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Eagle-eyed fanatics notice BTS' 'HwaYangYeonHwa' series album quilt are compatible together

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Eagle-eyed fanatics notice BTS' 'HwaYangYeonHwa' series album quilt are compatible together

Well, you all know BTS is coming back soon, yet did you know you'll put all four of the "HwaYangYeonHwa" series in combination to make an entire photo?

An eagle-eyed fan spotted that the 4 covers (white and purple for section 1, blue and peach for element 2) if reality be told come together. The finished set seems like butterflies flying toward flowers, or as it"s been guessed, flower petals falling away to turn out to be butterflies.

Whichever it is, looks like Big Hit Entertainment put in a huge number of time and making plans for either portions 1 and 2! Are you able for the boys" comeback at the 30th?

TEEN Best ride the subway and bus to advertise their fact series 'TEEN Peak On Air - New Beginning'

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TEEN Best ride the subway and bus to advertise their fact series 'TEEN Peak On Air - New Beginning'

TEEN TOP rode the bus and subway to in my view promote their upcoming internet reality display "TEEN TOP On Air - the hot Beginning".

On November 17, the gang printed the above photo of the Teenager TOP participants letting the public know that they will have to watch their show. They also posted the message, "TEEN TOP has come up! Why did TEEN TOP seem in the subway and bus? To find out on November 18 Wednesday evening at 6PM! #TEEN TOP On Air The New Beginning. Coming Soon!" 

The preview pictures expose that TEEN TOP divided into a team of two. Niel, Changjo, and L.Joe took at the subway, whilst Ricky, C.A.P, and Chunji handled the bus.

Will you be looking at the show?

'Snowpiercer' to Be Made Into U.S. television Series

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'Snowpiercer' to Be Made Into U.S. television Series

Bong Joon-ho"s hit sci-fi film "Snowpiercer" is to be spun off into a television series in the U.S. The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that the movie is being adapted by ability of Josh Friedman for The following day Studios, which has optioned the rights."I couldn"t be more excited for the opportunity", Friedman said. "I"m a gigantic fan of director Bong"s films, especially "Snowpiercer." It"s wonderful the style the maximum productive sci-fi is superb --thoughtful, political, funny, frightening and sly. And it"s on a train... What more may just you want?"

Based at the French graphic novel "Le Transperceneige", the film revolves round the ultimate surviving humans who circle the globe in a big educate all the way through a new Ice Age.The film "grossed $4.5 million locally en path to a $86.8 million international cume after being released on video on call for after best two weeks in release", the mag said. It drew 9.35 million audience here. Bong and fellow big name director Park Chan-wook will have a role in generating the television series.

Korean film “Snowpiercer” to Be Made into a US television Series

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Korean film “Snowpiercer” to Be Made into a US television Series

According to the November 11 factor of yank media Hollywood Reporter, the Korean movie “Snowpiercer” may be made into a TV drama. The reports stated that Tomorrow Studios purchased the copyrights to “Snowpiercer” and turn it into a TV series. Josh Friedman would be the screenwriter.

Marty Adelstein of The next day Studios said, “We are more than pleased as some way to produce the drama of such prime quality.” He added, “Josh is a brilliant creator who will create a new world. We are blissful to adopt this sort of assignment with him.”

Josh Friedman, in turn, said, “I am commemorated to have this opportunity, as i used to be a large fan of ‘Snowpiercer,’ which is an ideal sci-fi movie either politically and relating to fun. Plus, it has a big train. What more might you ask for?”

Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah showed for two-part fable romance series

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Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah showed for two-part fable romance series

Ji Jin Hee and Lee Ji Ah were confirmed to superstar in a two-part fantasy series "Seolryunhwa"! 

The drama, that may air this coming 11th, is a fantasy melodrama that tells the tale between a guy and a girl who continue their romance from 1000 years ago in a dream. Ji Jin Hee could be gambling Lee Soo Hyun, the CEO of a gaming company, who creates an internet game called "Lucid Dream" in accordance with his dreams. Lee Ji Ah will be playing contrary Ji Jin Hee as Han Yeon Hee, who occurs to read the state of affairs for Lee Soo Hyun"s game and becomes disturbed via how much it coincides with her dream. 

