How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minah’s Romance Lead to Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim Finale

How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance Lead to “Dear Fair Girl Kong Shim” Finale?notclaira July 17, 2016 0 How Will Namgoong Min And Minahs Romance End In “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” Finale? On July 17, the SBS drama “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” aired its ultimate episode.

SpoilersIn the general episode, Kong Shim (Minah) and Junsu (On Joo Wan) get into a vehicle accident. Junsu effectively recovers after surgical procedure and reconciles with his grandmother (Jung Hye Sun). He also makes up with Dan Tae (Namgoong Min), calling him hyung and giving up his love for Kong Shim.

However, Dan Tae comes to a decision to head over to the U.S. without Kong Shim, after seeing her satisfied at her company. Despite the reality that Kong Shim tries to move later him, she arrives at the airport too overdue and it gave the impact of all was once over between the couple.

The drama ends with a scene twelve months later. Kong Shim has advancedeither her occupation and appearance when she is stunnedthrough Dan Tae’s unannounced go back to Korea. The couple argue a little yetafter all he proposes to her and she accepts with a kiss.

Gong Mi (Suh Hyo Rim) and Junsu’s courting as well ends well, creating apleasedfinishing for the drama as a whole.

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Girl’s Day were given their fanatics boggled with cake smudges on their clothes

Girl’s Day were given their fanatics boggled with cake smudges on their clothes

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterSet to kickstart their album promotions in Japan, the individuals of Girl’s Day were spotted with an enchantingstyle mishap. 

In the early hours of February 5th, Girl’s Day were spotted leaving for Japan via Gimpo World Airport. As they walked throughout the terminal, however, some netizens can'tlend a handyet pinpoint the smudges of cake frostings on their outfits.

As shown in the photos, Yura was oncenoticed amongstthe similar white smudges on her coat and later on gave the impression on Hyeri’s bag and Sojin’s jeans, leaving fanatics to wonder on what the members were up to before their flight.

Check out the remainder of the pictures below.

Source: Dispatch and MyDaily

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Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung  appeared   to have  started  the   Romance with a Back Hug  when  taking  part in  the  movie called Girl Who Sees Smells

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung appeared to have started the Romance with a Back Hug when taking part in the movie called Girl Who Sees Smells

-- After making it official, JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are getting started with romance in Girl Who Sees Smells.

The April 29 broadcast of SBS′ Girl Who Sees Smells, Choi Mu Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) made their relationship official. On April 30, Girl Who Sees Smells released new photos of the couple sharing a back hug, kicking off their love story.

[Spoiler] Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Begin Romance with a Back Hug on ′Girl Who Sees Smells′

In the photos, Shin Se Kyung is seen back hugging Park Yoo Chun as he washes the dishes. She leans her face on his wide back as Park Yoo Chun appeared a bit surprised, creating a heart-fluttery atmosphere even in photos.

Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung′s characters have been foreshadowing romance as they expressed their feelings for each other little by little with the plot progression.

[Spoiler] Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Begin Romance with a Back Hug on ′Girl Who Sees Smells′

In episode nine, they spent the night together under one roof with Oh Cho Rim locked up in her bedroom and Choi Mu Gak inside his tent in the living room. They ended up staying up all night, not being able to fall asleep knowing they were near each other.

Towards the end of the episode, Choi Mu Gak finally makes an emotionless proposal like his personality, asking, "What should I call you? In a relationship, you call each something else other than each other′s name. Oh Cho Rim, pick between my girl, my woman, my person, and my girlfriend.′

The back hug scene will air on April 30.

Photo Credit: SBS


Girl Who Can See Smells, Episodes 5 – 8: Reversals, Reveals and Romance

Girl Who Can See Smells, Episodes 5 – 8: Reversals, Reveals and Romance

20150427_seoulbeats_girlwhocanseesmells Girl Who Can See Smells, Episodes 58: Reversals, Reveals and Romance Written by Morgan On April 28, 2015 Giving us the beginnings of romance and mystery in episodes 14, Girl Who Can See Smells is now at its turning point as it delve deeper into the serial murder investigation. It is starting to leave behind its more comedic themes in favor of reversals and reveals that will shock the audience. Though this doesnt mean that all the humor is gone, instead it is side by side with the romance that blooms between Moo-gak and Cho-rim.

