Girls' Generation's Tiffany is Dating Rapper Gray?

Girls' Generation's Tiffany is Dating Rapper Gray?

More and more dating rumors are making headlines these days! This time, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and AOMG’s rapper Gray’s dating rumors have resurfaced and been brought back into the spotlight.

News outlets have been reporting that the two celebrity singers have been dating since late 2015. Insiders revealed on July 7th that, “Only rappers know that GRAY and Tiffany are dating.” Could this really be true?

Both artistshave been denying the rumors since they had risen in 2015 but signs seem to point to yes, that they are indeed dating. However, they are doing an excellent job of keeping it under wraps.

Tiffany’s label,SM Entertainment,also commented on the situation andcarefully stated,”We know them as just friends.” What do you think of this current dating scandal? True or not?