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Haha’s Son Dream by accident Makes a Lovely Partial Appearance on “Running Man”

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Haha’s Son Dream Accidentally Makes a Cute Partial Appearance on “Running Man” While Haha is filming himself at house in the newest episode of “Running Man,” his son Dream is heard guffawing and audience get a peek at his tiny feet!

On this episode, every of the contributors and visitors are tasked with sharing a specifically memory-filled object with the others, yet they also have to give evidence of ways old the object is. so as to do so, they’re given cameras to movie themselves at home.

Haha first motion pictures a gigantic selection of toys which are mendacity the floor, giving viewers a glimpse of his dwelling house as he does so. His two-year-old son Dream is heard laughing within reach as Haha displays off the toys.

“Among all of these, there’s a gift that I played with when i used to be a kid. It used to be given to me as a present by capacity of my father and mother,” explains Haha as he scans over the toys. But Dream stands too on the topic of the toys and viewers can see his legs.

Haha says to him, “Dream, step back a bit, your legs are showing,” and we see Dream briefly running out of the frame.

Haha then displays off the toy truck that he used to play with as a kid, thirty years ago, and says that Dream plays with it now.

Haha married singer Byul in November of 2012, and the couple welcomed their first son Dream into the arena in July of 2013.

You can watch the entire October 18 episode of “Running Man” below!

Haha’s Sister published to Be Jonghyun’s Piano Teacher

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Haha’s Sister Revealed to Be Jonghyun’s Piano Teacher On the October 12 broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2015,” the list of “Elite Siblings of Stars” was once released.

On the list, entertainer Haha’s sister, Ha Ju Ri, took the fourth spot as a pianist who is an accessory professor at Myungji University‘s Arts and song Department. She teaches music composition and keyboard tools as a graduate of Berklee Faculty of Music.

HaHa and Kwanghee obtain 1st for their hidden camera plan on 'Infinity Challenge'

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HaHa and Kwanghee obtain 1st for their hidden camera plan on 'Infinity Challenge'

HaHa and Kwanghee were given the honor of receiving 1st for their concept at the October 3rd installment of MBC"s "Infinity Challenge".

The episode featured the "2015 Plan Awards", and the manufacturers in addition audience of the display gave awards to the forged contributors for their ideas. Kwanghee and HaHa were ecstatic to discover that they won 1st position for their hidden camera plan. Kwanghee expressed, "Fans of "Infinity Challenge" want to recognize me now."

Congrats to HaHa and Kwanghee! remain tuned for their idea in action on an upcoming "Infinity Challenge".

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'Running Man' costars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa approve of Jessi's upcoming concert in LA

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'Running Man' costars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa approve of Jessi's upcoming concert in LA

It was previously reported that sturdy unnni Jessi was once to make her excess of to the States, and veteran oversea performers Kim Jong Kook and HaHa sent her a short lived yet candy strengthen video!

In the 16-second video, "Running Man" co-stars Kim Jong Kook and HaHa needed their close friend a a success concert in LA. either Kim Jong Kook and HaHa have already held their own concert just ultimate year, drawing much passion from "Running Man" fans.

The "Unpretty Rapstar" rapper can be functioning at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday October 16, featuring Mighty Mouth.

The tickets are lately on sale here!

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Yoo Jae Suk and Haha Lament Difficulties of the use of a wise Phone

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Yoo Jae Suk and Haha Lament Difficulties of employing a Wise Phone Yoo Jae Suk and Haha lamented the difficulties of smart phone usage on “Infinity Challenge.”

On the September 19 broadcast of MBC‘s type display “Infinity Challenge,” Yoo Jae Suk and Haha have a move at driving a advantage of their provider supplier and have a look at to glance at a film for free. However, neither of them have ever done it before, and they either run into problems.

Yoo Jae Suk finally ends up calling the merchant for help, and they go during the steps in registering an account for him. However, Yoo Jae Suk is already registered and it's miles printed to much amusement that it’s his father who registered him.

They also complain, “Everything asks for a login. And whilst you get beyond that, they tell you to input anything else.” The push forward, however, and eventually, they is also in a position to watch a movie for free.

Can you relate to their frustrations?

Haha Takes Heartbreaking go back and forth to Memorial for Forced Korean hard work Employees in Japan on “Infinity Challenge”

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Haha Takes Heartbreaking vacation to Memorial for Forced Korean Labor Staff in Japan on “Infinity Challenge”Infinity Challenge” set the laughs apart and handled some of the darkest moments in Korean history.

