Get To Know SEVENTEEN's Leader Unit And Their New Song 'Change Up'

Get To Know SEVENTEEN's Leader Unit And Their New Song 'Change Up'

The highly-anticipated first sub-unit project off SEVENTEEN’s promotions has finally arrived.

On Sept. 25, SEVENTEEN’s leader unit dropped their new project “Change Up” alongside its music video on VLive.

But what is behind this comeback?

Dive into the events and the leader unit that lead up to the project’s official release!

Seventeen recently released a teaser image for their 2017 Seventeen Project Chapter 2: 新世界


세븐틴(SEVENTEEN) (@pledis_17) September 2

The title, 新世界, translates to New World while also playing off of the stage names of the three leaders, as analyzed by this Carat:

xīn (新) : S.coups (s x sound alike)

ji (界) : woozi (in chi his name is wū J)

新世界 = new world = scoups | hoshi | woozi??

rene | D-6! (@leekwon96) September 16, 2017

S.Coups, the general leader of Seventeen, actually hinted at the Change Up theme during a VLIVE a month ago where performance unit leader Hoshi, vocal unit leader Woozi, and Seventeens producer Bumzu made appearances.

I HATE THEM seungcheolicious (@jeonghoonhao) September 22, 2017

While Seventeen is split up into units specializing in vocals, performance, or hip hop, many of Seventeen’s members are multi-talented and strong in multiple areas – their leaders, especially.

S.Coups is part of the groups Hip Hop Team, meaning he specializes in rapping, but a little known fact is that he actually auditioned and got into Pledis Entertainment as a singer.

goodnight! leaving ya’ll with this clip of choi seungcheol singing

mae (@hopiangjunhui) September 18, 2017

Woozi, the Vocal Team Leader, is also very skilled at rapping as seen in their predebut showcases. Maybe Rapper Woozi will make a comeback!

Hoshi, the Performance Team Leader, is the prince of multi-faceted surprises. His solo song Hurricane features him rapping and dancing, with the iconic line Kwon Fire, always f%#king higher!

HOSHI – HURRICANE song of my life i’m very proud of him i’m crying every time i hear “KWON FIRE” BETTER SUPPORT HIS SOLO CARIEER kuczi (@myhyukki) July 28, 2017

Hoshis singing is no joke either just check out his powerful vocals on an impromptu cover of fellow bandmate DKs song A Piece of You.

soonyoung singing 한편의너 so beautifully i can imagine seokmin smiling so bright

hairah우지 CHANGE UP (@jihoonjuseyo) September 18, 2017

With Change Up almost upon us, will we see Vocalist S.Coups? Rapper Woozi? Vocalist and rapper Hoshi? Stay tuned as Seventeen brings us into their New World on September 25th, 2017 2017 is truly Seventeens year.