Girls' Generation Release Their 'All Night' & 'Holiday'

Girls' Generation Release Their 'All Night' & 'Holiday'

Girls’ Generation has finally made their long awaited comeback! The girls had released their two promotional MVs for their ‘Holiday Night’ album!

“All Night” is a fun and delightful uptempo dance track that was produced by kenzie. The song is catchy and allabout falling in love during a classic summer day and night with friends. Don’t wait and check out the MV down below!

“Holiday” has a similar style and is perfectly fit for the summer season. Member Seohyunalso participated in writing the lyrics for “Holiday”, which is about the girl group’s feelings about their 10th-anniversary celebration! Celebrate with the ladies in their MV down below, too!

Both MVs already racked up over 5 million views within the first day! Girls’ Generation has shown that they are still legends of K-Pop! Which song is your favorite from their comeback? Don’t forget to listen to their full album as well!