Gummy shows love for IU and Park Bom’s voices

Gummy shows love for IU and Park Bom’s voices

Gummy made an appearance on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’ and showed admiration for her junior singers IU and Park Bom. 

During the radio appearance, Gummy discussed her fifth album ‘STROKE’ and her British-pop inspired title song “I I YO” produced by Gil. She also shared her thoughts on singing ballads, saying, “Up until now, I’ve sang songs that have to do with separation, so I wanted to sing a song that showcased my life story. Though this song isn’t bright and lively, it has a hip hop feel to it and expresses the desire for dreams and hope.” 

After her live performance, host Kim Shin Young asked, “In all of Korea, your voice is well-suited to fit any type of song, and many people would rank you in the top five vocalists of all time. What are your thoughts?” In response, Gummy said, “I don’t think so. There are many singers who can pull off various genres of music through their voices, particularly IU, Park Bom, Lee Sora, and Park Jung Hyun. I am very fond of their voices because their tone carries a strong personality.” 

In addition to talking about IU and Park Bom, Gummy also relayed her thoughts on SISTAR’s recent disbandment, stating, “SISTAR was full of energy and that’s why I liked them. Each member had a different tone to their voice, so I was able to tell which member was singing which lines.” 

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