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TVXQ Took Home Five Awards at Japanese Golden Disk Awards

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TVXQ Took Home Five Awards at Japanese Golden Disk Awards

TVXQ has proven their unparalleled popularity as J-pop artists yet again, taking five awards at the Japanese Golden Disk Awards for the second year in a row.

On March 2, it was announced through the official Golden Disk Awards website that TVXQ won five awards at the 29th Japanese Golden Disk Awards for “Best Asian Artist,” “Album of the Year,” “Best Music Video,” and two “Best 3 Albums” awards. This is the second year in a row that the superstars have won 5 awards at the Golden Disk Awards.

The Japanese Golden Disk Awards are one of the most prestigious awards, and it is awarded by the Japanese Records Association. It awards artists based on the number of album and video sales over the past year.

This year, the talented duo won “Best Asian Artist,” which awards the top Asian singers, as well as “Album of the Year” with their album “TREE” which was released in March and topped the monthly Oricon charts. “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~” was awarded “Best Music Video,” and both of their full albums of 2014, “TREE” and “WITH” both won “Best 3 Albums,” sweeping the awards.

TVXQ has been shattering records in Japan in the past year, solidifying their place as the most popular foreign artists in Japan of all time. Between 2012 and 2014, they gathered 2 million audience members in the shortest amount of time in Japan of any foreign artist. They also hold the record for the most single records sold by any foreign artist, the most times at the top of the Oricon weekly singles chart, most number of times on the Top 10 Oricon weekly singles chart as well as the most single records sold in the first week of release as foreign artists, proving their dominance and influence.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is currently on their second Japanese Dome Tour “Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~.” They have already successfully filled nine concerts at the Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, and Tokyo Domes with passionate fans, and they are now looking forward to five concerts at the Osaka Kyocera Dome on March 14 to 15 and March 17 to 19.

Congratulations to TVXQ!

2015 Golden Disk Awards, Day 2

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20150127_seoulbeats_GDA 2015 Golden Disk Awards, Day 2 Written by Lo On January 29, 2015 The 29th Grand Disk Awards continued on January 15, 2015, marking the first time that the awards had been split between two nights. Despite the change in format, though, all the performances were excellent. Of course, some were more excellent than others. . .

Girls GenerationTTS Holler

I wasnt a huge fan of Holler when TTS was promoting it, but if their stages had been as strong as this one, I would have been. Tiffany, Taeyeon and Seohyun all sounded strong and wonderfully on tune. Their dancing was on point, just oozing sass. All in all, this was a powerful stage that turned an average song into an amazing one. The fact that, for once, these ladies were given decent costumes is just a cherry on top.

CN BlueAOAs Choa and Yuna Love Light

One of the best things about gayos and year-end award shows is the opportunity for special stages such as this. The folksy pop song Love Light let everyone involved show a different side to their musical abilities. Its such a sweet song, and everyone involved really seemed to enjoy it that it bleeds into anyone watching it. Not even Choas mike problems could dampen the feelings of daww this produced.

Hong Jin-young Love Battery

One of the performers that unexpectedly caught my attention was Hong Jin-young, a trot singer. She performed her debut song Love Battery. Whats really impressive about her performance was how effortless she made it seem. Usually, singers play up the difficulty of high and/or long notes to give a bigger impression. Jin-young, on the other hand, makes performing look as easy as breathing.

VIXXs crazy choreography is always impressive, but their performance of Error was even more on point than they usually are. Their dancing is this unholy balance of crisp sharpness and liquidity; its jaw-dropping. I dare you to rip your eyes away from them. Of course, VIXXs vocals are nothing to sneeze at either, giving their all to both parts. This has got to be one of the best stages of Error ever.

I seriously wish that B1A4 had promoted A Glass of Water after seeing this stage. While VIXX blew me away with their precision, B1A4 gave a great performance by being the only group who looked like they were legitimately, unquestionably happy to be on stage. Theyre just bursting with playful energy, and they gave this performance their all. What they lacked in polish, they more than made up for in exuberance.

Of course, those excellent performances were not the only great ones of the night. Bestie wowed with their song Thank U Very Much, and Exo gave a great performance of Overdose, with Chen teaming up with Wendy from Red Velvet to perform Endless Love. Infinite was as amazing with Back as they always are, but we got far less of them then I wanted.

