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Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon meets up with KaKaoTalk emoticons

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Girls" Generation"s Taeyeon met up with KaKaoTalk emoticons!

Taeyeon seemed excited about the meeting as she posted the above photo onto Instagram on October 31 with the message, "Famous friends I met during Halloween. My salon knows how to enjoy life." In the photo, Taeyeon puts her arms around two very recognizable emoticons from the KaKaoTalk chat program.

Fans responded, "Taeyeon"s so adorable," "Their costumes look very real," "Taeyeon has such thin legs," and more.

Doesn"t Taeyeon fit right in with the emoticons?

Girls' Generation has more than one million friends on KakaoTalk

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Girls' Generation has more than one million friends on KakaoTalk

Girls' Generation has exceeded more than one million friends and followers on KakaoTalk. From Dec. 28, users of the free messaging service were able to befriend the group as a "Plus Friend" - a profile maintained by celebrities and brands - which resulted in fans from Korea, China, the United States and England and some 150 nations following them via Kakao.The nine-member female group has become the entertainer with the most number of "friends" on the Smartphone application; with users adding them to get the latest news, view videos, pictures and listen to the band through Kakao.In Japan too, the band's new single is doing exceptionally well. "Paparazzi" was released on June 27 in Japan and is a hit over there.

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sets Record with 1 Million KakaoTalk Friends!

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Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sets Record with 1 Million KakaoTalk Friends!

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Group SNSD's Kakaotalk "Plus Friends" number has exceeded a million for the first time as a celebrity.

"SNSD Plus friends" has been offering its service to Korea, China, U.S., Great Britain and other 150 countries since last year December 28th and the number of user has exceeded a million. Among celebrities who are registered in KakaoTalk "Plus friend," SNSD is the first one to exceed a million.

KakaoTalk's "Plus Friend" is a service that provides users news about their favorite brand or favorite stars, magazine, TV programs and their contents.

For "SNSD Plus Friend," it's providing Girls' Generation's tour updates and videos, picture, voices and others.

On the other hand, SNSD has announced their new single "Paparazzi"

Following Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls’ Lead, Dal Shabet Opens Plus Friend Account on KakaoTalk

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Following Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls’ Lead, Dal Shabet Opens Plus Friend Account on KakaoTalk

Six member girl group Dal Shabet, who is currently promoting with their new song Hit U, will soon meet their fans on the mobile messenger KakaoTalk.

Dal Shabet has recently made an agreement with Kakao Inc., which owns and operates KakaoTalk, to start their Plus Friend service on February 27th.

Current girl groups that are using KakaoTalks Plus Friend service to communicate with their fans are f(x), Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, and miss A, which means that Dal Shabet is the only rookie girl group in the works to join Plus Friend.

Dal Shabet plans to use Plus Friend to share their fun photos, and also plans to hold an autographed CD giveaway as part of their opening event.

Dal Shabets agency Happy Face Entertainment stated, Dal Shabet, who has shown a successful image transformation with their fourth mini-album Hit U, has come to formally open a Plus Friend account on the mobile messaging app KakaoTalk in order to increase the ways in which they can communicate with their fans. Fans can look forward to seeing the Dal Shabet members unedited, fun images in real-time through KakaoTalk.

The girls continue to promote Hit U on KBS 2TVs Music Bank on February 24th, MBCs Show! Music Core on the 25th, and SBS Inkigayo on the 26th.

Source: Sports DongA via Naver

The Secret to Girls’ Generation’s good fortune of nearly Ten Years

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The Secret to Girls’ Generation’s fulfillment of Almost Ten Years The secret as to how Girls’ Generation was once ready to deal with their prestige as the #1 woman workforce in Korea changed into revealed.

At the click convention for Girls’ Generation’s concert tour, “Girls’ Generation 4th Tour Phantasia in Seoul,” on November 22, a reporter asked, “Next year can be the 10th year since your debut. what's the secret to the group’s long run success?”

Tiffany responded, “We continue to unlock new song because of the continuous love and reinforce we obtain from our fans. We never lost our interest for music and appearing all through a lot of these years. we'd at all times sit up for liberating new songs and would continuously tell ourselves to never forestall operating our hardest. The secret to our success is our teamwork as a group.”

For the concert, the lady community worked with the arena noted choreographer, Rino Nakasone, who had up to now worked with famous pop stars comparable to Britney Spears, Chris Brown, and Janet Jackson.

Girls’ Generation is expected to accomplish all in their hit songs during their concert and masses of are taking a look ahead to the development as the gang released many chart topping songs this year, adding “Lion Heart,” from their latest 5th album.

