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Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

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Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl united the maknaes (youngest members) of rookie girl groups for the November issue. The photoshoot was called "Girls in Wonderland" and was inspired by the fairytale character Alice. The featured members had an average age of 17 years old and belonged to groups from Woollim Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, WM Entertainment and Source Music.

Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz looked mature with frizzy curls while wearing a gray suit and fedora by Tom Greyhound. Her final article was an orange turtleneck chain knit sweater by Opening Ceremony. The Fall/Winter 2015 top is made from Merino wool-blend, can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Jang Ye Eun of CLC looked sweet in pigtails and dramatic fake lashes that made her seem startled. Her ensemble included a black Sonia Rykiel dress and pushBUTTON coat with wing-like shoulder pads.

A Rin of Oh My Girl posed next to a doll while modeling a ruffled Lucky Chouette blouse with a pushBUTTON houndstooth dress in sunny yellow. Her cheeks were extra rouge and her hair was styled in a high, shiny bun.

Finally, Um Ji from G-Friend had the most modern transformation with the help of a Sonia Rykiel denim blazer, Cedric Charlier knit and American Apparel bright blue beret. The preppy combination was campus-ready.

Are there any other notable maknaes Vogue Girl missed?

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of In her website, she covers K-pop celebrity style, Korean actress beauty trends, red carpet appearances and Seoul Fashion Week news.

Girl's Generation's 'Lion Heart' makes a blank sweep winning 6 first position trophies!

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Girl's Generation's 'Lion Heart' makes a blank sweep winning 6 first position trophies!

Girls" Generation have had an incredible week with their 5th album "Lion Heart"! 

No longer most effective has the album made it into the pinnacle of Billboard"s "World Albums" chart, yet the song itself has been winning tune display awards left and right. In addition, the album is number 1 domestically, attaining first position on either Hanteo and Synnara"s weekly album charts.

As if that"s not enough, 3 identify tracks from Girls" Generation this summer also are charting smartly at the "World virtual Songs" chart! But of direction it"s their identify track "Lion Heart" this is in reality doing well. 

This week, Girls" Generation conducted their hit on cable and terrestrial broadcasts including: MTV"s "The Show", MBC MUSIC"s "Show! Champion", Mnet"s "M Countdown", KBS" "Music Bank", MBC"s "Show! Music Core", and SBS" "Inkigayo". appearing their mighty power, the girls won the primary position trophy on all six tune shows, creating a blank sweep for the week.

Congratulations to Girls" Generation!

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Girl’s Generation Show Versatility in “Lion Heart”

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seoulbeats_20150820_snsd8 Girls Generation Show Versatility in Lion Heart Written by Morgan On August 22, 2015 Girl’s Generation is back with its 5th album, “Lion Heart”, presenting an even more mature image than before. They have gone through many concepts through the years, growing with each new release.

The album was released in two parts, one for each title track, “Lion Heart” and “You Think”. Both stand out as title tracks as they are distinctly different from each other. “Lion Heart” has a classic 50’s doo-wop feel while “You Think” is modern and packed with attitude. This is the first and best indication of Girl’s Generation’s versatility as they fit both concepts seamlessly.

The listener is introduced to yet another side of the group with the gorgeous “One Afternoon”. The song completely embodies spring, musically and lyrically. Spring is a time of new growth and filled with the promises of new beginnings. To reflect this, the lyrics follow a girl who wants to start her current relationship all over again to fix its problems.

Sighs are increasing day by day

Sometimes I think that with no reason

In shattered and scattered time

There is a scene that is I really wanna find

You gave me your hands for the first time

The vocal line and guitar line flit around each other as if they are in a dance. The relationship between these two elements, like that between the boy and girl, are filled with a sense of anticipation for what is to come; they want their new beginning. One Afternoon stands out as a delicate, romantic and enchanting addition to this album.

The music and lyrics are woven together to create an intriguing story for the dance track, “Fire Alarm”. It revolves around the idea that a “Fire Alarm” is set off to warn the girls of a ‘dangerous stranger’ that has the ability to start a fire in their hearts.

This is reflected in the introduction where acapella harmonies ring out like an alarm. Then the bass hits and the tone of the song lowers, as if the girls are navigating this ‘danger’ carefully; they are wary but also intrigued by this man. As the song progresses into the chorus the backing becomes increasingly more complicated; Electronic sounds work with the bass as to create a unique backing track, reminiscent of a video game soundtrackI swear they stole some sounds of Super Mario Brothers.

However, this song seems to encompass everything those games do; adventure, anticipation, danger and discovery. “Fire Alarm” is an intriguing ride from start to finish, easily standing out on this album as one of the best tracksand my personal favorite.