On the September 12 broadcast of MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge,” Haha visits the UNESCO site, Hashima Island of Japan.

During the episode, Haha traveled along side Professor Seo Kyung Duk to Hashima Island and Takashima Island in Japan.

Upon understanding that Japan had registered Hashima Island as a UNESCO web site without bringing up the history of the island as a website of forcible confinement for young Korean boys during the japanese Occupation, Haha is livid. search engine optimization Kyung Duk explains, “These are Japan’s antics. They implemented to UNESCO after casting off the confinement a phase of the history, the usage of handiest what got here ahead of that.”

Before visiting Hashima Island, Haha visits Takashima Island, where about one hundred Koreans who died whilst running in Hashima Island beneath inhumane prerequisites were buried. He sets out to discover the Korean memorial tower that was once acknowledged to be built by way of a Japanese company, yet he isn't successful.

In the end, Haha reveals the memorial with the assistance of the locals, but he's surprised at the deficient conditions. The memorial can only be reached after passing thru a narrow, practically impossible-to-identify entrance, and after walking a long while after that through an unkempt trail overgrown with the encircling forest. Professor Seo Kyung Duk tells Haha that the Japanese had burned documents containing the explanations for the deaths of the Koreans, so it's far most unlikely to even identify the deceased. in spite of this, Haha sets out food as an providing to those who died during this time at the memorial, expressing remorseful about that he wasn’t in a position to bring any flowers.

Later, upon seeing that Hashima Island is being promoted as a tourist appeal without a unmarried mention of the Korean history there, he is greatly surprised once more.

Haha Alternatives Girl’s Day’s Yura as the Idol With the maximum efficient Body

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Haha Picks Girl’s Day’s Yura as the Idol With the simplest Body On the September 6 broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man,” actors Park SEO Joon, Lee Dong Wook, and Girl’s Day’s Yura seem as visitors for the pretty early life race.

In this episode, as the “Running Man” team is in the midst of converting locations for the campus game race, Haha states “Yura has the precise body out of the entire idols.”

It is revealed that Yura lately has around $500,000 USD insurance on just her legs. After hearing this, Park Seo Joon remarks, “Wow, how unique.” Yura continues, “My mom has the similar legs as I do.” Park Seo Joon once back states, “That’s amazing!” and evokes laughter among either the group of workers and the audience with his enthusiastic remarks.

HaHa & Yoo Jae Suk tear up + express regret for being past due on 'Infinity Challenge'

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HaHa & Yoo Jae Suk tear up + express regret for being past due on 'Infinity Challenge'

HaHa and Yoo Jae Suk couldn"t assist yet shed tears on "Infinity Challenge".

The 3rd episode of the show"s start special aired at the 5th, and HaHa visited Utoro Village in Japan. In 1941, about 1300 Koreans were forcefully conscripted into the japanese navy and taken over to are living in Utoro. About 150 live there today, but Kang Kyung Nam is the final living person that has been there from the beginning. HaHa brought her footage from her homeland in Korea, and she said, "I don"t know if I can die these days or tomorrow. But now that I"ve noticed this, i'm able to die at ease."

When HaHa used to be leaving, he couldn"t assistance but shed tears at leaving the elderly girl behind. She held her hand and attempted to cheer HaHa up, and then told Yoo Jae Suk, "Don"t do the rest bad, regardless of what. Don"t thieve other people"s food and don"t say bad things."

When they in the end had to leave, HaHa couldn"t assist but cry back and Yoo Jae Suk also spilled tears. He bowed his head and apologized, "We"re so sorry that we got here so late."

Check out the touching clip above.

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Haha and Yoo Jae Suk Make Touching Discuss with to Village of Displaced Korean Nationals in Japan

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Haha and Yoo Jae Suk Make Touching stopover at to Village of Displaced Korean Nationals in Japan September 5′s episode of “Infinity Challenge” is a continuation of the show’s start special, in which the contributors go back and forth all over the place the sector to bring scrumptious Korean foods to Koreans who are living abroad.

Haha is given the assignment of visiting Utoro in Japan, a village close to Kyoto where approximately 1,300 Koreans were forcibly taken to paintings as laborers for Japan’s army for the duration of International War Two. This was once a phase of a far greater project of the japanese mobilization of Korean colonial voters in the route of the war, when millions of Koreans were used as laborers to gas Japan’s war effort all around Asia.

