Gong Yoo Talks Social Media, Zombie Apocalypse & His ‘Goblin’ Pal Lee Dong Wook At Taiwan Press Conference

Gong Yoo Talks Social Media, Zombie Apocalypse & His ‘Goblin’ Pal Lee Dong Wook At Taiwan Press Conference

Gong Yoo visits Taiwan for the first time on April 28. The “Goblin” actor will hold a fan meeting event and stay for three days in Taiwan. During his press conference, Gong Yoo discussed some pretty interesting things that could answer every fan’s curiosity.

Taiwan News reported Gong Yoo landed with his casual airport fashion. Wearing a white shirt, gray pants, and sunglasses, the 37-year-old actor still manages to show his charms to fans that had been waiting for his arrival at the airport. Before a fan meeting, Gong Yoo greeted his fans on a press conference.

A fan who attended the press conference asked him an intriguing question why the “Coffee Prince” actor never uses social media to connect with his fans, in which he answered that he simply doesn’t like taking selfies. Gong Yoo added sometimes it makes him feels uncomfortable to show people what he’s been up to in a way that he considers not genuine, Soompi reported. However, he emphasized that it’s not all about right or wrong, he just wants to point out his preference so people would not get him wrong.

Another interesting thing happened in the press conference as a fan asked him who he would save first when the zombie apocalypse strikes. To everyone’s surprise, Gong Yoo said that he would save his cat first because it would be scary to see a cat turns into a zombie. The MC then jokingly wondering what his parents would feel when they hear about that.

Gong Yoo also didn’t forget to send a regard for his mates in “Goblin”. Since the drama finished with a strong impression, he revealed that he and the cast haven’t found the right time to catch up due to their busy schedules. When Gong Yoo talked about how he missed his “Goblin” pals dearly, he never missed a chance to compliment his bromance partner, Lee Dong Wook, saying that the “My Girl” actor is a fun and considerate person to befriend with.

On April 29, Gong Yoo will meet his Taiwanese fans at Xinzhuang Gymnasium, Taipei. The tickets for the even reportedly have been sold out in only 10 minutes.