The detective team are already onto its next case, after saying goodbye to a member of their team in the last episode. The case involves an incident where one of the chefs working at Chef Kwon Jae-hees restaurant is thrown off a roof to his death. Moo-gak is sure that the Chef Jae-hee, who viewers will remember as bar code killers victims boyfriend, is the culprit. He even ignores Cho-rim when she says is adamant he is not. This forces Cho-rim to take the law into her own hands, searching for the culprit on her own. This is something no ordinary person would think to do, specifically because of the chance of becoming the killers next victim! Which of course almost happens to Cho-rim but she is quickly saved by Moo-gak at the last minute.

Cho-rim’s character can be defined as naive and impulsive and this often gets her into trouble. She dines with serial killers, walks into crime scenes and gets caught in police round ups. This girl is a crime magnet! Its probably why Moo-gak becomes so protective of her, even refusing for her to participate in investigations. This seems to be a point of conflict between these two characters for the next few episodes, that when resolved will allow them to become closer.

Though the mystery plot is moving along swiftly, that doesnt mean that the romance has been left behind. Moo-gak and Cho-rim seem to have gotten very close in the past few episodes, changing their relationship from one of convenience to one of comfort. On two accounts they have sought each other out to either give comfort or receive it. The most memorable scene would be where Moo-gak takes Cho-rim out for spicy food, just so she can have an excuse to cry. These two are always helping each other, whether it is intentional or not.

We have seen these two characters not only become comfortable with each other, but also with the people around them because of their friendship. Cho-rim’s lively personality helps Moo-gak interact with the detective team and become accepted as one of them. Moo-gak’s character seems to have developed incredibly quickly away from the straight forward and focused police officer we were introduced to. He has started to loosen up around Cho-rim and been able to show the fun, dorky and even cute sides of his personality. Im starting to think that his gag character is secretly the real Moo-gak after all. These two just bring out the best in each other, though this doesnt seem to translate over to them easily admitting their feelings for the other person.

Now, let’s talk about this drama pulling the carpet out from under the viewer all the time, especially when it comes to Moo-gak and Cho-rims relationship. I mean, how dare they make the scene where Cho-rim and Moo-gak confess to each other just one of Cho-rims day dreams? It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but I still fell for it. Anyone else or was it just me? I expected to be suprised by the more serious themes but not this! Though Id say we were fully compensated with not just one but two kisses later on. Now if only these two characters could actually get their heads into gear and make it official, instead of ignoring the kisses or running away after them. Though slightly frustrating sometimes, the romance and the way these two characters act around each other is entertaining and draws you in with anticipation for what is to come. It is a breathe of fresh air amongst the dark themes surrounding the murder investigation.

Moving on to the mystery at hand, there were quite a few reveals and reversals within the last few episodes. Specifically we now know who the murder is! We were first introduced to the doctor as the main suspect through his incriminating actions toward Cho-rim. However, the story has now decided to take the doctor as someone that everyone is conditioned to hate, and reversed that judgment as he actually turns out to be good. Suddenly the facial expressions of the doctor that were once closed and troubled become trusting and open. To further this transition more, he becomes the key to solving the case when he figures out who the real serial killer is. However, this knowledge has the power to kill as it makes him the killers next target. This will lead the viewer’s finding themselves now rooting for the character to be saved from the serial killer. I wonder what other characters will be subjected to character reversal?

