Latest 'Gangnam Style' Parody Features Ole Miss Football Manager

Latest 'Gangnam Style' Parody Features Ole Miss Football Manager

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Latest 'Gangnam Style' Parody Features Ole Miss Football Manager South Korean rapper Psy performs at KIIS FMs Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles in this December 2012 file photo.Psymay have retired "Gangnam Style" in the U.S. on New Year's Eve, but that apparently hasn't stopped people from posting parodies of the song on YouTube. The latest one to hit the video-sharing website features the Ole Miss football managers, led by Cary Joe Davis. Yahoo! Sports guessed that the managers made the video because they are "still stoked from the Rebels' bowl win against Pitt in the BBVA Compass Bowl" on January 5. The managers show off their hilariously awful dance moves to what sounds like a knock-off version of Psy's original song. Check out the video below.


Ai Weiwei Takes Swipe at Gov't Censorship with 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Ai Weiwei Takes Swipe at Gov't Censorship with 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Ai Weiwei Takes Swipe at Gov't Censorship with 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei released his parody of Psy's "Gangnam Style" on Wednesday to show his contempt for the Chinese government.

The political dissident said he decided to make the video after learning that a friend's home had been demolished by the authorities.

In the music video entitled "Grass Mud Horse Style", Ai twirls a pair of handcuffs and appears chained to a friend as he dances to Psy's hit song with friends.

Grass Mud Horse, or "cao ni ma" in Chinese, also translates as a widely used obscenity. In this usage, Ai is seen as using it to criticize the Chinese government's censorship and control over the Internet.



Another "Gangnam Style" Parody, 'Obama Style'

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Another Gangnam Style Parody, Obama StylePsyhas been number 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart for the past 11 days. There have been many different versions of his song online. This time, it is a 'Obama Style' parody.

Most "Gangnam Style" parodies are funny, but this one has completely different lyrics that are in english and just the melody is the same.

There are over 9,000 different videos online that have something to do with "Gangnam Style." There are different musical versions as well as different countries versions.


Psy Asks for a Reinstatement of the 15 Fired for Making a Parody of

Psy Asks for a Reinstatement of the 15 Fired for Making a Parody of "Gangnam Style"

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Psy Gangnam StyleYesterday (September 14) during an interview with MTV, Psy expressed his thoughts and concerns regarding the 15 people that were fired after making a parody of his "Gangnam Style" music video.

Last month, 15 lifeguards in California were fired after uploading their parody of "Gangnam Style." In creating their video called "Lifeguard Style", the 15 people used the city's swimming pool without any consent from the appropriate people.

During his interview with MTV, Psy stated that he will try his best to help out the lifeguards who have been fired. Psy stated, "Unfortunately, I'm a rookie here. When I become a big star here, I really want to help them out because that's not fair. What did they do? They weren't wrong? I think it was off duty - that's what I heard. They can be more flexible to each other."

Psy continued, "If you may know me or not, but if you know me and if not sooner you're going to know me, I'm begging you to not fire please, because they were enjoying their souls with some other cultures and it was even off duty... so please if you know me."

To see more of Psy's interview with MTV, visit:


PSY himself to star in parody video of Gangnam Style

PSY himself to star in parody video of Gangnam Style

PSY himself features in parody video of “Gangnam Style”

Singer PSY has acted in a parody video of his own “Gangnam Style” MV.

In the video, swimmers danced the ‘horse riding’ at the same time, dancing to “Gangnam Style”. Although parody videos “Gangnam Style” is nothing new, this video is different because it features PSY himself in the clip. It was disclosed that PSY’s US manager Scooter Braun created the video and published it on YouTube. He is the one that discovered international pop star Justin Bieber.

PSY officially contracted with his US management agency on September 5th and attacked a brand new market. It seems that this video was created when PSY first met with Braun.

Braun shared the video to his official Facebook,

Yes, it’s the real PSY. We decided to create a remake video while having BBQ in the garden.”

Watch it below!

SourceImage : SportsChosun via Nate


14 California Lifeguards Fired for "Gangnam Style" Parody

14 California Lifeguards Fired for "Gangnam Style" Parody

14 California Lifeguards Fired for Gangnam Style ParodySeveral days ago, fourteen lifeguards in El Monte, California, lost their jobs over a Gangnam Style parody video. The reason? Because they filmed on city property wearing the city issued uniforms without permission. According to the group, all footage was recorded while off duty and off the clock. While PSYs viral hit Gangnam Style has sparked plenty of other parodies, none has been as costly as the Lifeguard Style. 