The snafus that always seem to accompany a live performance were present, even though youd think that, this being the second night, any technical problems would have been sorted out. Frustratingly, this was not the case. There were obvious problems with microphones not being loud enough or just plain not working; it was very irritating to watch and, I imagine, to perform around. The other big hoopla from day 2 of the Golden Disk Awards was that Infinite had their performance time pared down, much to the frustration of fans, who were already aware of the issues with lodging and visas.

The awards were split right down the middle for the two nights, with day 1 being for digital awards and day 2 for disk awards. Honestly, the winners were pretty predictable, with SM taking most of the top honors to the shock of no one. Exo won the Disk Daesang for the second year running for Overdose. The Rookie of the Year went to Red Velvet, and Toheart and Taemin won the popularity award.

I would like to give my sincere congratulations to all winners of a Golden Disk Award.

Next Generation Artist

Female Group Best Performance

IQIYI Most Popular Star

How do you feel about the winners, readers? Any performances that popped to you?

2015 Golden Disk Awards Day 1 Recap

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20150127_seoulbeats_goldendiskawards 2015 Golden Disk Awards Day 1 Recap Written by Willis On January 28, 2015 The 29th Golden Disk Awards was held on January 14th and 15th and was aired on the 23rd and 24th on jTBC. The Golden Disk Awards are, at times, considered the Korean equivalent of the Grammy Awards. Instead of judges or votes, the weight of these awards skews in favor of sales volume thus resulting in a large pool of nominees.

This year the awards were held in Beijing, China at the Master Card Center. This is the third time the award show has been held abroad following shows held in Japan and Malaysia in 2012 and 2013, respectively. The first day of the award show focused on the digital side of the industry. The hosts were Miss A’s Fei, Kim Sung-joo, and Kim Jong-kook.

From the start, the award show was rife with issues since performers such as BTS, Beast, two members of Got7 (Bambam and Yugyeom) and Huh Gak were among the artists who could not perform on stage because of various visa issues. However, the award show continued on with performances from those who were honored and with some special stages as well. Something to note was that there were some sound inconsistencies and issues throughout the night.

An early standout is definitely one of the special stages. Hyorin and Junggigo tackled the Eric Benet and Tamia classic “Spend My Life With You.” Hyorin shines in these types of songs. Her voice is full, powerful and arresting. Junggigo also has some excellent runs during their duet. It was one of the better vocals of the night adding subtlety to the singing. Given the steady roll out of duets last year from Starship Entertainment, perhaps Hyorin x Junggigo may be the next to come out with something.

Another great standout from the night was Taeyang. While his performance of “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was solid, I actually preferred the energy from his “Ringa Linga” performance. Taeyang was fluid and commanded the full length of the stage. He also tried to incite some audience participation as he twirled and glided around effortlessly.

Ailee’s performances were on point during these award shows. I really enjoyed the colorful backdrop during “Don’t Touch Me” that featured a bunch of reels showing Ailee singing along to her song. As the backdrop contrasted with the monochromatic color of her and her backup dancers outfits, it made for a striking image. Of course, Ailee’s vocals were never upstaged by the stage elements, adding wonderful adlibs at the end of the song.

My favorite performance of the night has to go to Epik High. Their rendition of “Rich” was show stopping. Their rapping was strong, and they truly proved themselves to be veterans of the stage. They know how to work a crowd and get them hyped throughout their performance. Taeyang’s appearance midway only served to enhance an already great showing from the group.

There were a lot of other great performers in addition to the ones I listed. Got7 still did a great job with “Stop Stop It” even though they were down two members. Girls’ Day performed their smash “Something” with an injured Minah belting out the big notes on one side of the stage. K.Will’s “Day 1” was a bright spot during the night, and the Ferris wheel backdrop added visual sense of fun to the festivities. Also, I would be remiss to not mention the Epik High and Ailee special stage. They performed the Jinusean classic “Tell me” and were incredible together.

At the end of the night, the big winner was Taeyang. He took home the digital Daesang for “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” This is the third year in a row that a YG artist has won the digital Daesang after Psy won it the past two years with “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style.”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 29th Golden Disk Awards (Day 1)!

Digital Song of the Year Award (Daesang)

Golden Disk Award – Digital Song (Bonsang)

New Rising Star Award – Digital (Rookie of the Year)

Most Popular Star Award – Digital (Inkisang)

Next Generation Star Award

Best Male Group Performance Award

Huh Gak – “Tears Like Today”

China Goodwill Star Award

Did you watch the show? What did you think of the results and what were your favorite performances?