So, who is the serial killer? Its the famous Chef ­­ Jae-hee, of course. Didn’t I say he was suspicious? From this point onwards we start to get an in depth look into his character, with the character himself and the investigation revealing more and more facts about him and the way he carries out his murders. The Chefs character becomes more complicated as the drama goes on, revealing a incredibly clever and manipulative person behind his good natured facade. Furthermore, the investigative team discovers the reasons behind the bar codes; the bar codes are upside down and when turned the right side up, the corresponding numbers indicate that they are book codes. In fact, the chef is making the victims write down their life before he kills them as he sees them as stories that have not been written down yet. Also ever wondered how he didn’t recognize Cho-rim as soon as he saw her? Well, it was revealed that he has a condition where he can’t recognize faces. So Cho-rim is safe for now, even if Jae-hee knows she is still alive thanks to the doctors suspicious hints from when he is captured and then killed. Lets hope the detectives can find him first! Though this might be hard as he seems to slip easily through the detectives grasp every time, despite how close the detective get when new clues are revealed.

While this drama is riveting to watch, there are quite a few unexplained occurrences or coincidences that leave unanswered questions or an air of disbelief to the show. For example, when Cho-rim is about to become the next victim, she is saved at the last minute by Moo-gak. This brings up questions about how did he know where she was and that she was in trouble as it was never addressed in the drama. Also, when Moo-gak gets stabbed he somehow has time to recover from those wounds enough to move around within a few days and also to formulate an entire plan to trick the serial killer. Was there a time lapse or something that was missed here? These occurrences could be because the drama is trying to fit an entire web comic into a 16-episode drama, which seems plausible due to the amount of things happening in just one episode. However, this just takes away from the experience as the wrong questions are being brought up instead of those relevant to the ongoing investigation. Though it doesnt take away enough for the viewer to stop watching.

The mystery is really what makes this drama riveting to watch, pushing it forward at a fast pace. Though the main mystery of who the serial killer is has been solved in the eyes of the viewer, there is still a lot to look forward to. For example, Cho-rim regaining her lost memories, Jae-hee realizing who she is or Cho-rim and Moo-gak finally performing their skit for an audience. There is so much left to play out and you can be sure Im going to be anticipating watching every episode of Girl Who Can See Smells.

So, what have your favorite parts of this drama been so far and what are looking forward to seeing in future episodes? Any theories for what will happen next?

(Images via SBS)


Oh My Girl Create Romance in Cupid

Oh My Girl Create Romance in Cupid

20150425_seoulbeats_ohmygirl Oh My Girl Create Romance in “Cupid” Written by Morgan On April 27, 2015 The newest girl group to debut this Spring, Oh My Girl, has followed in the footsteps of many new groups by pursing the cute concept in its debut track “Cupid”. The group is made up of 8 members, with each boasting talent and good looks. However, will this debut stand out from the rest?

Coming from the company WM Entertainment, that bought us the quirky and fun B1A4, Oh My Girl seems to have taken a similar debut route by pursing a cute but funny concept. They even rehash a similar colourful street set that has been seen in many of B1A4’s MV’s. This doesnt mean that Oh My Girl is just a female version of B1A4, even if they have been presented as a sister group. While B1A4 was more quirky cute, Oh My Girl seems to have gone the more traditional route by basing its cute concept on innocence.

If the title of “Cupid” didn’t give it away, this song is about love; the new and wondrous kind of love. The song revels in the anticipation and excitement when one starts to pursue someone romantically.

Show me your face in love (Show me)

Everything looks different overnight (Looks Different)

The girls have a confidence in the way they carry this song that doesnt feel like its coming from rookies. The way love is portrayed in the song and MV is also full of bright confidence; It feels like the stuff of hope and dreams, displaying romance as something completely wonderful that should be embraced positively. However, they do make it believable and a lot of fun to watch, especially when the girls get up to all sorts of mischief in this MV with their roles as the Cupids of their community.

