Girls' Generation Reminisce Over Their 10 Years As Idols

Girls' Generation Reminisce Over Their 10 Years As Idols

Girls’ Generation finally made their come back with “Holiday” and “All Night” off of their ‘Holiday Night’ album in order to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Now the girls get sentimental and look back over their 10 years as idols together.

The girls recently broadcasted their 10th anniversary slumber party on ‘V-Live’ and shared their personal and most cherished memories with the members of Girls’ Generation as well as their fans, SONEs.

Hyoyeonstarted the sentimental talk stating,“I never imagined we would be celebrating our 10th anniversary.”WhileTaeyeoncommented,“I thought time went by pretty fast.”Sooyounginterjected,“I still can’t believe we spent ten years together.”Tiffanyshared,“I thought I had a long way ahead but now that I look at it, I feel like it’s a new beginning for everyone whether it be focusing on solo careers like singing or acting.”Such deep-rooted words.

The girls also interacted with fans by answering questions during the live streaming. Sooyoung continued stating,“At the time of our debut, we were asked often how dowe see ourselves ten years down the line and it feels like we still have a long way to go and are adults but a child at heart.”

What do you think of the girls fun slumber party questions and answers? Don’t forget to check out the full live program on ‘V-Live’ and continue showing your support for the beloved Girls’ Generation!