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Gong Hyo Jin's Ex-Boyfriend, Ryoo Seung Bum, Weighs In On 'Producer'

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Gong Hyo Jin's Ex-Boyfriend, Ryoo Seung Bum, Weighs In On 'Producer'

(Photo : KBS ) Actor Ryoo Seung Bum spoke positively about his ex-girlfriend, Gong Hyo Jin, and "Producer" during his appearance on the June 20 episode of "Entertainment Relay." The 34-year-old film star is on a media blitz to promote his latest film, "Intimate Enemies."

In his interview with "Entertainment Relay," the seasoned film star provided positive feedback regarding "Producer" and the performance of his former lover, in the series. "There are good actors acting in the drama," said Ryoo. "Gong Hyo Jin looks amazing. I was surprised by several different things while watching it."

Ryoo began dating Gong after filming "Wonderful Days." The pair began an on again, off again relationship which spanned from 2001 until 2012. Gong and Ryoo were often the top couple on surveys regarding Korean celebrity relationships.

On June 18, he revealed that he had recently ended a romantic relationship with Virginie Mouzat, a French style editor responsible for the publication Fashion Fair. The actor went on record about his relationship with fashion journalist during a recent interview, whose transcript was published by TV Report. "Virginie Mouzat and I recently broke up," said Ryoo, as he confessed to dating the foreign media professional. "I broke up with my girlfriend of one year and eight months during Christmas, last year. Now, I am single."

His film career has spanned 30 projects since his debut in 2000, including roles in the critically-acclaimed movies "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" and "Waikiki Brothers."

Ryoo portrays Ji Noo in the upcoming action film, "Intimate Enemies." Directed by Im Sang Soo, "Intimate Enemies" focuses on a couple who decide to deliver vigilante justice to corrupt officials, after discovering a large sum of money at a crash site.


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Angel Eyes Episode 15 Review: Yoon Ye Joo Says Gong Hyung Jin is Her Boyfriend

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Angel Eyes Episode 15 Review: Yoon Ye Joo Says Gong Hyung Jin is Her Boyfriend

In Angel Eyes, episode 15, Park Hye Joo(played by Yoon Ye Joo) said Ki Woon Chan(played by Gong Hyung Jin) was her boyfriend.

Previously, Hye Joo saw two men betting on each other to see if the rescue team came first or the chicken delivery came first. She took the phone while they called the rescue team and said, “This is a false report so sue them after tracking their phone number!” While Hye Joo and the guys had an argument, Woon Chan and Taeddy Seo(played by Seungri) saw them, and all of them were eventually taken to the police station.

The two men realized that they were wrong and said, “We really didn’t know that her boyfriend would be in a rescue team.” As the police asked who her boyfriend was, Hye Joo linked her arm on Woon Chan’s and answered, “He’s my boyfriend!”

IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Easiest Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert

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IU’s Boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and Best Friend Yoo In Na Attend Her Concert Jang Ki Ha didn’t dangle back on expressing her strengthen for his girlfriend, IU.

On November 21, IU’s solo concert for her fourth mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” came about at the Olympic corridor in Seoul.

During the concert, IU sang the songs in her new album for the primary time on stage, adding “Knee,” “Twenty-Three,” “The Shower,” in addition her arguable song, “Zeze.” She also packed the two-hour concert complete with her old hits as well, including “You and I,” “Good Day,” and “The Red Shoes.”

It was once reported that IU’s boyfriend Jang Ki Ha and one of her top friends, Yoo In Na also attended. Dynamic Duo joined IU on level as special visitors at the first day.

Meanwhile, IU released her mini album “CHAT-SHIRE” on October 23 and told the tale of her 23-year-old self thru it.

IU chat-shire yesasia Help the artist by way of purchasing IU– Chat-shire from YesAsia Related

Actress Gong Hyo Jin to wait 2015 MAMA Ceremonies

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Actress Gong Hyo Jin To Attend 2015 MAMA Ceremonies Actress Gong Hyo Jin is the following to sign up in the 2015 MAMA lineup!

Gong Hyo Jin made her mark at the 2015 entertainment industry with her role in the KBS2 TV drama, “Producer,” alongside Kim Soo Hyun and IU. She used to be showed to be making an appearance at the MAMAs via an firm representative on November 22.

