Girl Group Member Known For Her Aegyo Wows With Her Clear Voice On King Of Masked Singer

Girl Group Member Known For Her Aegyo Wows With Her Clear Voice On King Of Masked Singer

The identity of Speedy Mouse Jerry was revealed on MBCs King of Masked Singer to be a girl group member who is known for her aegyo and wowed everyone with her clear voice.

The first battle of the second round on April 23 was between Speedy Mouse Jerry and My Uncle is the Boss, Parachute Man. Jerry performed a rendition of IUs U I, drawing everyone in with her voice as clear as glass beads. Parachute Man performed Kim Soo Chuls Flower That Never Fully Bloomed, wowing everyone with their powerful high notes and vocalization.

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When discussing who the contestants could be, Yoo Young Suk said, Theres a sense of pleasure that comes only from a clear house. It feels like my heart is full of helium gas, floating high in the air. Lee Sang Min also added, I apologize for saying youre definitely a voice actor. Today, you didnt get a single note wrong and your choreography was perfect.

Though both singers impressed the panel, Parachute Man beat Jerry by a score of 62 to 37.

Jerry took off their mask to reveal that it was none other than Lovelyzs Kei, who is already known as the one with the best aegyo and the aegyo machine for her unique voice. Greeting everyone, Kei said, I feel like Im flying because of all the praise Ive gotten. It makes me so happy as a singer.

She also added, I hope Lovelyz can be the most searched on portal sites after this show, and Ive never received so much praise in my entire life, so I have no regrets. Im so touched.

After the show, King of Masked Singer Jerry was the most searched phrase on portal sites and Lovelyzs official Twitter account posted a photo of the singer in her costume with a thank you tweet.

[#Lovelyz] #러블리너스 여러분? 정말 감쪽같아서 깜빡 속을 수밖에 없었던 #날쌘돌이생쥐제리 ?는 #러블리즈 의 애교 장인 #Kei 양이었습니다?? 얼굴 가리고 몸을 가려도 케이 양의 사랑스러움은 숨길 수 없죠??

Lovelyz_Official (@Official_LVLZ) April 23, 2017

The post read, Lovelinus, speedy mouse Jerry fooled everyone before it was revealed to be Lovelyzs aegyo master Kei. Even when you cover her face and body, you cant really hide Keis loveliness, right?

Check out the latest episode of King of Masked Singer to see Keis performance!