Girls' Generation Get Together For 10th Anniversary Photoshoot

Girls' Generation Get Together For 10th Anniversary Photoshoot

Girls’ Generation had recently announced their comeback to be scheduled for this August and SONEs couldn’t be happier! The girl group has been long overdue for a comeback and this year marks their 10th Anniversary, so fans are anticipating a lot.

On July 6th the girl group met up with the popular high-fashion brand magazine ‘W Korea’ for their 10th Anniversary photo shoot. You can see the girls are decked out in nothing but fabulous clothing. Creative directorPark Seo Wonshared this photo from the ‘W Korea’ set on his personal Instagram as well.

The girls also took photos together to upload to their personal Instagrams as well. They can be seen celebrating the success of their photo shoot around a birthday cake with a big 10 on the top! The girls look elegant, happy and lovely as they pose for the fun selca(selfie).

The girls are set to release a full studio album, their 6th one to be exact, this August. While the theme has been discussed yet, the girls and SM Entertainment have been working hard to release information regarding their impressive comeback. Their last songs were “Party,” “Lion Heart,” and “You Think” back in 2015 around this time. Are you awaiting another amazing summer with Girls’ Generation?