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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

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Spoiler 'Sweet, Savage Family' Jeong Joon-ho, charismatic boss outdoor house vs doting husband at home

Actor Jeong Joon-ho brought laughter with his two other sides. at the November 18th episode of MBC"s new Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Sweet, Savage Famiy", Yoon Tae-soo (Jeong Joon-ho) showed off his unforeseen appeals.

Yoon Tae-soo used to be charismatic when having finished his obligations for his boss Baek Man-bok (Kim Eung-soo).

However, when he got here home, he became a doting husband for his wife Eun-ok (Moon Jeong-hee). The unexpected appeals with the 2 alternative aspects captivated the hearts of drama fans.

Drama "Sweet, Savage Famiy" is a comedy circle of relatives drama depicting the lifestyles of a household head, who lives two the different lives as a chairman of a robust crook undertaking and an unnoticed husband and a dad inside of home.

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KCON Finally Hits Home Turf On South Korea's Jeju Island

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In 2015, the world"s biggest Hallyu convention, KCON, expanded its realm beyond Los Angeles with satellite gatherings in New York, Japan, and now South Korea.

Held Nov. 6-7, KCON 2015 Jeju took place on South Korea"s largest island, was organized to give more exposure to fans about the Hallyu wave and allow Korean culture fans the fans a chance to be in the same place where some of the hallyu magic happens.

KCON set up in Jeju Stadium with a line-up that boasted appearances by artists who could appeal to a variety of ages.

By 5pm, fans were flocking into the stadium in high spirits dispite the looming threat of rain. Attendees were made more excited when it was revealed that the complimentary LED bracelets given to the crowd as they entered were actually part of an elaborate light show planned for the night.

Block B opened the stage with their powerful performance, showing off their hip-hop energy. Performing three songs which includes "Nalina" and "HER," they made the fans feel more pumped up for the show.

Up next was M.I.B"s Kangnam, who also pulled double duty as one of the MCs that night. Showing off his playful persona on the stage, he pulled the crowd into dancing along with his latest single "Chocolate" and also a cover of Psy"s "Gangnam Style."

After the loud and upbeat performances by Block B and Kangnam, it was a nice change to be swept over by Roy Kim"s mellow and soulful voice. Performing "Bom Bom Bom" and "Home" with his acoustic guitar, he definitely melted the hearts of the crowd members that night.

Teen Top picked the pace of the show up once again, showing off their sleek dance moves, performing "Rocking" and "Ah-Ah" while SPICA, being the only girl group to perform that night, mesmerized the crowd with their dance moves and vocal performing "You Don"t Love Me" and "Home."

Chen Zi Tong, the runner-up of the Chinese reality tv show, The Voice of China, was up next, showcasing her diversity in performing as she performed both a slow tempo song and an upbeat song that night. Although she needed a little bit of help translating on stage, she tried speaking a little bit of Korean when announcing the song that she was going to sing.

Shin Seung Hoon took to the stage next and this was the time for the older fans to rejoice as he performed his hit songs. He conquered the stage with his performance and stage presence, cementing the fact that age is just a number. It was apparent that the audience enjoyed his performances so much that they even got up and dance to one of the songs he performed.

Before long, it was time for the last act of the night. Judging from the sea of fans wearing orange raincoats in the stadium, it was clear that Shinhwa was the most anticipated act of the night and these guys definitely did not disappoint! Performing "Sniper," "This Love" and "Brand New," the group exuded stage presence like no other, showing that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. They even closed the event with a bang as there were fireworks show as they finished performing their set for the night. All in all, KCON Jeju was definitely a successful event as it had brought a lot of international fans into Korea to experience Hallyu wave for themselves.

Big Bang, EXO Take Home Top Honors At 2015 MelOn Music Awards + Full List Of Winners

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Big Bang, EXO Take Home Top Honors At 2015 MelOn Music Awards + Full List Of Winners

(Photo : Twitter and SM Entertainment ) The K-pop stars were out in full force for the 2015 MelOn Music Awards, but one act in particular outshined the others.

Held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul, many major K-pop stars attended the event on Saturday, Nov. 7 as nominees and as performers.

The big winners of the night were YG Entertainment powerhouses Big Bang, who managed to win in four categories including Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for "Bang Bang Bang."

The other major award, Album of the Year went to EXO for their Exodus album.

In the rookie categories, Big Bang label mates iKON nabber Best New Male Artist while the six-member Source Music group G-Friend took home the trophy in the female category.

The MelOn Music Awardsis one of the four major music industry awards ceremonies in South Korea and is organized by LOEN Entertainment. Winners are determined by the public voters.