This two-part drama series will air this coming November 11 at 11pm (KST), so ensure you music in to this unique, fantasy romance story! 

Jaejoong sings the national anthem for the 2015 KBO League series!

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Jaejoong sings the national anthem for the 2015 KBO League series!

JYJ"s Jaejoong, now more recurrently known as non-public First elegance Kim Jaejoong, sang the national anthem for Game 1 of the 2015 KBO Korean Series!

Jaejoong lent his gorgeous voice for the development of Game 1, which was once held October 26, a reminder to comprehend all of the infantrymen who serve and offer coverage to the country.

Concentrate to Jaejoong sing the national anthem in the clip above.

Jung Eun-ji, Ko Ah-ra and Hyeri, the muses of the 'Respond' / 'Answer' series

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Jung Eun-ji, Ko Ah-ra and Hyeri, the muses of the 'Respond' / 'Answer' series

Why is the placement of the leading feminine persona of "Answer" / "Respond" so hot?

"Answer Me 1988" is beginning at the 6th of November. here's the 3rd series to the hit series "Answer Me 1994" and "Answer to 1997".

What every person looks ahead to the maximum is Hye-ri"s new try in "Answer Me 1988". This is for the explanation that drama series has a knack for finding hidden talent. A-Pink Jung Eun-ji rose to popularity when she starred in "Answer to 1997".

Ko Ah-ra used to be also re-highlighted in "Answer Me 1994". We took a glance at Ko Ah-ra, Jung Eun-ji and Hyeri, the muses of the "Answer" / "Respond" series.

- Jung Eun-ji, rises to fame without delay

Jung Eun-ji turned into a discovery alright. She hadn"t had correct acting enjoy ahead of "Answer to 1997". This was also before A-Pink had much fame. Her functionality in the drama was surprising.

Being from the district of Busan, she was in a position to perfectly command the Kyeongsang-do dialect. Since then, she persisted to look in dramas reminiscent of "That Winter, the Wind Blows" and "Trot Romance" as one of the most leading characters and have become a constitute of A-Pink. She"s recently starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Cheeky Cross Go".

- Ko Ah-ra, from "Sharp 1" to "Answer Me 1994"

All that Ko Ah-ra had to turn before "Answer Me 1994" was "Sharp 1" from her teenage days. She continued to act since then yet she had not anything to teach for.

However, she landed in the role of Seong Na-jeong in 2013 in "Answer Me 1994". She cut her long black hair short and mastered the dialect like Jung Eun-ji. Now she is remembered more for being Seong Na-jeong than for "Sharp 1". She then made her way to take the lead in the SBS drama "You"re Surrounded".

- Hyeri, controversy about her casting? It"s alright, it"s probability

As soon as reports of Hye-ri"s casting spread, other people showed reaction. It"s no longer on account of her loss of acting experience. She"s already shown her skill in "Seonam Ladies Prime faculty Investigators" and "Hyde, Jekyll and I". It"s just that she didn"t in point of fact leave a robust impression.

However, expectancies haven"t died for Hyeri. She seemed in the MBC television display "Real Men – Female Special" and stood out. manufacturer Sin Won-ho and author Lee Woo-jeong-I also took that topic under consideration when they forged her.

It"s obvious that "Answer" / "Respond" has turn into a gateway for the ones undiscovered talent. This is why expectations for the leading female character is so high.

Source : news.tf.co.kr/read/en...

Kwon Sang Woo's Detective Dad May Inspire A SerIes

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Kwon Sang Woo's Detective Dad May Inspire A SerIes

(Photo : The Accidental Detective)

Kwon Sang Woo"s new film "The Accidental Detective" is doing so well that there is talk of it becoming a series. And Kwon has already said that he is happy to play the character again.

The Korean media outlet Sports Donga reported that since the film"s release on September 24, it sold 2.1 million tickets. On the weekend, in which Korea celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday Chuseok, the number of tickets sold even beat the historical drama "The Throne," starring Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho and Moon Geun Young.

Kwon may have summed up the reason for his comedy"s success in an interview with the Korea Times.