“Talk Talk” expands on the more mature side of Girl’s Generation as they slip seamlessly into the RB genre. They are both gentle and confident as they sing through this song that admonishes a man for not understanding a woman.

everything you say is a formality,

Even if I don’t say what I want,

you should be able to feel it –

There is a detached feeling to the way they sing, especially when they repeat the word ‘talk’. It seems like they are counting with the rotating hands on a clock; an action which is incredibly boring and will only make those who do it impatient. While the song is simple, soft and slow it easily captivates the listener with its steady build up. Instead of providing instant gratification, it has more lasting affect with the message and tune sticking in the minds of the listener.

“Green Light”, as a bubbly pop song, seems more reflective of Girl’s Generations image in Japan, rather than their Korean one. It is the only song on the album that has the ability to extract a negative reaction from the listener. In the first verse, the upbeat backings seem to run away rather than keep the pace with the vocals. However, as the song progresses to the infectious chorus the song slowly grows on you. Using call and response, it persuades the listener to get involved in some way or another. By the end, the song has most likely won the listener over, making them forget its awkward start.

Crystal clear vocals introduce “Bump it” as a smooth ballad. However, in true Girl’s Generation fashion, things are quickly switched up as the song is turned into an lively summer track; finally, “Bump it” lives up to its vibrant but unusual name. The girls easily navigate the ups and downs, keeping it from getting out of control as the song gets more complicated. “Bump it” embodies the strength and versatility the group has shown throughout the entire album, summing it up with one final song.

There is no doubting that Girl’s Generations maturity as a group shines through this album. Tracks like You Think and Lion Heart are exactly what you would expect from this group, while Talk Talk and One Afternoon break away from their usual image. There was even a song that was very reminiscent of the groups debut sound, Paradise. While these songs embody the groups Korean image, others seem suited for the Japanese market like “Green Light” and, the not mentioned, “Show Girls”. The combination of all these tracks portrays a fully formed image of Girls Generation.

With the wide range of songs on this album, the group has got to show its versatile range of talents. Vocally, they were completely on point; in every song the vocals rung out clearly above the backings. The only negative thing I have to say is probably what most people are thinking. SM! Please stop making Girl’s Generation rap! They clearly have more value as singers rather than rappers. Despite this, it’s hard not to appreciate Girl’s Generation as one of the top K-pop groups; they really have proven that they belong there with this album. Don’t you agree?

(Images via SM Entertainment)

Girls’ Generation Gets 1st Win with “Party” on “The Show’s” Girl Group Showdown

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Girls’ Generation Gets 1st Win with “Party” on “The Show’s” Girl Group Showdown

The July 14 broadcast of SBS MTVs The Show was a girl group showdown with a total of five girl groups, AOA, Girls Day, 9MUSES, MAMAMOO, and Girls Generation competing for the trophy.

Girls Generation came out on top, inching out Girls Day by approximately 600 points. AOA came in third, 9MUSES fourth, and MAMAMOO fifth.

Sooyoung took the mic to speak on behalf of the group. We are so so happy, and its such an honor to get our first win with Party. We think we were able to get the win because of our fans who are celebrating with us. Thank you so much.

Check out some of the performances from today below. They will be updated as they become available. GOT7, Apink, and KARAs Goo Hara, and more are also slated to make their comebacks on next weeks show, so stay tuned!

Girls GenerationParty [WINNER]

Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, and 2NE1 Nominated for Teen Choice Awards

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Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, and 2NE1 Nominated for Teen Choice Awards

The Teen Choice Awards 2015 nominees have been revealed. Super Junior, Girls Generation, and 2NE1 have been nominated for the Choice International Artist category.

Apart from these K-Pop nominees, the other nominees include One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Little Mix.

Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards show created by Fox Broadcasting Company in the United States. The awards celebrates achievements in music, movies, sports, television, fashion, and more, as voted by teen viewers.

This years awards ceremony will take place on August 16 at 8 p.m. PST at the Galen Center in California.

You can vote for your favorite artist through using the hashtag #ChoiceInternationalAward along with your artist of choice (e.g. #SuperJunior, #GirlsGeneration, and #2NE1) through social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). Voting can also be done through the official Teen Choice Awards homepage. Voting will end on July 24 p.m. PST.

Grab the Look: Girls" Generation, Girl"s Day and SISTAR"s summer comeback looks

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Grab the Look: Girls

Have you guys been keeping up with all the recent comebacks in the k-pop scene? These concepts are fresh, trendy and summer-ready. I pulled out three different looks from three of our beloved female groups who just recently made their summer comebacks. You already know, it"s Girls" Generation, Girl"s Day and SISTAR! Ready to grab their looks?

Currently topping the charts with their track "Party," the members of Girls" Generation made their long awaited comeback showcasing their bubbly and sweet personalities. White laces and bohemian accessories made up their relaxed but feminine look. Pair these items with your favorite denim shorts, and you"re good to go for the summer.