Check out the full list of winners below.

Winners From The 2015 MelOn Music Awards

- Best New Male Artist: iKON

- Best New Female Artist: G-FRIEND

- Top 10 Award: Girls" Generation, A Pink, SISTAR, San E, SHINee, Big Bang, Zion.T, EXO, TOY, Hyukoh

- Best Trot Artist: Hong Jin Young

- Best RapHipHop Artist: Mad Clown; Single: "Fire"

- Best Rock Artist: Kim Sung Kyu; Single: "The Answer"

- Best Ballad Artist: Baek Ah Yeon; Single: "Shouldn"t Have"

- MBC Music Star Award: EXID

- 1TheK Performance Award: MONSTA X

- Netizen Popularity Award: Big Bang

- Best Male Dance Group: BTS

- Best Female Dance Group: Red Velvet

- Hot Trend Award: 2015 Infinity Challenge Music Festival

- Album of the Year: EXO; EXODUS

- Song of the Year: Big Bang; Single: "Bang Bang Bang"

- Artist of the Year: Big Bang

Oh My Girl’s Binnie Sheds Tears At the Considered Her Father Back Home

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Oh My Girl’s Binnie Sheds Tears At the concept of Her Father Back Home Oh My Girl‘s Binnie cried fascinated by her father back home.

On the November four broadcast of “Weekly Idol,” Oh My woman got here as a guest for the primary time on the show.

During one a section of the show, Oh My Girl’s Binnie starts tearing up when she sings a cheering song for her dad. She starts off being very lovely yet finally ends up in tears.

Seeing her cry, the MCs ask what’s wrong. She replies with, “I omit my dad.”

MC Defconn asks if Binnie is generally filled with aegyo against her dad and she replies, “Yes.”

Binnie continues to explain, “My native land is Chuncheon, Kangwon-do. I can’t seek suggestion from very often.”

Defconn asks, “When is the final time you visited home?” and Binnie says, “About a month ago, during Chuseok,” which surprises the MCs.

Video BTOB plays horny edition of ′Way Back Home′ on ′Today′s Room′

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Video BTOB plays horny edition of ′Way Back Home′ on ′Today′s Room′

--> BTOB has taken over Today′s Room.

The BTOB individuals were on a project to discover the King of making a song in the staff at the October 28 broadcast of the show.

Il Hoon chose to sing BTOB′s It′s Okay, unveiling his hidden vocal skills.

Min Hyuk was once the final member to take on the karaoke machine, and in spite of struggling with a cold, he controlled to thieve the #1 spot from Chang Sub, scoring 97 points.

The spotlight of the show, however, changed into BTOB′s functionality of Way Back Home, all through the segment in which visitors will have to carry out their song in a new way.

BTOB showed lovers a fantastic time with a ′killer smile′ version and an attractive version.

Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Lee Deok-hwa buys Han Chae-ah to take her to his home

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Spoiler 'The Merchant: Gaekju 2015' Lee Deok-hwa buys Han Chae-ah to take her to his home

On the October 21st episode of KBS" "The Merchant: Gaekju 2015", Seok-joo (Lee Deok-hwa) visited So-sa"s house. So-sa (Han Chae-ah) served food to Seok-joo, who got here as a guest. Seok-joo complained the food was once too humble. So-sa said, "It is the healthy food our seniors in this space had been taking phase in for generations". Seok-joo become satisfied to listen the explanation.

When Seok-joo came out to the backyard of So-sa"s house, he ordered to burn the entire pictorial that had So-sa"s portraits. So-sa"s father attempted to save the pictorials whilst saying, "I paid numerous cash for those art work to sell my daughter as a mistress".

Seok-joo announced, "You don"t want these books any more. I"m going to take you with me. I"m bringing you to my residence", which shocked So-sa.

BTOB move 'Way Back Home' with their first actual trophy from 'Show Champion'

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BTOB move 'Way Back Home' with their first actual trophy from 'Show Champion'

Whoooo, congratulations to BTOB on their win on "Show Champion" for their candy track, "Way Back Home"!

The music show tweeted on October 21, "The "Champion Song" on "Show Champion" on October 21 is..?  It"s "Way Back Home" by potential of BTOB, who has climbed the trail to the peak! Unfortunately, Sungjae used to be not able to be here with them, yet we sincerely congratulate BTOB on winning the "Champion Song," their first win since their debut."

That is indeed an out of this world mark in their careers!  Congrats, boys!