When the girls take on the role of cupid in the MV, they endeavor to fix and create new romances. There is the couple that is fighting, the cafe worker ignoring a customer, and a few random strangers, that all feel the effect of these girls meddling. Their meddling is presented as completely positive, as they start to put smiles on peoples faces by starting and fixing relationships. This plot is incredibly enjoyable to watch, embodying the message of the lyrics completely. Though, the girls are not completely true to their roles as cupids, as they are not the traditional naked babies with wings that shoot love arrows from classical mythology. However, they do reinvent the role well, wearing costumes with wings and using the power of blowing kisses instead of arrows to make people fall in love.

There are lots of places to look in this MV, between the colourful sets and costumes, its sort of a competition for what to focus on. The use of pastels and bright colours creates a cheerful and innocent feel in the MV. This video wouldnt be the same if it was full of dark colours; for this concept bright colours are a must. The dancing set seems heavily reminiscent of BAPs Warrior with the gigantic bunny rabbit in the background. Maybe this is becoming a trend?

The song itself is a marching band inspired mash-up of different melodies. Like many other K-pop songs this release uses a hybrid combination of distinctive melodies, each which seem like they could be their own song. The song has three distinctive themes to it, the tentative first verses that are filled up with Doo Wop inspired lines, the collectively sung build up and the cheer like chorus.

Each part of the song is used to build up, or increase, the pace to make it the light-hearted upbeat piece it is. Though each part is very different, the contrast doesnt seem too jarring as other hybrid songs have been.

I am seriously loving the amount of saxophone being used in pop music in recent years; this release utilizes it in the form of a –- dare I say this at this risk of sounding severely out of date with my languagegroovy sax line to offset the ‘Doo Wop’ inspired lines. Youll never get bored with this song because the elements are constantly changing to draw in your attention, giving you something thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

The talent displayed from this group is strong, though the group seems to shine brightest when they sing together. I have always thought that the collective voice of a group is a very important and appealing feature. It allows groups to create their own identity as a whole, allowing the listener to tell who the group is from that particular point in a song. This is something that most of SM Entertainments groups utilize incredibly well. The point in Cupid where the collective voice of the group is strongest is in the build up to the cheer-like chorus. While slightly similar to a few groups out there, Oh My Girl is well on its way to developing its own voice.

Overall, this is a enjoyable first release from Oh My Girl, with the girls fitting into their Cupid concept seamlessly. This isnt really an original concept, however it is definitely a strong start for this group. Hopefully, itll be enough to draw attention to them.

So, did you get struck by the groups kisses and fall in love with Oh My Girl?

MV and Song Rating: 3.5/5

(YouTube, Images Via YM Entertainment)


Stills for “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Forecast Romance and More Intrigue Ahead

Stills for “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Forecast Romance and More Intrigue Ahead

Preview and behind-the-scenes stills have been released for the upcoming episode of The Girl Who Sees Smells.

First, there are pictures of Shin Se Kyung smelling a variety of objects. We see her with plastic bags and different vegetables. Her character Oh Cho Rim helps a grandmother sell the vegetables, reflecting her kind heart.

It looks as though her romance with Park Yoo Chuns character will develop over some tasty fried chicken. Behind-the-scenes images show the pair at a chicken restaurant practicing their comic dialogue.

Apparently the scene was so funny that both actors kept making NGs due to laughter. Despite the long hours of filming, the set atmosphere was cheerful and lively.

Other stills show a more serious scene in store. Namgoong Min is present at a crime scene where there is a dead body on top of a car. Filmed near a restaurant in Ilsan, it seems like the police suspect Namgoong Mins character is involved in the crime.

They lead Namgoong Min away in handcuffs. Curiosity is brewing over whether or not his character had a role in the death. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens in the upcoming episode. The Girl Who Sees Smells airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

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"I Need Romance Season 3" Kim So-yeon takes off her clothes

Kim So-yeon seduced Seong Joon.

On the sixteenth episode of the tvN drama "I Need Romance Season 3", Sin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon) told Joo Wan (Seong Joon) that she was going to sleep with him.

He refused, saying that he had the energy but was too busy.

