Getting To Know CoCo Avenue, The First Black K-Pop Group

Getting To Know CoCo Avenue, The First Black K-Pop Group

K-pop is indeed a global phenomenon as another All-American K-pop group has surfaced. However, what separates them from the other American K-pop bands is that they are fluent in singing and rapping in Korean. They have also been showing their talent in YouTube for some time now.

This is because they are true K-pop fans, and they have been imitating their idols for already a long time. They even have their own respective covers of the favorite songs that their K-pop idols sang.

And because of it, their YouTube channels eventually gained popularity through the passing of time, which made them one of the rising YouTube sensations. This is the reason why the two decided to pursue their K-pop goals and go to the next level.

It was Jenny Lyric’s idea to make this dream come true as she told Jenna Rose about her thoughts in becoming the next American K-pop group. They agreed and they did several K-pop covers together.

As time went by, they decided to take things to the next level and make their hobby and interest become their probable career debut in the K-pop industry. They even produced their own K-pop single, as well as also managed to have a performance in the very heart of South Korea, Seoul.

According to Next Shark, CoCo Avenue, as what the two American singers call their group or duo, says that they wanted to remove the cultural and racial boundaries of K-pop. They also added that they wish to put an end to stereotyping because music is indeed for everyone.

Now, most of the CoCo Avenue songs are covers of hit K-pop covers. However, CoCo Avenue says that they wish to improve their skills and talents, and would do the best of what they can to create their own music, sound and theme, which would then distinguish them from the Korean K-pop groups.

With all of these being said, there is truly no doubt that the K-pop phenomenon is pretty much alive everywhere in almost all corners of the world. There is truly no stopping to K-pop.