Daebak Becomes A Shy Fanboy In Front Of Carrie From His Favourite Show

Daebak Becomes A Shy Fanboy In Front Of Carrie From His Favourite Show

Daebak Becomes A Shy Fanboy In Front Of Carrie From His FavouriteDisplay leonid July 23, 2016 0 Daebak Becomes A Shy Fanboy In Front Of Carrie From His Favorite Show Daebak becomes starstruck and speechless in front of his idol!

On July 23, the team of workers of KBS2s The Go back of Superman exposefootage of Daebak getting to fulfill Carrie noona from Television Kindergarten, a up to date favorite show of his.

Upon seeing the pretty Carrie, Daebaks mouth drops open and he becomes not able to speak.

He showers his Carrie noona with love and attention, whilst Lee Dong Gook can'tlend a handyet laugh at the adorable sight of his son gazing Carries each and everystream and smiling sheepishly at her.

Daebak continues gazing fondly at Carrie, unable to take his eyes off her even while they snap pictures to commemorate the moment.

Daebaks assembly with his famous personweigh down airs at the July 24 episode of The Return of Superman.

Meanwhile, catch the maximum recent episode below!

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Hit The Stage Contestants Speak about Members Give a spice up to And Dreams For The Show

Hit The Stage Contestants Speak about Members Give a spice up to And Dreams For The Show

“Hit The Stage” Contestants Discuss Members’ Reinforce And Dreams For The Display notclaira July 22, 2016 0 “Hit The Stage” Contestants Focus on Members’ Support And Aims For The Show On July 22, the approaching dance pageant show “Hit The Stage” held a press convention with its idol contestants.

Block B’s U-Kwon said, “People appreciate Zico and Park Kyung, yet there are a massive number ofthose that don’t know me. I used to be worried that my appearance in this program would possiblydestroythe picture that they’ve built up but Zico gave me quite a few advice.”

SISTAR’s Bora said, “I call to mind IT as a new challenge. Earlier than my debut, I danced a lot, but after I debuted I most effective practiced SISTAR’s choreography. Viathis chanceI am hopingto have a look atso muchof other genres.”

TWICE’s Momo said, “The other members got here to support me all the style through the filming. I was oncefrightenedas itturned into my first time on my own, but they gave me strength.”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon said, “Of all my members, Yuri cheered me at the most. She told me to revel in the performances and stages I’ve at all timessought after to do.”

INFINITE’s Hoya mentionedgetting better from his ankle injury. “I was a little worried on account of the injury, but I needed to benefit from this authentic opportunity. Thank you for being worried about me.”

The generating director (PD) Choi Jung Nam also addressed considerations that the show would transform a struggle of the fandoms. “In order for that no longer to happen, we are operating to input comments from a judges’ panel. We can beready to as well incorporate the judgments of the pro dance teams.”

“Hit the Stage” airs its first episode on July 27 at 11 p.m. KST.

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f(x)’s SM Station MV To Show off Amber’s Directing Skills

f(x)’s SM Station MV To Show off Amber’s Directing Skills

f(x)s SM Station MV To Exhibit Ambers Directing Talents ehk38 July 20, 2016 0 f(x)s SM Station MV To Showcase Ambers Directing Skills f(x)s new track video for All Mine, the teamsliberatevia SM Station, will showcase member Amber Lius directing skills!

According to SM Entertainment on July 21, Amber contributed her directing skills to the music video, which is formatted like a documentary that captures f(x) whilst abroad.

All Mine is a uptempo EDM track produced by LDN Noise that expresses the sensation of being on most sensible of the sectorwhilst you fall in love. It'll mark SM Stations 24th release and may drop on July 22 at the hours of darkness KST on quite so much of music sites adding MelOn, Genie, and Naver Music.

Are you having a lookahead to this music video?