She kissed him on the neck and asked, "Well? I'll stop if you tell me to stop". Then, Joo Wan gave up and carried her in.

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Girl Groups Go Up In Popularity As They Take Their Clothes Off

Girl Groups Go Up In Popularity As They Take Their Clothes Off

Girl Groups Go Up In Popularity As They Take Their Clothes Off? Girl Groups Go Up In Popularity As They Take Their Clothes Off? The year is off to a hot start, especially with all the exposure girl groups are bringing.

Girl groups are each going with sexy concepts, one after another. Male fans have nothing to complain about, especially with all their hearts aflutter. Girl"s Day"s "Something" was followed by Dal Shabet"s "B.B.B. (Big Baby Baby)." And Rainbow"s unit group Rainbow BLAXX has joined the girl group sexy war. Their dazzling 19 and over concept has the music industry buzzing.

Girl"s Day put their emphasis on femininity. The agency stated, "They will be expressing a matured femininity from that seen in "Expect" and "Female President." The members are all adults now, so their range of expression in song and dance have widened as well. Each one of the members will be showing off an upgraded femininity never seen before." In accord with their concept, they"ve increased the level of exposure, too. Before their official comeback leader Sojin revealed a see through cut of her whole body, which became a hot topic. On stage they performed wearing a tank top and a skirt with a long slit in the side. On top of that, they danced on the floor and even included choreography where they open and close their skirts, which added to the sexy feel of the song. As much as their exposure has increased, so has their popularity. "Something" is ranked in the top 3 across various music sites, and the music video on YouTube has surpassed 2,000,000 views. Girl"s Day even won 1st place for 2 consecutive weeks on SBS" "Inkigayo."

Dal Shabet, on the other hand, focused on their "lines," or their figures.A rep from their agency Happy Face Entertainment commented, "This song doesn"t have exposure." It was a declaration of determination to show Dal Shabet"s advanced image even without exposing their bodies. All the members wore blazers and gave off a "mannish" feel. They also wore form fitting leggings that accentuated their "S lines" and showed off their sexiness that way. Their dance moves included the wave and pelvic dances, which highlighted their beautiful body lines more than give off a sensual feel.

Rainbow BLAXX came back with a twist. Before their comeback on the 20th, the members have been revealing 19 and over concept photos and videos ranging from voyeur shots to semi-nude bath scenes. With each photo or video release, Rainbow BLAXX ranked at the top of internet search queries, and has been showing increased popularity. A DSP Media rep stated, "They"re a unit that started with the sexy image. We"ve put the emphasis on feminine beauty." The group is planning to bring back a twist with their music. Although they have an adult concept, they plan to surprise their fans with an exciting retro sound.

How should we look at the girl groups" sexy concept battle? A matter of influence in this matter relies heavily on the limitations of concepts. Except for the very few who choose a unique or original concept, girls groups seem to choose between either the cutie or sexy concept. For girl groups that haven"t debuted too long ago, it seems as the popular choice is to go with the cutie concept. Then, 3-5 years into their activities, when the members all become adults, they all seem to naturally flow into the sexy concept. Even with so many teams, there are only a few concepts they choose from, so fierce competition between girl groups with same concepts are inevitable. Not only that, since there are so many sexy concept girl groups, the public"s interests have dwindled. To be sure, they"re still widely popular, just not as much so. And so girl groups strive to catch the public"s attention with even more revealing attire, choreography, or concepts.

One source commented, "Honestly speaking the easiest concept for girl groups to show off is the sexy concept. That"s because the sexy concept shows off the female sex. That"s why so many girl groups are coming out with this concept. There are so many active groups, and the public is always looking for something new. In order to get noticed, the girl groups have to push the limits and bring forth a newer or stronger concept. They need to think of a new and powerful concept that can pique the senses."