10월21일 쇼챔피언"챔피언송"은? 정상의길에 올라선 비투비의 입니다! 아쉽게 성재가 자리에 함께하지 못했는데요, 데뷔 후 첫 1위를 수상한 비투비의 챔피언송 수상을 진심으로 축하드립니다^^

— SHOWCHAMPION (@showchampion1) October 21, 2015

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Get Emotional With BtoB’s “Way Back Home”

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20151015_seoulbeats_btob_waybackhome09 Get Emotional With BtoBs Way Back Home Written by Madi On October 16, 2015 BtoB is back after their first full album, Complete, with their 7th mini album entitled, I Mean. With their return comes their title track called, Way Back Home. Despite their busy schedules, especially Sung-jae and Min-hyuk with their respective drama filming, the boys were able to come together to deliver an eight minute storytelling music video to accompany their song.

The humming and steps that open the song instantly set the tone for what’s to come next. It throws the listener into a bit of nostalgia, because you can’t deny you’ve never hummed a song while walking home or anywhere. Next, the soft accents are heard, leading into a calm feel and reflective state which the song focuses on. The vocals and harmonies are never overpowering and are filled with emotions. Even the rap sections flow with the melody and continue to tell the story where the singing left off. This song toys with the idea that it’s a track to be emotional over. If the music doesn’t get you to feel that way, the music video will and possibly have you shedding some tears by the end.

The video is reminiscent of g.o.d.s To My Mother. And if thats too old to be recognizable: EXOs Guardian, Suho, for MNET’s EXO 902014 did a MV rendition of the original video. The only difference is the son plays a rebellious role that directly affects the mother. In BtoBs case, the mother isnt overbearing with concern and Il-hoon isnt disrespectful towards her outside of the part where he doesnt return home for a night.

Also, there’s never a point where it’s too late to say, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’. In Il-hoons case, hes trying to take on all of his problems on his own and starts going down the wrong path because of it. Believing in the fact that his mother may have enough problems and concerns of her own, he doesnt want to burden her with any more. But thats the issue. Family are the ones who can help and shelter you from the internal storms youre facing. And if the stereotypically aspect of family doesnt work for you, remember that ‘family’ doesn’t have to be blood related.

Il-hoon is a student trying to focus on his upcoming boxing competition, receiving an overbearing amount of pressure from his coach. Best friend Chang-sub is a high school dropout that seems to try to make money any which way he can. He’s either picking on other students like Sung-jaeor stealing. Il-hoon doesn’t come off as a bad kid, but Chang-sub’s attitude and actions rub off on him. Sure, they make beat up a person working as a mascot for fun when they’re together, but when Chang-sub pickpockets the man who is passed out from drinking too much, Il-hoon is definitely not okay with that.

When the two friends fail to receive what they believe is unacceptable payment for selling the pickpocketed phone, they run into Hyun-sik. Chang-sub is oblivious at first to the tension and awkwardness that surrounds the three of them. A flashback helps to explain the uncomfortable air between Il-hoon and Hyun-sik. Additionally, it reveals the pressure of favoritism Il-hoon is receiving from his coach.

Granted, Il-hoon and Hyun-sik are friends (or maybe at this point, were friends), but they’re also competing for a spot in the competition. When Hyun-sik doesn’t live up to the coach’s expectations, the young adult takes it out on the coach. This results in a dismissal of consideration for the competition and Il-hoon is chosen instead. So naturally, while Hyun-sik lets his anger get the best of him, he’s also jealous of Il-hoon for replacing him for something he believed he was qualified for.

The next members to be revealed are Peniel and Eun-kwang who play gangster lackeys. They intentionally bump into Chang-sub and Il-hoon and steal the money they received from the pawn shop. Very important lesson here: never carry money out in the open; you are inviting trouble.

This scene brings up a good question: Il-hoon is a boxer, so why didn’t he fight back? When the thugs walk away, he questions the same thing via the expression on his face. Theres two reasons for this. In situations, like the one he found himself in, sometimes the mind can’t process what’s going on because the event occurs suddenly. Plainly, you blank out and, in his case, forget how to fight back and only move to defend yourself.

Another is that thugs have the potential to kill you or leave you for dead if they choose to. Like most robbers, they want your money or something of valuable worth and aren’t seeking to injure anyone, or if they do, not badly. Give them what they want and they’ll leave you alone. This only takes Chang-sub longer to comprehend because there’s most likely a good reason why he’s pawning off items for money, so the money is more important than what it is actually worth.