(jTBC Golden Disk Awards Official Website, YouTube)

4Minute's HyunA Wears $894 Versus Dress To The 29th Golden Disk Awards

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4Minute's HyunA Wears $894 Versus Dress To The 29th Golden Disk Awards

4Minute"s HyunA looked stunning on the red carpet of the 29th Golden Disk Awards. The idol attended the ceremony held at the MasterCard Center in Beijing, China on January 14. She arrived in a black bandage dress with sexy back straps and detailed embellishment. The Versus dress is known as the Lion Plexi Ring Mini-Dress and is worth $894 at the brand"s official online store.

According to Versus, "The beauty of this dress from Anthony Vaccarello x Versus Versace is the wonderful element of surprise. The new Lion Plexi Ring iconic element is featured extensively on the back. A row of elasticized straps run across the back and down to the waistline. The front of the halter neck dress builds up the momentum for the detailed back. Team it with Triple Gold Ski Closure ankle strap heels to mirror the look and feel of the dress to fashionable perfection."

HyunA was undoubtedly one of the best dressed of the night with her simple, risky number. She finished off her look with hot red lipstick, black pumps and dangling, silver earrings. For a final touch, she swept her hair to one side and styled it in a naturally unruly manner.

You can shop for the dress and see it in more detail below. Tell us what you think of HyunA"s little black dress below as well!

Lion Plexi Ring Mini-Dress($894)

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

EXO and Red Velvet meet up with Jackie Chan backstage at the "Golden Disk Awards"

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EXO and Red Velvet meet up with Jackie Chan backstage at the

EXO and Red Velvet linked shoulders with Jackie Chan backstage at "The 29th Golden Disk Awards in Beijing"!

Jackie Chan presented the Album of the Year (Daesang) award to EXO at the awards ceremony on the 15th, and EXO expressed their honor to receive the award from the legendary movie star himself during their acceptance speech. Red Velvet also won the Rookie of the Year - Album Division award that night, and the two groups got to spend time with Jackie Chan backstage for some memorable snapshots.

INFINITE fan accuses "Golden Disk Awards" of mistreating their idols

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INFINITE fan accuses

It was recently reported that an enraged INSPIRIT sent an angry email to a reporter accusing the producers of the "Golden Disk Awards" of mistreating their idol group.

In the email, the fan went on to accuse the producers of not providing proper transportation and safety measures for the group in Beijing, China as the members had to take a train from the airport to the ceremony. It was revealed that the email also included pictures of the members sitting inside a train.

According to the report, various media outlets reached out to Woollim Entertainment to confirm the issue and the representative responded, "It is true that INFINITE took the train from the airport. Honestly, our side hasn"t heard a proper explanation, either." The rep from Woollim also revealed that other artists were provided luxury car transportation from the airport.

However, once the members of INFINITE returned to Korea, a representative stated that the members took a monorail at the airport and were provided with proper transportation afterwards to the hotel.

In addition to the transportation issues, fans chirped that INFINITE members were also mistreated at the ceremony, claiming that they were only provided with cup ramen at the event instead of healthy lunchbox sets, commonly seen at concert venues.

Here are some of the pictures and videos that circulated on Twitter, suggesting that the members had taken public transportation from the airport to the ceremony:

150116 성규 & 우현 (cr.logo)

— 분홍공주 (@chs0313) January 16, 2015

1. 성종 : (살짝굳은표정) 사진찍는거에요? 골디관계자 : 아뇨 영상이에요 영상.2. 우현 : 소나기도 안하는거야? 호야 : 우리 왜왔어?- 골디 빼박 증거들#더_세게_골디를_밟아"

— ☺CHARMING☺ (@bewitching_0609) January 16, 2015

Sungjong: "Are you taking a picture?"

Staff: "No, it"s a video." Woohyun: "Are we not performing "Shower" either?"

Hoya: "Why are we here then?"

컵라면 ㅠㅠ

— 분홍공주 (@chs0313) January 15, 2015 Here is a video of INFINITE members entering China:

EXO Takes Home Grand Prize for Album of the Year At 29th Golden Disk Awards

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EXO Takes Home Grand Prize for Album of the Year At 29th Golden Disk Awards

EXO has been named as the owner of Grand Prize for Album of the Year at the "2014 Golden Disk Awards."

