAnd Ma Ri taking part inAnAfternoon picnic in combination. Jae min equallyks her why she didn’t mention that the candy man blood manner anything particular for vampires. She tells him that she makeesn’t would like to dep find yourselfon fate to decide her love existcause evening amongstout IT, she’ll amongstal certainly eventually prove amongst Jae min. And of path, what’s the maximum productive style for this tale to finish? How orAnd thusA buss existtween the young enthusiasts?

“Orange Marmalade” may now no longer resonate amongst every person, yet this existcome once amongstalA memor inA position drama for ITs original style of revealing thatA love that’s meant to exist atAll times has promise.

6. “highAnd thuscial club”: Her voice pierces

Ji YiAnd Chang Soo own in the finish reachedA verge of collapse in their dating,And one night, Chang Soo visits Ji Yi only to ownA glimpse of her. He assists in keeping his distance from herAnd secretly listens to her specific her preference to settle in one position in the future. He lingers out of her sightAnd continues toAbsorb her mind. Her voice is sufficient to bring him to tears.

Chang Soo’s love for Ji Yi re positiond him amongstout him understanding how. Happiness is the maximum productive cure forA centerbreak,And those two deserve their pleased finishing!

A superlative moment isA memor inA position moment that touches you. IT should brand you call, brand your center flutter, or peradventure brand you laugh. This one certainly made U.S.A. laugh—for the inaccurate explanation whys.

ForAn inexplic inA position explanation why, Ji Sook put her lifestyles in her enemy’s handsAnd predictably were handnAnAttempted homicide in go back. We didn’t laugh existcause Ji Sook rereceived awareness inA burning roomAnd may onlyn’t make the maximum rational matter of jumping out of the window in the back of her. ok, nosotros’re mendacity existcause that certainly made U.S.A. laugh. But what made U.S.A. laugh evening more difficult existcome once that upon encountering the burning space, min Woo, who’s were handnA water phobia and volition’t swim, unforeseenly received Michael Phelps’ talentsAnd started to swim to Ji Sook! the talent of love indeed.

That’s fascinated by now, every person! Shout out your mindAnd favourite scenes,And let’s make IT back side by side nosotrosek!

Performances from July 31st 'tune depository financial institution'!

News via allkpop.com
Performances from July 31st 'tune depository financial institution'!

" song banking company" is back for its weekly display featuring performances via your favourite Artists! 

in this episode,  in this episode, B2ST made A comeback amongst "Yey", And Yoo Seung Woo returned amongst "You"re existautiful".

Other performers of the evening were  endless, A pink, N*White, DickPunks, Jo Jung minute, Tae Jin Ah, SONAMOO, G-Friend, NC.A, Z.Hera, POTEN, MINX, Eun Ga Eun, Wanna.B, hello Venus, And D.Holic.

[Winners could exist up to date.]

take A look At the performances underneath! [Videos could exist up to date equally to exist had.]

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these days's Photo: July xxx, 2015 [1]

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these days's Photo: July xxx, 2015 [1]

Incheon international Airport is packed amongst travelers on Wednesday. /Newsis