Hitting the climax of the video, two signs outside of the apartment complex are about guaranteeing the right to housing, standing against forced evictions, and if they lose their homes, where are they supposed to go? Residents of the housing complex are outside, including Il-hoon’s mother. A black van shows up at the scene and some familiar people step out of it. Chang-sub, Hyuk-sik, and Il-hoon getting out of the vehicle together links back to the awkward tension conversation earlier. While the conversation isn’t fully understood, Hyun-sik, who seems to be working with the thugs, tells the other two, ‘If you do this, I’ll/they’ll give you 500,000 won’. They’re behind the idea until Chang-sub points out that Il-hoon’s mother is a protester.

While the mother does what she can to protect herself, when she is targeted, Il-hoon goes to save her and shield her from oncoming blows. When Chang-sub involves himself in protecting the both of them, he becomes the new target until Il-hoon steps in. Finally, he uses his boxing skills to land and dodge blows.

That’s short-lived as Hyun-sik gets involved and takes his frustrations out of Il-hoon for two reasons. Il-hoon protecting his mother messes up the operation but also to gives him a chance to take out his anger on the other boy for taking his spot in the competition. Chang-sub breaks up the fight and his best friend instantly goes to his mother, but is pulled away when police sirens are heard. Why? Technically, they were on the side of the bad guys, so being at the scene and sustaining injuries like they did, would make them liable for starting the involvement.

Since all the frustration was let out during the previous fight scene, Hyuk-sik apologizes, Chang-sub makes the two make up, and the three are off to being friends again. Hyuk-sik and Chang-sub set themselves straight and return to school, Il-hoon shapes up and even gets a love interest, and the two once rivals are back to doing what they both love, boxing. At the end of it all, now that everyone’s lives are set back on track, Il-hoon spends time with his family and his mother looks to his boxing gloves; the sport saved their lives.

The acting in the video is good and believable. The scenes flow perfectly and most go without feeling stiff or awkward. The only thing that felt off was Peniel beating up Il-hoon and Chang-sub.He seemed confused and unsure of what to do. Maybe he’s a new lackey and it’s his first job, I don’t know.

The exact situation the MV sets up may not be relatable to most, but it gets the point across easily and can hit home with anyone. The storyline is easy to understand and can be changed to reflect one’s own situation without altering the meaning.

The lyrics alone remind the listener of a time in their life where their surroundings became too difficult to deal with. When emotions bubble up inside of you, you try to stay strong and act like nothing wrong. But family, or linking with the video, a mother, knows when you’re trying too hard and will wait for you. When you finally realize that things aren’t okay, they will be here for you.

Also, they serve as a reminder that it’s acceptable to rely on the strength of others when you’re having a weak moment. Even if the world turns its back on you, there is still someone there to support you at all times. There’s no section of the track I can highlight; the song in its entirely holds a deep meaning and should be read and understood. This is definitely a reflection and comfort song.

Readers, tell me: by portraying the lyrics in the music video, do you think BtoB did the song justice? Was there anything you disliked about their title track?

(Cube Entertainment, YouTube [1][2])

BTOB Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of ′Way Back Home′ MV

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BTOB Releases Behind-the-Scenes Video of ′Way Back Home′ MV

--> BTOB has taken fanatics in the back of the scenes of its newest song video Way Back Home.

BTOB released the making of video of 7th mini album lead unmarried Way Back Home by way of its legitimate Naver Starcast channel on October 16. The video captures the BTOB individuals filming at the street, a vacant lot and the Han River for the music video. The lads in class uniforms for the faculty scene are collecting specific interest.

Lee Chang Sub, who plays a bad student who extorts cash from Yook Sung Jae in the music video, seemed in particular happy, announcing "Today is the day I in any case take Sung Jae′s money," drawing laughs.

Upon wrapping the shoot, BTOB said, "It was once a meaningful and amusing music video filming. all the members seem as fun characters, so we ask for your passion and please watch. BTOB is at all times by your side, so remain robust today. Fighting!"

Meanwhile, BTOB will carry out Way Back Home for the primary time on a big network on KBS′ Music Bank on October 16.

BTOB are as dorky as ever in photoshoot making video for 'Way Back Home'

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BTOB are as dorky as ever in photoshoot making video for 'Way Back Home'

Seriously, here is why we adore BTOB. When it"s time to be pro and serious to get a excellent photo, they no doubt are. yet anytime else...that"s a other story.

The participants are as dorky and 4D as they most often are in the recent making video, as they shoot their teaser footage for "Way Back Home". Especially Eunkwang and Changsub are especially hyper and in an even mood.

Check it out above! Are you playing their new song "Way Back Home"?

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