Meanwhile, up to now large hitters like BIGBANG, CL, GOT7, BTS, PSY, and Zion.T were proven to be in attendance of the ceremonies, whilst all FNC Entertainment artists, adding CNBLUE, AOA and FTISLAND might now not be attending because of scheduling conflicts.

MAMA 2015: Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo And Seo Kang Joon Will Appear As Presenters

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Gong Hyo Jin will appear at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, as a presenter. (Photo : 2econd ) Gong Hyo Jin will appear at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), as a presenter, during the star-studded event.

On November 22 (KST), TV Report confirmed the appearance of the "Producer" actress, along with Lee Kwang Soo (Running Man), Yoo Yeon Seok (Warm and Cozy), Park Bo Young (Oh My Ghost), Han Chae Young (Boys Over Flowers), and Seo Kang Joon (Cheese in the Trap).

In the past year, Gong Hyo Jin starred in acclaimed psychological drama, "It"s Okay, That"s Love," before appearing opposite Kim Soo Hyun in the summer hit, "Producer."

Lee Kwang Soo delivered a notable performance in "It"s Okay, That"s Love," as well as the film noir, "Confession," proving that his acting range extends beyond his role as comic relief in the variety show, "Running Man."

Yoo Yeon Seok and Park Bo Young are noted for their film roles, but their return to K-Drama was lauded by audiences and critics, alike.

Seo Kang Joon continues to set himself apart from the other members of the acting idol group, 5urprise, through his compelling, dramatic performances. In 2016, he returns to television in tvN"s highly anticipated, web comic adaptation, "Cheese in the Trap."

The presence of Han Chae Young, is notable, due to her extensive work within the Chinese-language market.

MAMA honors leading artists in Korean and Asian pop, while also recognizing international acts that have had a strong global impact on music.

The actors and actresses who will serve as presenters join K-pop acts like Big Bang, CL, PSY, iKON, f(x), BTS, GOT7, Zion.T, who are confirmed to deliver thrilling performances, during th evening.

The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards will be held at Hong Kong"s AsiaWorld-Expo Center on December 2. Tickets for the award ceremony and the Red Carpet are available through Hong Kong Ticketing.

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Suzy Has Yet to discuss Co-Star Kim Woo Bin With Boyfriend Lee Min Ho

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Suzy Has Yet to speak About Co-Star Kim Woo Bin With Boyfriend Lee Min Ho miss A‘s Suzy says she has yet to obtain guidelines referring to acting with her upcoming co-star Kim Woo Bin from her boyfriend Lee Min Ho.

On November 19, the idol sat down for an interview with media outlet day by skill of day Sports to speak about her profession and advertise her newest film “The Sound of a Flower” which is determined to premiere this month.

After it was showed last August that she can be starring along Kim Woo Bin in a new romantic drama, many of Suzy’s lovers were wondering about Lee Min Ho’s reaction to the news. the pinnacle male stars played lead roles in the 2013 drama “The Heirs.”

When asked if Lee Min Ho has given her any tricks for acting with Kim Woo Bin, Suzy said, “We haven’t discussed that yet.”

“We haven’t began filming the drama yet,” she explained, and stated she is lately getting to understand her character, “I’m slowly beginning to arrange for my role.” She could be gambling a documentary producer with a robust sense of justice, who later comes to stand the unpleasant reality about the world.

Entitled “Uncontrollably Fond,” the drama is expected to premiere in early 2016.

Spoiler 'Six Flying Dragons' Gong Seung-yeon and Yoo Ah-in wed for political purpose

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Spoiler 'Six Flying Dragons' Gong Seung-yeon and Yoo Ah-in wed for political purpose

"Six Flying Dragons" aired two episodes in combination consecutively since the airtime were cancelled because of the baseball (generic term) at the outdated night. The storyline moved rapid ahead and Yoo Ah-in married Gong Seung-yeon to build the recent nation.

On the episodes of SBS Monday & Tuesday drama, "Six Flying Dragons", that have been aired on November 17th, Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in) and Min Da-gyeong (Gong Seung-yeon) tied the knot.

Yi Bang-won wished an best friend to build the new nation. For this purpose, he had to ally with Min Da-gyeong"s family. He discovered out that Hong In-bang (Jeon No-min) had already introduced to marry Min Da-gyeong. Yi Bang-won had to act quick and wed Min Da-gyeong to forestall it.

