GOT7's Jackson Argues With Anti-Fan Over Hate Comment on 'V-Live'

GOT7's Jackson Argues With Anti-Fan Over Hate Comment on 'V-Live'

GOT7’s Jackson decided to get personal and have fun with his fans on Naver’s ‘V-Live’ app but the fun and games came to a sudden stop when one anti-fan started bombarding Jackson with hate comments.

While Jackson was taking the time to read comments and respond to fans, one negative comment caught his eye. An anti-fan was persistent in telling the idol to leave GOT7 and to no longer bother with Korea and return to China. The post was written in Chinese.

Upset and hurt by the comment Jackson responded in Chinese saying, “When I do some things, a lot of people like it, but also a lot of people don’t like it. Hate comments just make me stronger. To all the people who don’t like me: I’m going to work harder and become stronger. Every time you write hate comments, I work harder. Thank you.

The idol then carried on in Korea restating his thoughts and that, “I’m just going to work hard as GOT7‘s Jackson, and succeed as GOT7’s Jackson. A person’s mouth is their own, and you can’t stop what they say. So I don’t really have anything to say against that. I just have to keep working hard as GOT7’s Jackson. I’ll work hard and succeed.” You can check out his response and reaction down below.

How do you think Jackson handled that hate? Hopefully, we can continue to have fun with Jackson on ‘V-Live’ without the negativity.

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