Girl Group Rapper Stuns Everyone With Her Beautiful Voice On King of Masked Singer

Girl Group Rapper Stuns Everyone With Her Beautiful Voice On King of Masked Singer

The identity of Hold My Hand, Tango Girl on MBCs King of Masked Singer was revealed to be a girl groups rapper who wowed everyone with her beautiful singing voice.

The second stage of the first round of King of Masked Singer put Follow Me, Aerobic Girl and Hold My Hand, Tango Girl against each other. The duo performed BIGBANGs BANG BANG BANG and mesmerized everyone with their charisma and stage presence.

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Both singers wowed, which was evident in how close the votes were. Aerobic Girl narrowly beat out Tango Girl by 52 to 47.

Tango Girl performed Davichis I Love You Even Though I Hate You and took off her mask to reveal that it was none other than FIESTARs Yezi.

Everyone was shocked at the reveal because they hadnt known how great of a singer Yezi was as most people know her as the rapper of FIESTAR. Yezi explained, I actually started off dancing, but I signed on with my agency as a vocalist. It was once I was signed on that I started rapping and its been seven years since I started.

She added, Im sure many were surprised to see me suddenly come out here and sing. I wanted to show people that I can sing as well as rap.

Yezi also posted a fun behind-the-scenes photo of herself wearing the Tango Girl mask on her personal Instagram account to celebrate her appearance on King of Masked Singer.

A post shared by Yezi (@yeziyaziiii) on May 14, 2017 at 2:14am PDT

Yezi is set to make her return as a solo rapper this month.

Check out Yezis performance in the latest episode of King of Masked Singer!