Girls Day Reveals They Were Once Cursed Out By An Angry Fan

Girls Day Reveals They Were Once Cursed Out By An Angry Fan

Girls Day shared their story about the time they were at the airport and a man ridiculed them because they couldnt take a photo with him.

On tvNLife Bar, Girls Day came out as guests and shared their story of the time they got cursed out by a 40-year-old man at the airport.

At the airport, an older man, around 40, asked us for a picture and we couldnt, so we told him we would sign instead.

Usually, fans would be overjoyed and agree even for just a signature. However, while the members were giving the man their autograph, he began getting worked up and causing a scene. He started insulting the members and even went so far as to assault their manager.

But who are Girls Day to be acting like this? Where is your company?

At this point, the girls of Girls Day became angry and frustrated, but their manager told them to hold it in and just get on the plane. They decided it wasnt worth it and boarded the plane first without reacting to the man, but the man also got on and continued to curse at and insult them. What are you looking at, you bastard, he said.

Girls Day couldnt hold it in anymore and screamed angrily at the rude man. Listening to this story had all the MCs shocked. It was hard to believe such a man existed.

We couldnt hold it in anymore, so we screamed asking Why you hit our manager? and people passing by told us not to worry. They said hes crazy and told us to not pay attention to him.

Thankfully, everything worked out in the end and Girls Day was able to enjoy the rest of their flight in peace.