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Rapper #Gun From “Show Me The Money” To Debut With Virtual Single

Rapper #Gun From “Show Me The Money” To Debut With Virtual Single

Rapper #Gun From Display Me The cash To Debut With VirtualUnmarried ilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Rapper #Gun From Show Me The Money To Debut With Digital Single Rapper #Gun (real call Song Gunhee) could be making his legit debut next week!

His firm Starship Entertainment has announced they’re making plans for #Gun to liberate his debut digital single on July 28 in the dead of night KST. The tunewas once produced through Giriboy, and lines rapper A very powerful Star.

Starship says, “We be expecting that this single will satisfy either hip hop lovers and the public with its attractive lyrics and his uniquely fierce rap skills.”

#Gun made his first tv appearance on Starship Entertainment’s survival show “No Mercy,” which shaped the group MONSTA X. He went on to seemin this year’s season of “Show Me the Money” as a phase of Mad Clown and Gill’s team, and turned into only eliminated in the second-to-last episode. It more or less feels that ability runs in the family, as he may be a cousin of WINNER’s Song Mino.

Are you excited for #Guns debut?

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Watch: GFRIEND Grabs 2d Win For Navillera On Show Champion, Performances Through BEAST, SEVENTEEN, And More

Watch: GFRIEND Grabs 2d Win For Navillera On Show Champion, Performances Through BEAST, SEVENTEEN, And More

Watch: GFRIEND Grabs second Win For “Navillera” On “Show Champion,” Performances By way of BEAST, SEVENTEEN, And Moreilmare42 July 20, 2016 0 Watch: GFRIEND Grabs 2nd Win For “Navillera” On “Show Champion,” Performances By BEAST, SEVENTEEN, And More On July 20’s episode of “Show Champion,” GFRIEND took house their moment win for “Navillera”!

GFRIEND, BEAST, SEVENTEEN, SISTAR, and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon were all nominated for first position this week. Even if GFRIEND used to bebeaten by their win on “The Show” yesterday, there aren't any tears this time, and they’re in a position to thank the entireother people who’ve helped them, adding their staff, parents, the hosts of “Weekly Idol,” and their fans.

Watch their functionality and win below!

Other performances this week were by BEAST, SEVENTEEN, Zhoumi, Eric Nam, MADTOWN, Stellar, SONAMOO, Melody Day, Courageous Girls, SNUPER, ASTRO, Romeo, gugudan, Gavy NJ, VROMANCE, BEATWIN, and VOISPER. Test them out below!

Eric Nam Cant Assist Myself (featuring ASTROs Jinjin)

Zhoumi Whats Your Number?

SONAMOO “I Like U Too Much”

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GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For Navillera On The Show, Performances by way of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More

GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For Navillera On The Show, Performances by way of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More

GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For “Navillera” On “The Show,” Performances by capability of Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And Moreilmare42 July 19, 2016 0 GFRIEND Takes 1st Win For “Navillera” On “The Show,” Performances by Wonder Girls, Eric Nam, And More GFRIEND has taken house their first trophy for “Navillera”!

On July 19’s episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show,” GFRIEND used to be up opposed to Wonder Women and the duo Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo for the win. Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo won a general of 6,832 points, Wonder Womenwere given 6,594, and GFRIEND grabbed first position with 8,404 points.

The contributors get emotional over the win, with Yerin sounding choked up as she wraps up her webhosting of the show along Zhoumi, and Umji keeping her head hidden in her hands.

Watch their functionality and win below!

Other performances from the evening were by A.De, gugudan, Kim Kang, Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo, DIA, Romeo, MADTOWN, Merry Round, VROMANCE, BEATWIN, SONAMOO, SNUPER, Stellar, ASTRO, Eric Nam, Wonder Girls, and Zhoumi. Watch many of them below!

Wonder Girls “Why So Lonely”

Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo “Ulsanbawi”

Eric Nam Cant Lend a hand Myself (Featuring JinJin)

Zhoumi “What’s Your Number?”

SONAMOO “I Like U Too Much”

Kim Kang Silver Spoon Of Love

Congrats to your outset win for Navillera, GFRIEND!