Another source commented, "It all boils down to skill. It"s true that taking off more clothes will help you become a greater issue. But there"s a limit to body exposure, and noise-marketing is just a one-time thing. A singer must be victorious through singing. If you don"t have talent you"ll become a hot issue one day and disappear the next."


Jaejoong's Rocky Romance with "Just Another Girl"

Jaejoong's Rocky Romance with "Just Another Girl"

Jaejoongs Rocky Romance with Just Another Girl Jaejoongs Rocky Romance with Just Another Girl Jaejoongs Rocky Romance with Just Another Girl Despite my fondness for JYJ, I admit that I lingered in forming an attachment to Jaejoong. I knew he had a lovely voice and an attractive face, but I never understood his image. He didnt seem to fit into the K-pop scene, and that threw me. While I followed most of his solo activities along with those of the other members, I warmed up to him more but still kept my distance.

Coupled with my hot-and-cold feelings toward JYJs music, my wary approach to Jaejoongs first solo release early this year seemed reasonable. But it looked promising, especially with my history with rock music across a multitude of genres, sub-genres, languages, and cultures, and that enticed me. Fortunately, I was not at all disappointed with Mine and the rest of his debut EP I. It gave Jaejoong a solid image that actually seemed to fit him and made me jump fully on the JYJ bandwagon. As such, when news came of Jaejoongs next album and single, I couldnt help my excitement, and Just Another Girl solidifies my love for him.

While certainly not the first to borrow from the genre, Mine brought a new flavor to the K-pop scene with its heavier rock influence, and Just Another Girl continues Jaejoongs spell with the genre. With a relatively softer rendition, the track is a delightful marriage of Jaejoongs fondness for ballads and rock by giving us ayou guessed itrock ballad about having your heart broken over and over and the resulting frustration.

The song opens with a simple guitar riff that evokes the emptiness left after romance is gone. Jaejoong comes in with his emotional vocals as the drums join in. This building continues into the chorus when the song swings fully into the rock genre. It softens with the second verse and right before the final climax without ever losing momentum. Despite the speed it maintains through the end, the track is nevertheless a melancholy story of a love at its end. Jaejoong cries Take me out from having fallen into pain/Let me live as a true man so this won’t ever repeat.

The music video translates this emotion with a fittingly angst-ridden story of love at its end. Jaejoong sits at a piano with a girl, but it appears that this is just a flashback as Jaejoong paces in an abandoned building of sorts. He is visibly upset by a series of memories that would be harmless, even sweet, if we didnt know what this song meant. The same girl sits with him on a couch drinking coffee, and he leans close to her as if to kiss her. The scenes continue, and theyre lying on bed together, smiling. Shes buttoning his shirt up. She lies with her head in his lap on the couch. They sit in a bathtub together. Each is a vignette of what appeared to be a happy relationship, but as is evident in the lyrics, she was deceiving him. With the montage of other girls, its also clear that shes not the first to do so either, hence the name of the song.

Despite the fact that this was in the past, hes obviously still hurting. He returns to the apartment they once shared where everything is covered in plastic. He stands there, eyes closed, letting the emotions wash over him. In anger, he uncovers everything: the couch, the piano, bicycles, and a painting of them. This is his chance to face the deceit of their relationship. Cut to an outdoor scene: all of the belongings they once shared fall from the sky and explode around him in chaos, but he walks away unscathed. Overlapping this are shots of their painting burning, a metaphor of him finally letting go of the relationship and the pain it caused.

Jaejoongs Rocky Romance with Just Another Girl

Unlike Mine, which was rife with symbolism, this music video is more straightforward. It has a pretty much self-contained plot thats surprisingly easy to understand compared to many other K-pop music videos. With its simplicity, one might assume it would be bland or boring, but it isnt. While its nothing particularly earth shattering, the cinematography is lovely.

The flashbacks are mostly warm and bright, the way the relationship likely felt before everything went down the drain. In contrast, the present is dark with a cooler tone, sometimes completely devoid of color. But at the end, the color returns with full force as the world crashes around Jaejoong against a brilliant aqua sky, and he moves on. Still, it remains on the cooler end of spectrum, showing the resulting coldness in his heart.