Many of the Korean laborers and their descendants remained in this village after the war, as maximum may now not have sufficient money to pass back to Korea. There are these days about 150 Koreans living in Utoro, yet just one is a component of the primary generation of Koreans brought over during the war. She is 91 years old, and her call is Kang Kyung Nam. She arrived in Utoro with her mom when she changed into 8 to discover her father and older brother, who have been conscripted there as laborers.

Before Haha heads out to bring food from Korea to Utoro, he calls up Yoo Jae Suk to get him to come at the aspect of him at the trip. Yoo Jae Suk has to agree, because Haha in the past won the technique to bring some other member in addition to him on his mission!

When Haha meets Kang Kyung Nam for the 1st time in Utoro, he bows to her and in a neatly mannered way introduces himself. “I don’t know what he’s saying, he’s ‘Haha’?” asks Kang Kyung Nam. She’s puzzled because “haha” approach “mother” in Japanese.

Haha makes her laugh by way of appearing off how his glasses haven't any lenses, which turns out to wreck the ice, permitting the 2 to get more pleased with every other. Kang Kyung Nam handiest understands Korean spoken in the dialect of her hometown, and so all over his vacation Haha kindly does his best possible to exploit the dialect when he speaks to her.

They speak about her place of origin in Korea, and Haha asks her, “After liberation, why didn’t you go back?” She replies, “There would have been no person there I knew.” She also sings a song for Haha from her hometown.

Later on, Haha prepares the food that he’s brought for everyone, and they all consume in combination at the village’s network center. Yoo Jae Suk arrives after dinner and joins the party, in addition gets the first flavor of a few rice wine that they’re going to serve.

The next day, Haha and Yoo Jae Suk give Kang Kyung Nam some new garments from Korea as a gift. She loves them and puts them on appropriate away, and the 3 dance and sing “Arirang” together.

They then display her a video that Haha made of her hometown, Yonghyunmyun. Haha had filmed all around the town for her, adding the local school. In the video, he bends down to feel the sand in their playground, announcing that she will have to have played with this sand when she was young. They also prove her a photo album filled with images of Younghyunmyun. “It’s changed,” she comments. “It’s totally different.”

At the finish of the photo album, they’ve incorporated a flower that Haha picked in her hometown, and she’s so thankful for all that they’ve shown her that she starts to cry. Haha says, “Since we brought this from your hometown, whilst you take into consideration your house you preference to glance at this flower.”

The crew heads over to Kang Kyung Nam’s house, with her making a song as they go, and they take some footage with her and her friends and family from the village.

Later on, they provide her with one of the vital community photos. “It got here out well!” she says in delight. They then give her a sexy framed photo of her hometown, and she thank you them again. She says to them, “I may die lately or tomorrow. But now that I’ve noticed this, I believe i could be ready to go happily.”

Haha and Yoo Jae Suk are obviously conserving back tears as they get ready to mention good-bye to Kang Kyung Nam. “As you are living in this world, it's essential not do anything else bad,” she says to them. Haha and Yoo Jae Suk then stand in front of her to claim their farewells with a correct bow, and Yoo Jae Suk says to her, “As you said, we will be able to not do anything bad, and we're going to work challenging for our complete lives to make folks laugh.”

After they bow to her, Haha is going to her facet and takes her hand. “You’re like my grandson,” she says, and he bows his head, crying. She sings to him to convenience him whilst wiping her own tears. “Lift your head!” she says, and then rests her brow opposed to him, encouraging him to seem up.

Yoo Jae Suk cracks some jokes to cheer Haha up, but it’s not long before he’s crying again. Yoo Jae Suk starts crying too, and says to Kang Kyung Nam, “We came too late. I’m so sorry.”

It’s transparent as Yoo Jae Suk and Haha say see you later to Kang Kyung Nam outdoor her house that they are going to never omit their visit to Utoro.

To see all of this heart-breaking and touching story, take a glance at September 5′s episode of “Infinity Challenge.”

Haha Mistakes SHINee’s enthusiasts for His at Airport

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Haha Mistakes SHINee’s Fans for His at Airport On the September five episode MBCInfinity Challenge,” Haha used to be very well embarrassed as he mistakenly idea that SHINee’s fans were his fans.

Haha made his way to the airport so as to head for Otaru, Japan for the following a section of the show’s birth series. When he arrived at the airport, Haha became met with bunch of fans with cameras clustered round the front of the airport.

He asked, “Whose fans are you?” The women straight away answered, “SHINee!” The fans’ instant reaction disappointed Haha for he had mistakenly thought that the fans were looking ahead to him.

When SHINee’s van in any case arrived, Haha joined the girls and yelled “Minho! It’s me!” Causing laughter from the fan girls.