EXO won the award on January 15 in Beijing, China. Taeyang took home the Grand Prize for Digital Single of the Year during the opening night of the awards. The award caps off a successful year for EXO, which followed up its previous hit “Growl” with the 2014 song “Overdose.” In winning the award, EXO wins recognition for this popularity and for the outstanding sales of its second mini album, “Overdose.”

CNBLUE was also a big winner on the award show’s second night, taking four of the 21 total awards. They collected an Album Bonsang, the CeCi Asia Icon Award, the China Good Will Award, and the iQiyi Popularity Award. Their four awards were the most taken by any group over both days.

Jackie Chan also took the stage on the award show’s second night, performing a duet and presenting the Grand Prize for Album of the Year.

Below are all of the second night’s Album Division winners:

Album of the Year Daesang (Grand Prize) – EXO

Album Bonsang (Main Award) – BTS, A Pink, VIXX, B1A4, Taemin, CNBLUE, Infinite, Super Junior, EXO, Girls’ Generation, TaeTiSeo

Next Generation Award – BESTie

Newcomer of the Year (Album Division) – Red Velvet

iQiyi Popularity Award – CNBLUE

China Good Will Award – CNBLUE

Best Performance by a Female Group – A Pink

Best Trot Award – Hong Jin Young

Popularity Award (Album Division) – Taemin, Toheart

CeCi Asia Icon Award – CNBLUE

Performances from the "29th Golden Disk Awards" (Day 2)!

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Performances from the

On January 15, South Korea"s top musicians and pop stars gathered at the China, Master Card Center in Beijing for the second day of the "29th Golden Disk Awards".

The first "Golden Disk Awards" began in 1986, and since then, it"s become Korea"s most prestigious awards ceremony for music. Dubbed the "Korean Grammy Awards", it"s an annual awards show held by the Music Industry Association of Korea to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea.

Below are the performances from day 2 of this year"s show, which recognized physical releases (disk albums). Day 2 was hosted by Jun Hyun MooGirls" Generation"s Tiffany, and Super Junior"s Leeteuk. (Check out the winners from day 2 and winners from day 1 if you missed them.)

EXO"s Chen & Red Velvet"s Wendy

Winners from the "29th Golden Disk Awards" (Day 2)!

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Winners from the

On January 15, South Korea"s top musicians and pop stars gathered at the China, Master Card Center in Beijing for the second day of the "29th Golden Disk Awards".

The first "Golden Disk Awards" began in 1986, and since then, it"s become Korea"s most prestigious awards ceremony for music. Dubbed the "Korean Grammy Awards", it"s an annual awards show held by the Music Industry Association of Korea to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea.

Below is the list of winners from day 2 of this year"s show, which recognized physical releases (disk albums). Day 2 was hosted bymiss A"sFei, Girls" Generation"s Tiffany, and Super Junior"s Leeteuk. (Check out the winners from day 1 if you missed them.)

▲Album of the Year Daesang - Grand Prize: EXO - "Overdose"

Album Bonsang - Main Award:BTS | A Pink | VIXX | B1A4 | INFINITE | SHINee"s Taemin | CNBLUE | Super Junior | EXO | Girls" Generation | TaeTiSeo

New Artist Award:Red Velvet

Best Female Performance Award: A Pink

Popularity Award:SHINee"s Taemin | Toheart

Best Trot Award: Hong Jin Young

Next Generation Award:BESTie

ChinaGood Will Award:CNBLUE

CeCi Asia Icon Award:CNBLUE

▲iQiyi Popularity Award:CNBLUE

Congratulations to all the winners!

[Day2] Winners from the "29th Golden Disk Awards"- Album Division

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[Day2] Winners from the

The 29th Golden Disk Awards concludes its two-day awarding ceremony today after giving out their awards for Album Division in Beijing.

The kpop groups and singers who attended are EXO, INFINITE, CNBlue, Taemin, Bangtan Boys, Red Velvet, BESTie, VIXX, Apink, TaeTiSeo, B1A4, Hong Jin Young, and more.

Below is the list of the winners for the Album Division. For the Digital Single Division winners, check this link.

Physical Album "Daesang" Award

Physical Album "Bonsang" Award

Best Female Performance Award