"Holidays should be fun," said Kwon. "Why would the family gather around to watch something depressing or serious."

And "The Accidental Detective" is funny. Kwon Sang Woo plays Kang Dae Man, a comic book shop owner, who wants to be a detective but can"t pass the physical.

Frustrated by his ability to achieve his dream, he still feels called upon to offer advice to detectives. Things turn serious when he gets involved in a murder case because he believes that his friend has been framed.

"The Accidental Detective" is a movie about detectives and being a dad. The popular actor knows all about balancing a career and fatherhood. He has two children with his wife, actress and former MIss Korea Son Tae Young. Kwon said that much of his film role reflected his daily reality.

"As a father of two myself, I couldn"t think of any other actor my age who could do a better job than I could," said Kwon.

He said he did not get the usual jitters filming the movie. Much of his role came so naturally to him.

"Sometimes I play the role of a typical father," he said. "Feeding a toddler and changing diapers is second nature to me."

It was a dad-centric production. Between them, Kwon, co-star Sung Dong Il and the film"s director Kim Joung Hoon, have seven children.

Whatever happens after the first film, Kwon Sang Woo wants in.

"I want to be part of the sequel," he said.

"The Accidental Detective" is Kwon"s first comedy since 2006. His recent dramas include the melodramas "Queen of Ambition" and "Temptation and the medical drama "Medical Top Team."

'Yong Pal' Ratings Dropped Below 20 Percent As The Series Draws To A Close

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'Yong Pal' Ratings Dropped Below 20 Percent As The Series Draws To A Close

(Photo : SBS ) "Yong Pal" ratings decreased, as Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee reconnected for the penultimate episode. According to the October 1 report released by Nielsen Korea, "Yong Pal" recorded 18.4 percent in nationwide viewership. This reflected a decrease of 1.8 percent from ratings reported on September 25.

While "Yong Pal" has landed in second place for Wednesday and Thursday primetime programming for the bulk of its run, the series declined to third with its September 30 episode.

Episode 17 marked the beginning of the end for the popular SBS medical drama, which continuously yielded double-digit ratings since its premiere on August 5.

Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won) shared a tearful reunion with Han Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) after he abandoned in the midst of her relentless revenge plot.

"Yong Pal" concludes on October 1 and will be followed by "The Village: Achiara"s Secret."

MBC"s "She Was Pretty" increased its ratings, with the series breaking the double-digit mark. The romantic comedy recorded 10.7 percent in nationwide viewership, an increase of 0.8.

"She Was Pretty" marks the K-Drama reunion of Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon, who previously won the hearts of viewers as siblings in the hit psychological drama, "Kill Me, Heal Me."

Audiences have praised their compelling on-screen dynamic in "She Was Pretty," as well as the nuanced performance of Super Junior"s Choi Siwon.

The series has yet to fully establish its love triangle, which promises to be as complicated as the romantic dynamic featured in "High Society."

Meanwhile, "The "Merchant: Gaekju 2015" recorded 6 percent.

Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "We Like 2 Party," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).

EXO's Suho And Lee Dong Woo Up 1st For SM Entertainment's New Lecture Series

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EXO's Suho And Lee Dong Woo Up 1st For SM Entertainment's New Lecture Series

(Photo : Twitter ) Suho (Kim Jun Myeon) and Lee Dong Woo will meet their fans in a very unconventional way.

Both stars will be up first for "The Moment," SM Entertainment"s latest project that will feature special lectures from some of their best-known celebrities.

The lecture series will be held at the SMTOWN Theatre, located inside the COEX"s Artium in Seoul.

For the first event, Suho and Lee Dong Woo will talk to their audience on the topic of "Dreams and Youth," sharing their personal experiences and insight. The audience will also be able to engage with the two artists and ask questions.

The lecture series is scheduled to kick off in October.

Suho is part of SM Entertainment"s popular male group EXO. The group most recently released a repackaged album "Love Me Right" and lead single of the same name in June of this year.

Lee Dong Woo is a jazz vocalist wholost his vision after debuting as member of Tin Tin Five in 1994. Lee Dong Woo"s latest promotional activity was in January, with his single "Flying With You."