Girls' Generation speak about their just about highest teamwork as 8 members

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Girls' Generation speak about their just about highest teamwork as 8 members

Members of Girls" Generation spread out about their teamwork in their contemporary exclusive concert "Girls" Generation 4th excursion Phantasia in Seoul" on November 22 at Olympic Park in Seoul.

The girls said, "There are a massive number of glad memories when having a look back at this beyond year." Hyoyeon continued, "Shooting a truth display with all of the participants was once the maximum memorable. It changed into actually a laugh and i used to be actually happy, we speak about it even to this day. We had the most efficient teamwork this past year. It was nearly perfect."

When asked about their secret to being in a position to continue reigning the pinnacle for almost ten years, Tiffany answered, "We continuously released song as a result of the affection that our lovers have given us. We persistently promoted and worked on our music with passion. We expected new tracks and kept reminding ourselves to paintings hard. It"s all due to teamwork."

Meanwhile, it was printed that the director of Girls" Generation"s currently held exclusive concert was Rino Nakasone, worldly renown choreographer who has worked with Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Chris Brown, and more.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon stocks mind About Her Busy Year

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Thoughts About Her Busy Year On November 22, Girls’ Generation carried out their fourth solo concert “Phantasia” at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. at the same day, leader Taeyeon shared her thoughts about her busy year.

“This year was once the busiest time of my life,” she said. “I’ve been active from the start of the year when I featured in f(x)’s Amber’s solo debut up till this concert. I’m glad when I paintings so these sort of moments can be precious in my memory.”

About her solo debut this fall, she said, “My solo debut became a new experience. I discovered that after I’m with my participants i am getting in reality excited and feature a massive number of fun.”

“Phantasia” is Girls’ Generation’s first solo concert in Korea in two and a part years. it sounds as if Taeyeon will be active all of the way up except the finish of the year, as subunit TaeTiSeo is scheduled to unencumber a new album afterwards in December.

Tiffany stocks a shot of every Girls' Generation member in the back of the scenes at 'Phantasia' concert

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Tiffany stocks a shot of every Girls' Generation member in the back of the scenes at 'Phantasia' concert

Tiffany gave SONE a large treat by way of sharing snippets of each one Girls" Generation member.

Tiffany posted the underneath clip of the girls behind the scenes at their "Phantasia" concert to Instagram on November 21 with the message, "#phantasia backstage." All of the 8 Girls" Generation contributors added in their own flair to the video, which Tiffany captured well.

Fans commented, "It"s so just right to peer the Girls" Generation members get along," "I would like to move to a Girls" Generation concert too," "Fighting on today"s concert," and more.

Girls" Generation"s "Phantasia" concert is being held at Seoul"s Olympic Stadium on November 21-22. 

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA blow their own horns Their Aegyo

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA display Off Their Aegyo Girls’ Generation individuals Taeyeon and YoonA have proved once back their stunning appeal.

On November 21, leader Taeyeon uploaded an image on her private Instagram, writing, “It’s D-day, see you soon.” The caption refers to Girls’ Generation’s fourth solo concert in Korea happening today.

In the picture, YoonA and Taeyeon pose cutely for the camera, their bright smiles and mild attractiveness creating a excellent combination. also they are dressed for the Christmas season in bright red sweaters and skirts with green ribbon striking from the ceiling. Other Girls’ Generation members have also been uploading Christmas-themed posts in the days leading up to their concert.

Girls’ Generation will be performing their solo concert “Phantasia” from November 21 to 22 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany blow their own horns Their Vehicle Karaoke Talents

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Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Tiffany sing their own praises Their Car Karaoke Talents Here’s your ’90s flashback for the day: Girls’ Generation participants Sooyoung and Tiffany channeling their inside Spice Girls!

On November 20, Sooyoung shared a video to her Instagram of her and Tiffany belting out the Spice Girls’ vintage “Wannabe” in the car, probably on their way to a schedule. Hilariously, Tiffany could also be making a song with a mouth filled with her lunch.

Soon after, Tiffany posted some other video on Instagram of the two singing Wonder Girls‘ “Nobody.”

The foolish video is a smart reminder of ways celebrities are standard other folks like the remainder of us, as Tiffany and Sooyoung may just effortlessly pass off as two pals on a avenue trip.

You can take a glance at the video below!

A video posted via Sooyoung Choi (@hotsootuff) on Nov 19, 2015 at 9:53pm PST

radio lip syncing pt.2 @hotsootuff