Boon-yi (Sin Se-kyeong) supported the wedding despite the reality that she used to be deeply in love with Yi Bang-won. Boon-yi and Yi Bang-won showed every other"s center appropriate on the day when the discussion about the marriage between Yi Bang-won and Min Da-gyeong happened.

Yi Bang-won asked Boon-yi, "Tell me the explanation why you rejected me?". Boon-yi confessed, "I love you". Yi Bang-won become shocked to pay attention the words. However, he also said, "I love you too. I"ll love you till I die".

Source : www.etoday.co.kr/news...

EXID’s Hani Sings a candy Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend”

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EXID’s Hani Sings a Sweet Lullaby for Her “Boyfriend” EXID’s Hani makes the entire male fans’ hearts flutter when she sings a sweet lullaby.

On November 16, a video clip of Hani making a song a lullaby used to be posted on YouTube. In the clip, Hani sings the song “Kiss Me” by skill of Sixpence None the Richer so as to lend a hand her “boyfriend” fall asleep.

Her voice mesmerizes the listener as she sings the song. The fanatics who saw the clip utterly fell for her charms and commented, “I’d love to hear her singing each evening prior to I move to bed.”

EXID is these days in the direction of making ready for their comeback, their identify tune “Hot Pink” drops later this week on November 18!

Check out the video clip of Hani’s lullaby here.

Gong Seung-yeon to seem in 'Six Flying Dragons': Will she be a hindrance to the romantic couple?

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Gong Seung-yeon to seem in 'Six Flying Dragons': Will she be a hindrance to the romantic couple?

Gong Seung-yeon will make her first appearance in "Six Flying Dragons" soon.

On November 16th, SBS" Monday & Tuesday drama, "Six Flying Dragons", has unveiled Gong Seung-yeon"s first still images. She plays Min Da-gyeong, who is a daughter to Min-je, circle of relatives head of the prestigious Haedong Gapjok clan. She later becomes Queen Won-gyeong as wife to Taejong Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in).

Min Da-gyeong is an clever woman, who could also be an ideal conversationalist. Her resolution making abilities and steely mindset will provide an example of a robust woman. She is a political figure, who marries Ye Bang-won for just right "benefit" in keeping with her trust "There"s no love in troubled times" and is helping her husband to be enthroned later in addition puts herself in the queen"s position.

While the romance between Yoo Ah-in and Sin Se-kyeong (Boon-yi) is blossoming at the moment, how Gong Seung-yeon"s appearance in the drama will have an effect on the romance storyline is drawing attention.

The production team said, "Despite her young age, Gong Seung-yeon perfectly brought the robust woman, Min Da-gyeong persona to life. The addition of the hot character Min Da-gyeong and her household clan, Haedong Gapjok will bring new entertainment and adjustments to "Six Flying Dragons". Please remain tuned for more excitement".

Gong Seung Yeon Tries Preppy Combinations For Plastic Island Lookbook

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Gong Seung Yeon Tries Preppy Combinations For Plastic Island Lookbook

Korean brand Plastic Island has been teasing fans by slowly revealing new lookbook photos via Instagram. The winter shots feature actress Gong Seung Yeon in sporty-yet-preppy looks that include oversized coats, wool scarves, camel-toned ponchos, funky cardigans and even classy fedoras. Every day, more of the looks are available in the brand"s online store for purchase.

One of the best pieces modeled by Gong was the "Fur Collar Flare" jacket. The piece is a light pink coat with a white muffler collar. The item has fake vertical pockets and a very flattering a-line silhouette, that makes it look like you"re wearing a dress. It can be yours HEREand can be seen below in greater detail.

Gong also coupled wide-leg pants and sneaker hybrid slip-ons with the "Box Down" jumper in dark khaki. The padded jacket has a patchwork pattern on the sleeves and back. It can be yours HEREand can be appreciated below.

Another modern article is the "Long Turtleneck" pullover in gray. The layered knit has no sleeves and rectangular cutouts on the sides. The brand suggests to wear it with a puffy sleeves blouse underneath for a more dramatic look. It can be yours HEREand can be seen below.

To shop for the rest of the collection, click here!

Check out the short campaign video below!

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