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Viral Korean student plays 'Hello' at 'The Ellen Show'

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Viral Korean student plays 'Hello' at 'The Ellen Show'

The Korean feminine student who has been wowing audience with her quilt of Adele"s "Hello" has after all stepped and conducted at "The Ellen Show".

Lydia Lee is garnering attention after her canopy has long gone viral on social media impressing every person who watches her awesome performance. The fashioned video is now over 12 million perspectives on Youtube.

It has been two weeks yet she has now getting global attention and she indisputably merits it. Watch her functionality at "The Ellen Show" where she even got here in her uniform. Lydia Lee is a student from Seoul Tune high school and viewers are even more inspired that she speaks fluent English.

Performances from November 21st 'Show! Track Core'!

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Performances from November 21st 'Show! Track Core'!

MBC"s "Show! Music Core" is back for its weekly show featuring performances via your favourite artists!

On this episode, Hongki made his solo debut with "Insensible", Dynamic Duo made their comeback with "Jam", The Legend returned with "Nail", Navi returned with "Don"t Omit You", B.A.P came back with "Young, Wild & Free", Mad the city got here back with "OMGT", Wanna.B put their "Hands Up", and Snuper debuted with "Shall We Dance".

Winners might be updated.

Other performers of the evening were TWICE, VIXX, Brown Eyed Girls, Seo In Young, TAHITI, M.A.P6, Gavy NJ, and LU:KUS.

Check out the performances below! Videos will be up to date as available.

SPECIAL: Kim Sae Ron & Kim Min Jae

Korean top faculty Student plays “Hello” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” After duvet is going Viral

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Korean High School Student Performs “Hello” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” After canopy Goes Viral After her jaw-dropping hide of Adele’s “Hello” on YouTube racked up 16 million views, high school student Lydia Lee (Korean call Lee Ye Jin) used to be invited to seem on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”!

The 16-year-old turned into joined by way of her mom in the studio, where Ellen DeGeneres lauds her with praise. “You have an awesome voice! It’s incredible,” she says, sooner than asking Lydia if she read the comments at the video.

Lydia admits in fluent English that she has read the comments, expressing her surprise at being advised for the show. She is obviously overjoyed for the opportunity to accomplish for the yankee audience!

Check out the clip for yourself below!

Best Friends Son Dam Bi And Kang Seung Hyun Show Why They're Fashionistas In InStyle

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Best Friends Son Dam Bi And Kang Seung Hyun Show Why They're Fashionistas In InStyle

Fashionable best friends in Korean entertainment are a sight to behold! K-pop singer and actress Son Dam Bi and model bestie Kang Seung Hyun posed together for the November issue of InStyle. According to the magazine, the duo "showed their similar taste" by coordinating their looks based on the designer brand or matching colors. Their stunning wardrobe included Sergio Rossi studded pumps, ruffled Balmain skirts, Chloe embroidered dresses and Prada angora knitwear.

Among the standout pieces there was a Gucci satin Georgette dress worn by Kang. The piece is from the Fall/Winter 2015 collection and has pliss ruffles in vibrant red. The item can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

The celebrity team also donned funky Saint Laurent dresses while standing in front of a clothing rack in the "backstage" set. Kang"s wore the "Skate" dress in red taffetas and black polka dot mesh. The piece has silk lining and an adorable bow belt. It can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

Son"s was the "Lulu" dress in multicolor lace lam. The dress has an asymmetrical hemline and fun print that looks like a crushed candy wrapper. The item can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

In other fashion news, Son Dam Bi showed her favorite autumn colors in High Cut Vol. 160. Meanwhile, Kang Seung Hyun showcased Vidi Vici"s Fall/Winter 2015 makeup collection by embodying different style personas in the September issue of Marie Claire.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of KPopBreak.com. In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

VIXX gets 'Chained Up' with next win on 'Show Champion' + comebacks through B.A.P, EXID, and more

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VIXX gets 'Chained Up' with next win on 'Show Champion' + comebacks through B.A.P, EXID, and more

The exciting circular of comebacks have begun!  But earlier than that, let"s give a warm around of applause for VIXX because they've nabbed their 2d trophy on "Show Champion" today!

The track show tweeted, "The "Champion Song" on "Show Champion" on November 18 is..?  VIXX"s "Chained Up"!  We congratulate VIXX, which has brought up a fever with a top of the range idea and function yet again,  once more for winning the "Champion Song^^"

They were great!  You have to try their win and performance.  In addition to VIXX, you'll take a glance at EXID, B.A.P, and Purfles" comeback performances below.

