Girls' Generation's Sooyoung & Tiffany Got Into A Fight Over This

Girls' Generation's Sooyoung & Tiffany Got Into A Fight Over This

Girls’ Generation is a rather large group so it isn’t surprising that the girls might get into a fight once in a while! Members Tiffany and Sooyoung reminisced over a time they fought and shared it with fans.

On an episode of ‘Happy Together 3,’ Tiffany had discussed a time she fought with member Sooyoung over a hamburger. It happened roughly 5 years ago as Tiffany expressed Sooyoung’s anger. “Everyone ordered a burger for lunch except for me and I asked Sooyoung for a bite,” said Tiffany.

However, once Tiffany took a bite of the burger that is when it happened. “Sooyoung said, ‘If you’re going to take a bite, can you not put your lipstick on it?'” Although it was hilarious, Sooyoung quickly defended herself saying, “I didn’t say it like that. I said, ‘Ah, lipstick!’ But it’s because I’m very sensitive about food.”

Things became a bit more complex when Tiffany revealed she asked Taeyeon for a bit and Taeyeon replied, “I don’t mind if you get lipstick on my food.” Suddenly, Sooyoung admitted she felt bad about the situation and realized, “It’s been about 5 years since,but ever since that time, Tiffany always eats while being cautious of me! She’s afraid she’ll get lipstick on her food!” It seems Tiffany knows how to hold a grudge!