Robert Alaniz, a spokesperson for the city of El Monte, released a statement in regards of the termination of the fourteen employees. 

“While the City of El Monte cannot comment on the specifics of this situation because it involves personnel issues, we can say that each of the employees dismissed were either part-time and/or seasonal at-will employees, who upon their employment, were each required to acknowledge and sign an Acknowledgement that states that they would ‘under no circumstances use any city property for his/her own private use or benefit. Such unauthorized use shall be cause for disciplinary action.There was a clear unauthorized use of city resources and property, including the use of city issued uniforms during the making of this unauthorized video. The City maintains that it holds all employees to a higher standard

The former lifeguards have filed a petition to the city to get their jobs back. Theyve also launched a Facebook page titled Bring Back the 14 El Monte Lifeguards and achieved over 12,000 followers. 

Meanwhile, Lifeguard Style has gotten over 1.2 million views on Youtube. Check out the video below! 

What do Soompiers think? Do  you think that the El Monte lifeguards were rightfully terminated?


The parody video of Jay Leno with PSYs Gangnam Style to reveal

The parody video of Jay Leno with PSYs Gangnam Style to reveal

Jay Leno parodies Mitt Romney’s RNC Entrance with PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

An American late night comedy talk show on NBC which was ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno‘, showed PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” mediately on August 31st.

Host Jay Leno was talking about how Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and disclosed how to attract to the younger demographic with his entrance at the Republican National Convention. In addition, the clip which he parodied  Mitt Romney’s head dancing to “Gangnam Style” was revealed.

Watch funny clip below!

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Big Bangs Seungri makes a parody of Psys Gangnam Style

Big Bangs Seungri makes a parody of Psys Gangnam Style

Big Bangs Seungri makes a parody of Psys Gangnam Style Big Bangs Seungri recently attracted attention by making a parody of Psys Gangnam Style.

On August 20, Seungri uploaded a video on his me2day account with the comment, Big Bangs Seungri made a parody of Psys Gangnam Style. Psy, please dont forget about me even if you become a world-famous star. What are your styles?

In the video, Seungri steps out as Gangnam Style is played. He shows off his talent and passion, raising his hands high.

Seungri especially attracts attention with his dance to the chorus part. His serious face gets a lot of laughs.

People responded: Youre Gwangju style. You look so cute at the end. Im curious about Big Bangs version. You surely know how to dance.

Big Bang will hold a concert tour of Asia, starting in Singapore on September 28.

Source: TV Report


Top 10 Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Parody Videos!

Top 10 Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Parody Videos!

Psy, Gangnam Style, Parody

Top 10 Psy's 'Gangnam Style' Parody Videos! Top 10 Psys Gangnam Style Parody Videos!Rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style" has been heating up the internet worldwide.

With just one month of its release, Psy has been featured on numerous websites, blogs, tv shows, news and celebrities' twitters. His music video has hit over 28 million views on Youtube and has ranked number 1 for Youtube's 'most viewed' list.

It has also been announced that Psy will be flying to L.A on August 15 to meet with Justin Bieber's agency to discuss a possible collaboration.

Today, Psy also released the second version of this music video, featuring HyunAfrom 4minute. You can watch the new version here.

It seems that the whole world has been shaken up by this "Gangnam Style" as people from all over the world show their take on this music video.

Which One is Your Favorite? Our Top 10 "Gangnam Style"Parody Picks!


"Gangnam Style" Parody Is Gaining Much Interest "Hongdae Style"[VIDEO]

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hongdae styleWith Psy's hit "Gangnam Style" taking over the music scene, a parody of the song "Hongdae Style" is receiving hot responses from viewers.

On one online community board, a video titled "Hongdae Style" was revealed.

In the video, a man parodies the original music video using Hongdae rather than Gangnam as the background.

The man is seen wearing black sunglasses like Psy, and also performs the "horse riding" dance as well as the elevator scene from the original music video. The parody is gaining much interest among viewers.

Internet users who watched the video commented, "Hongdae Style oppa is so cool", "Who is that guy?", and "I guess '__ Style' is now the new trend."

Photo Credit: Online Community