Gordon Ramsay is the new model for Korea’s famous ‘Cass’ Beer

Gordon Ramsay is the new model for Korea’s famous ‘Cass’ Beer

It appears the Korean wave is truly unstoppable after all, as even famous British chef Gordon Ramsay posed for ‘Cass Fresh’ beer. 

Widely known as a perfectionist, Gordon Ramsay took the time to critique popular Korean dishes and beer foods in the new CF. 

On September 15, OB (Oriental Brewery Company) stated that the British chef was selected as their new model for ‘Cass’.

The making film featured Gordon Ramsay appearing at a fried chicken franchise restaurant trying different flavors of fried chicken and a glass of fresh cold beer. An actor, sitting next to the world famous chef, stared anxiously, waiting for the ultimate reaction. “Bloody delicious. Sweet, spicy, and super hot…Very rare for three different types to blend in with a fresh beer”, said Ramsey. 

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He then praised the alcoholic beverage by describing how great and fresh it tasted, and even added some phrases in Korean saying, “Cheers” and “Hey Auntie, Cass!” calling out for another glass.

Upon hearing the news about Ramsey’s endorsement for ‘Cass’, Korean netizens commented, “It’s amazing to see Gordon Ramsay actually compliment food for once,” “Did Gordan Ramsay just surrender (?) to capitalism?”

Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay is receiving much attention around the globe through his TV series ‘Hell’s Kitchen’, ‘Master Chef’, and ‘Kitchen Nightmares’.