Gil shares his experiences from producing Gummy’s new album ‘STROKE’

Gil shares his experiences from producing Gummy’s new album ‘STROKE’

On May 26, Leessang’sGil opened up about working as a producer on Gummy’s latest 5th album ‘STROKE’!

“I would like to compare this album to a prism. It’s an album where instead of aiming for one particular color, Gummy was able to express music the way she wanted in a dynamic and rich way. I focused on Gummy’s honest approach as I began to work on the songs; thinking about how Gummy’s songs can resonate within listeners’ hearts,” the rapper/producer explained.

Gil then shared how it was like working with the ballad singer, “Gummy was very generous so we were able to create the album smoothly without any problems. I did my best to express Park Ji Yeon’s (Gummy’s real name) true colors. I love this album more than I love my own record.”

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“She is a great friend and at times I felt how passionate she was while working on this album together. She even cried as she sang, pondering on how to make the song better,” Gil described, complimenting Gummy’s strong will and deep passion for music.

Gummy’s 5th full album ‘STROKE’ will be released this June 5!

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