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Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His “Show Me the money 5” Experience

Simon Dominic Reflects On His Display Me the moneyfiveEnjoy kminjungee July 19, 2016 0 Simon Dominic Reflects On His Show Me the Money 5 Experience As some of the winning manufacturers of Show Me the Money 5, Simon Dominic looks back on his whole experience at the show, and how it affected him his feelings and him as a person.

On July 19, the rapper sat down for an interview where he talks about BewhYs win on the show.

During his winning speech on the general episode, Simon Dominic said, Fourth place Dominic, who was once cursed since his appearance on Show Me the Money 5 became announced, has won in the end. From now on, Sickreside even more enthusiastically. Ive change into more honest afterwardsperformingin this show. Ill change intoany individual whos more active and diligent overall.

The rapper expresses his thank you to rapper BewhY once more, and explains how he feels the time they spent generatingin combination was precious, and a just right experience.

He also candidly discusses how all of the evidence Me the Money 5 experience was a curler coaster of emotions for him. Whilst he says that he felt conflicted after hangingfinal during the producers performances and after wastingby way ofa large margin during the team diss battle, Simon Dominic explains, I felt a combination of emotions each episodesometimes I assumed to myself, What was the point of participating, yet felt higher when I saw that our tracks were doing smartly on the charts.

Simon Dominic and GRAYs efforts as producers undoubtedly paid off, and congratulations to BewhY and team AOMG once more!

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Show Me The money 5 To Warmth up the U.S.

Show Me The money 5 To Warmth up the U.S.

The noted Korean rap festival airing on Mnet is going to have a unique special excursion in North America! The line-up for this display is the maximum stacked one ever! Fanatics can sit up for meet the staple rappers of the Korean scene:DOK2, The Quiett, GILL, Mad Clown, Simon Dominic, Gray, Zion.TandKush.

Dok2 signed with Long runDrift Ent. at the age of thirteen and later on wrote and produced songs for hip hop teams such asDrunken Tiger,Epik HighandDynamic Duo. His first mini album 'Thunderground' used to be released in 2009. He joined SMTM in 2014 where he turned intoone of the vitalmanufacturersat the back of the winning contestant,Bobby(ofIKON).

The Quiett released his first solo album titled 'Music' in 2005 and ever since has featured in many songs of different artists (ie.BoAs 'Lookin' andJay Parks 'Enjoy the show'). He co-founded an indie hip hop list label and abilityfirm 'Soul Company' and in 2011 established 'Illionaire Records' along side Dok2.

GILL is the major singer of the hip hop duoLeessang. He joined 'Infinity Challenge' in 2009 as a guest and later on have becomea standard co-host. He released a unmarried titled 'Refrigerator' in 2016 withVerbal JintandLee Hi.

Mad Clown is identified for his sharp and high tone rapping skills. His first album 'Luv Sickness' was released in 2008 and he won Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards 'Artist of the Year' for 'Stupid in Love' featuringSISTARsSoyou. In more fresh news, it was announced that Mad Clownwill grow to be a dad!

Simon Dominic first seemed in the underground hip hop scene as K-Outa. In 2009 he and rapperE-Sensformed a hip duo 'Supreme Team'. They won several awards adding 'Best New Male group' in 2009 at MAMA. Simon made a comeback in 2015 with his first solo album, 'Won Only'. He accomplishedan authorized all-kill at the charts 3 days after the pre-release of his song 'Simon Dominic'.

Gray is a singer and manufacturerbeneath the record labelAOMG. He featured and produced many songs of other artists and also seemed on TV. American fans had the dangerto fulfill him in theAOMG tour in 2014andthis year.

Zion.Ts first studio album titled 'Red Light', released in 2013, was seriously very well-received. He was featured on tracks byInfinite H, Dynamic Duo,SwingsandG-Dragon. In 2014 he released 'Yanghwa BRDG' which brought him more popularity in Korea as a mainstream hip hop and RB singer.