For more affordable laced items check out H&M

Girl"s Day repped striking one-piece swimsuits in their lively music video "Ring My Bell." The retro style isn"t dying out anytime soon. These groovy black and white swimsuits are perfect for the summer season. If you"re going out to a pool party, make a bold statement with some white heels.

5. Richard White Heels $36

$25 one-piece swimsuit at H&M

We all know SISTAR has been shaking things up with their catchy summer track "Shake It." For their colorful and quite rowdy look, go for anything with bold patterns and fun graphics. The more sparkles, the better. It"s all about them sexy crop tops and shorts!

From Forever 21 1. "Pizza" Denim Jacket $35 2. "I Can"t" Crop Top $52 3. Rolling Stone Crop Tank $18 4. Sequin Denim Shorts $30 5. Digital Print Tee $52

Hope you all enjoyed! I"m curious, which look would you most likely go for this summer?

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Big Bang wins #1 on SBS" "Inkigayo" + performances by Girls" Generation, Girl"s Day, & more

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Big Bang wins #1 on SBS

SBS" "Inkigayo" aired its latest episode with energetic and fun performances from your favorite idols. Joining us were MCs Kim Yoo Jung, Hong Jong Hyun, and guest MC GOT7"s Jackson.

On this episode, Girls" Generation made their triumphant return with "Party", Sweet Revenge rocked out with "Fly High", Song Haye heated things up with her latest song "Ice Summer", and Girl"s Day came back with the catchy "Ring My Bell"!

As for the winners, Big Bang"s two latest tracks and SISTAR"s "Shake It" were nominees, but it was Big Bang who took the trophy with "Sober"!

Congratulations to Big Bang!


[FIRST-PLACE NOMINEE: Big Bang -- If You (did not perform)]

[FIRST PLACE NOMINEE: Big Bang -- Sober (did not perform)] 

Other performers of the night were AOAMAMAMOO, HALOChaeyeonMelody Day, MINXTEEN TOP, BTOB, A.KOR, Seventeen, Playback, and Poten.

Check out the performances below!

[Videos will be updated as they become available.]

[NEXT WEEK: Goo Hara & A Pink]

[COMEBACK: Girls" Generation -- Check & Party]

[COMEBACK: Girl"s Day -- Come Slowly + Ring My Bell]

[COMEBACK: Sweet Revenge -- Fly High] 

[COMEBACK: Song Haye -- Ice Summer]

BIGBANG Takes First and Second on “Inkigayo,” Performances From Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, and More

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BIGBANG Takes First and Second on “Inkigayo,” Performances From Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, and More

BIGBANG has taken yet another win, showing incredible staying power on the charts regardless of what other releases are being made.

On the July 12 broadcast of SBSInkigayo,” BIGBANG took both first and second, with their latest July releases “Sober” and “If You,” respectively. Coming in at a very close third place was SISTAR with their summer hit “Shake It.”

Despite not promoting their July releases on music shows, this is their third show win this week, following wins on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” and MBC’s “Music Core.”

Watch the performances below:

Girls Day interviewHong Jong Hyun and Yura meet again?

Girls Generation interview

Girls GenerationParty

Girls GenerationCheck

HALOWhile Youre Sleeping

Girls’ Generation Name Their ‘Rivals’ + Goals for This Summer’s Girl Group Battle

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Girls’ Generation Name Their ‘Rivals’ + Goals for This Summer’s Girl Group Battle

Girls’ Generation recently revealed which girl group they consider to be their ‘rivals’ in the jam-packed girl group battle this summer.

On the July 11 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” the members of Girls’ Generation took part in the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment, where they met with fans and sat down for an interview.

During the interview, Tiffany stated, “We want to be number one all summer long,” when asked about the group’s goal with their comeback promotions this time around.

In response to the question of who they think are their rivals, Tiffany and Sooyoung chose the Wonder Girls, explaining, “Because there are members we are close to, and I think it will bring back old memories [when we promote together again].”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation returned with their brand new fourth mini album on July 7 and the group is in the middle of promoting with “Party.” The Wonder Girls are currently gearing up to make their comeback next month as a four-member band with the addition of former member Sunmi.

BIGBANG Gets 2nd Win With “Sober” on “Music Core” + Comebacks by Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, and More

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BIGBANG Gets 2nd Win With “Sober” on “Music Core” + Comebacks by Girls’ Generation, Girl’s Day, and More

BTOB, BIGBANG, and SISTAR were the contenders for first place on this weeks episode of MBCs Music Core. BIGBANG won first place making it their second win with Sober. The group was not present at the show. BTOB received second place while SISTAR got third place respectively. Girls Generation and Girls Day also made their comebacks.

Girls GenerationCatch Me if You Can and Party

Girls DayCome Slowly and Ring My Bell

Hong Dae KwangGood Luck