11월 18일 쇼챔피언 "챔피언송"은? 빅스의 입니다! 역대급 콘셉트와 퍼포먼스로 또 한 번의 열풍을 일으킨 빅스의 챔피언송 수상을 다시 한 번 축하드립니다^^ pic.twitter.com/DwTo3U8FHr

— SHOWCHAMPION (@showchampion1) November 18, 2015

VIXX Takes second Win for “Chained Up” on “Show Champion,” Performances by skill of B.A.P, EXID, and More

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VIXX Takes 2nd Win for “Chained Up” on “Show Champion,” Performances by B.A.P, EXID, and More VIXX continues their winning streak with “Chained Up”!

On November 18, the boy team took house their moment song show win for the comeback name track.

Other artists in the pinnacle five were Brown Eyed Girls, IU, f(x), and Zico.

It looks like VIXX and their fans are on a roll this week, as this win comes just 24 hours after their first win on “The Show.” “Chained Up” is the title track of VIXX’s second studio album of the similar call that dropped on November 10.

Upon being crowned the winner, the contributors tanked their fanatics and firm for the entire support, and went directly to have a amusing little encore functionality to celebrate their trophy.

Congratulations to VIXX, and try the performances from this week’s “Show Champion” below!

(Post could be up to date with performances as videos develop into available)

VIXX nab their first 'Chained Up' win from 'The Show'

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VIXX nab their first 'Chained Up' win from 'The Show'

VIXX nab their first win with "Chained Up" for today"s episode of "The Show" signalling a a hit comeback.

Top five of the chart also contains TWICE, Romeo, Brown Eyed women and Gavy NJ. the men also carry out "Hot Enough" apart from "Chained Up" and captivate their enthusiasts thru their special stages.

Girls' Generation's Sunny says good-bye to her radio show

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Girls' Generation's Sunny says good-bye to her radio show

Girls" Generation"s Sunny, who has been active as the DJ for "Sunny"s FM Date" since ultimate May, delivered her mind on departing from the display after a one and part year tenure. 

She wrote on her Instagram, "The last evening of "Sunny"s FM Date" coolly drew to a close. I"m in seeking to wrap my head round the farewell. I wish to thank all of the "FM Date" circle of relatives for the nice memories and for tuning in and sharing their experiences by skill of sending messages and texts. Please wear a grin till the very end. Tears don"t suit us. Let"s experience ourselves. Handiest with a farewell are we in a position to satisfy again!!! Love you," and shared an image of herself holding a plaque of appreciation and dressed in a toothy grin. 

Like Sunny said, don"t feel too down, everyone. You"ll indisputably be seeing more of Sunny around in the future!

A photo posted by 써니 (Sunny) (@svnnynight) on Nov 15, 2015 at 9:20pm PST

VIXX take first win for 'Chained Up' on 'The Show'!

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VIXX take first win for 'Chained Up' on 'The Show'!

Whoo! VIXX has taken their first trophy since making their "Chained Up" comeback!

The boys wear a stellar functionality on "The Show" today, then proceeded to take house the trophy. Having a look horny in fits - and simplest suits - with chokers harking back to collars, the individuals continue their domination of the edgy idea with their newest song.

Congratulations at the win!

53회 더쇼초이스의 주인공은 빅스~!!컴백과 동시에 1위 수상까지!! 사슬 같이 벗어날 수 없는 치명적인 남자들 #빅스 수상을 축하드립니다 @RealVIXX pic.twitter.com/Xl2WhWbQM1

— THE SHOW (@sbsmtvtheshow) November 17, 2015

VIXX Grabs 1st Win for “Chained Up” on “The Show,” Performances via B.A.P, BEG, and More

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VIXX Grabs 1st Win for “Chained Up” on “The Show,” Performances by B.A.P, BEG, and More Congratulations to VIXX for taking house their first win for “Chained Up” in this week’s “The Show”!

This marks VIXX’s first tune show trophy since their comeback on November 10. The 2d position went to TWICE, followed by Brown Eyed Girls, Gavy NJ, and Romeo, respectively.

After the winner announcement, leader N went directly to thank their loving fanclub Starlight, his fellow members, their firm Jellyfish, and other staff members for all the support.

During the rather special encore, Hongbin made lovers pass wild by starting off his jacket, revealing his toned and explained arms.

Check out the performances from this week’s “The Show” below!

(Post can be up to date with videos as they turn out to be available)

Brown Eyed Ladies – “Brand New World”