gugudan Shares Their First Impressions Of Each Other

gugudan Shares Their First Impressions Of Each Other

On April 30, gugudans Sejeong, Nayoung, Mimi, and Mina held a Naver V Live broadcast to have a heart-to-heart talk with their fans.

They said, The other members heard we were going to do a LieV broadcast and they were jealous. Its a shame that all of us couldnt do it together. But its fun to be here. Since its just the four of us, the four of us have to do extra well. We will work so that it doesnt feel empty without the others.

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The four members then shared their first impressions of each other. Sejeong said, I didnt know Mimi would be this cheeky at first. When we first met, she seemed like the most feminine person Ive ever known. For a month I used formal speech with her. We became close after going to eat chicken feet together. On the first day, she wore white clothes and she looked like a paper doll. At that time, Mina was like a baby. She was in middle school. The acting teacher made her dance and while she was dancing she kept winking. I thought that she had a lot of personality.

Mina said, Sejeong said she had something to say to me and called me out once. We went to a hamburger place and I was having a hard time then because Id just gotten in [to the agency]. She told me, I had a hard time then too and Itll be hard for you in the future but lets go as far as we can. I got a lot of strength from those words.

They also talked about the kind of things that happened while they were promoting. Mimi said, On stage we have a lot of playful choreography, but once we didnt decide anything before we went to perform. As we were doing the choreography, we were flustered and thinking about what we should do. But we communicated through our eyes and it worked out.

Mina said, I was on a strict diet during promotions and my immune system became weak. Once I caught a cold and got chills. I was going to eat medicine on an empty stomach but the members took the medicine away from me and told me to eat something first. I almost cried.

During the same broadcast, gugudan talked about their most memorable gifts and what theyd like to give their fans.