Alright, so maybe Im reading a bit into it, but regardless the filming style fits the mood perfectly. Even the end, when Jaejoong stands in the darkness lit only by a red flare, we get that hes angry, which matches the tone of the song. It seems that they were going for a more of a mood than anything else, and the cinematography is a great way to show that alongside the music. It also makes for a more emotional, easy to digest experience than slamming viewers with a lot of ambiguous, disconnected metaphors or confusing us with a convoluted plotline that the artist probably didnt even fully understand.

Jaejoongs Rocky Romance with Just Another Girl

The styling, too, matches well. It follow more typical rock style, not so much the glamorized K-pop version. This has a more haphazard feel to it with lots of rips and leather and of course plenty of black. The only exception would be the suits Jaejoong wears in several of the scenes in the present (Im particularly fond of the burgundy double-breasted suit), but Ill let it slide.

Despite my apprehension with JYJs music, I do consider myself a fan because when they get it right, they hit it out of the park. And Just Another Girl is no exception. While the music video itself is nothing particularly novel, it is solid and tight, creating the perfect mood for a strong song. I hope to see Jaejoong continue with his foray into the rock genre as it definitely works well for him.

Rating: 4.5/5

(CJES Entertainment, YouTube)


'The Less Clothes the Better' Why More Clothes Come Off Girl Group Members

'The Less Clothes the Better' Why More Clothes Come Off Girl Group Members

4minute, SECRET

'The Less Clothes the Better?' Why More Clothes Come Off Girl Group Members Why More Clothes Come Off Girl Group MembersFor a couple of months, it seemed like the domination of girl groups in K-pop was slowing down. But as it turned out, it was only a short-lived illusion. Starting in April, with 4minute and Secret heading the pack, T-ARA N4, Hello Venus, Nine Muses, Rainbow, Sistar, After School, Sunny Hill, Dal Shabet, Girl's Day have all returned and filled the stage.

With a few exceptions, the common denominator among these girl groups is 'sexy.' Naturally, off came the clothes from their outfits in order to push the 'sexy code.' The competition among numerous girl groups has only fanned the flame in the last month.

The current trend in promiscuous outfits among girl groups is related to promoting the objectification of sex and women, especially among teenagers who are not only impressionable but the largest following of these idol stars.

The reason behind more exposure of the legs and body lines is simple. It grabs the attention of the viewers like no other. The sensual route has become the official road of marketing strategies among girl groups because it plays on human nature and is therefore highly effective.

But the biggest pitfall of sensual clothing may lie in exactly that: easy. Girl groups often spend several months to a year in preparation for their album-related practice and training. Of course, they do not invest all the time brainstorming how to look sexier and create more noise for marketing purposes. Through tremendous amount of practice sessions, they definitely develop as musicians and performers during their breaks. But when their risqu outfits become the focal point of all the talk, their effort off the stage never gets the credit it is due.

A staff member from a music show commented, "Sometimes, it gets confusing whether the waiting room for artists is a workplace or a swimming pool. I often have trouble because I don't know where to look. The competition among girl groups is fierce. Some groups even analyze how other groups exposed what body parts in what fashion."

He added, "But it is difficult to just go conservative because you will be overshadowed by other groups no matter how good you are. Receiving more press is critical for any artists and management companies."

It goes without saying that artists live off of the public's attention, both literally and figuratively. But the ends do not justify the means in an industry that exerts such a heavy influence on the country's future generations. The homework for artists and their management companies as they prepare for a new album should be on how to best portray their improved vocals, choreography, passion, etc. Without a doubt, it is a hard task, definitely harder than cutting a few holes in outfits. However, their steps toward the noble task and its manifestation through quality music will certainly be rewarded with applause, respect and a title as true musicians, rather than ogling eyes that will shift to the next 'sexy' that comes around the block.