Kush is a songwriter and producer who wrote several songs forBIGBANG. He began his occupation equally a member of 'Stony Skunk', the primary reggae duo in Korea, under YG Entertainment.

Do no longerpass over this epic line-up and mark either dates for this show:

3rd September,Chicago, venue:THE ROSEMONT THEATRE, from 6PM

4th September, Los Angeles, venue:THE NOVO, from 7PM

The tickets move on sale today, Friday 15th July at 12PM (local time). The costsget started at $60 and the VIP equipmentmay also bebought at $200. This package contains early entry, high touch and a unfastened T-shirt. Purchase the tickets for Chicago forestall atTicketmasterand for L. a. throughAXS.

Stay tuned to Officially KMusic for more info and updates about this and other events. Test ourcalendarto see what other K-Pop occasions are coming to you!

© Copyright 2016 Officially Kmusic. All Rights Reserved.

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Winner of “Show Me the cash 4” Basick To Make August Comeback

Winner of “Show Me the cash 4” Basick To Make August Comeback

Winner of Display Me the moneyfour Basick To Make August Comebackkminjungee July 18, 2016 0 Winner of Show Me the Money 4 Basick To Make August Comeback Lovers of Basick, get ready yourselves!

According to reports on July 19, the rapper is latelymaking plans on making a comeback the primary week of August with a new mini album.

As of now, album production is supposedly in the overall stages, and a source from his firmfinds that Basick is currently in Guam filming his song video.

His upcoming identify track will reportedly be a hip-hop track with a reggae-inspired rhythm. It's going to feature rapper G2, a contestant from this years Show Me the Money 5, and MAMAMOOs Hwasa. Its highly expected to charm to either hip-hop fans and most people alike.

Meanwhile, Basick made his legitimate overground debut in 2008 with Higher Than The Best. He was once active as a a section of the Jiggy Fellaz grouptill he determined to take a hiatus from the music scene because of getting married and familial obligations. However, he made a formidable comeback as a contestant of Show Me the Money 4, in the long run winning all of the competition.

Are you excited to pay attention what he has in store?

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CJamm Never Planned To Audition For “Show Me The cash 5”

CJamm Never Planned To Audition For “Show Me The cash 5”

CJamm Never Planned To Audition For Display Me The cashfive choralee July 17, 2016 0 CJamm Never Planned To Audition For Show Me The Money 5 Even supposingsimplest one rapper won Mnets Show Me the Money 5, there were two people that took the highlightat thedisplaysultimate episode. With the runner-up more excited than the winner, and the winner lifting up his buddies hand, it used to betransparent that the 2 rappers who met in high school were now statusat the aspect of that same close friendship on the show.

CJamm, who placed second, described the enjoy saying, it was like a dream. Leaving his disappointments behind, he expressed being happy that he becameready to compete with his long time friend. In position ofliving on who won or who lost, I was happy that the dreams that BewhY and I imagined were now a reality, he said.

The rapper gained much attention for his authentic rap ability and his carefree degreeapproach on Show Me The Money 3, and perseveredto provoke hip-hop enthusiasts in season five. But surprisingly, CJamm printed that he never intended to sign up for testify Me The Money 5.

Because I used to be in a prior season, I was assisting BewhY with his audition instead. Yet equally one helped him, I started to pass overfunctioning on stage, and I sought after to compete opposed to him in the general round. He ready his audition two weeks ahead ofthe primary round, hoping that the two would change intothe foremost focus of Show Me The Money 5. The communication that BewhY and I shared went from a dream to a reality, stated the rapper.

With a pointy but classy taste of rapping, CJamm was identifiedby way of many rappers for his ability even before appearing on the show. Recently in the firm Just Music, CJamm plans to continue growing music while focusing on writing with his group $exy $treet. In regards to his future plans, CJamm says, It's miles encouraging to peermost peoplefinding out more about BewhY and our crew $exy $treet. I also plan to collaborate with BewhY this time now not as a competitor, but as a spouse to create havoc.

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