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K-Star Road holds it opening ceremony in Gangnam

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K-Star Road holds it opening ceremony in Gangnam

On March 12, the opening ceremony of K-star Road was held at the plaza in front of Apgujeong Galleria East in Gangnam with the participation of many kpop stars.

The K-Star ROAD will be 400 meters long from Galleria East to SM Entertainment building. Many giant art toys will be displayed along the road, each of them representing a leading K-pop star.The toys name is GangnamDol, which is a combination of "Gangnam" and Idol.

The creators hope the road will attract more and more tourists to Korea, just as the U.K.s Abbey Road.

F.T. Island, EXO, CNBLUE, Girls" Generation, and Super Junior attend opening ceremony of K-Star Road in Gangnam!

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F.T. Island, EXO, CNBLUE, Girls

Iconic K-Pop idol stars from FNC and SM Entertainment were recently spotted at the unveiling of the new tourist hotspot K-Star Road in Gangnam.

On this day, several K-pop idols including F.T. Island"s Jonghun and Jaejin, CNBLUE"S Jungshin and Minhyuk, Super Junior"s Leeteuk, EXO"s Suho, and Girls" Generation"s Yuri attended the ceremony, where they shared their thoughts on this newest attraction.

Some of the idols who attended the ceremony also shared photos on their respective Instagram accounts, drawing attention to their dashing looks as they celebrate the opening of K-Star Road.

EXO"s Suho commented, "I was there last year when they were just starting [to build] K-Star Road, so being here is really meaningful [to me]. I hope that many people take pictures wish us Gangnam-dols, and make unforgettable memories while spreading the Hallyu wave."

Meanwhile, K-Star Road is an urban walking course located in Seoul"s affluent Gangnam district. It links high end shopping to headquarters of major Korean entertainment companies and is expected to become one of the must-visit locations for tourists as well as fans. 

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Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in "Idol Star Olympics" basketball tournament

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Jinwoon leads the Gangnam Lakers to gold in

The basketball tournament for MBC"s "Idol Star Olympics" ended on February 20 with Gangnam Lakers coming out for the gold! The team, which had Jinwoon as the captain and Jackson, Jun Woo Sung, and HISTORY"s Na Do Gyun as the members went up against the Mani Keun Jordan Team, which has Kangin as the captain and Tao, INFINITE"s L and Sungjong, BTOB"s Minhyuk and Sungjae, and MYNAME"s Insoo as members, ultimately earned the silver.

The Gangnam Lakers team continuously moved forward, but the Mani Keun Jordan Teamgrasped a chance to achieve a turnaround. Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Insoo,who really impressed with his skills throughout the whole tournament, had an and-1 opportunity with three minutes left on the clock, and even shot in the free throw which gave his team a 15 to 14 lead.

The game was back and forth throughout and as the Mani Keun Jordan Team was trailing 18 to 15 with 5.7 seconds on the clock, Insoo had an opportunity to tie it with 3 free throws because he was fouled at the 3-point line. Unfortunately, he only made one of the three free throws and his team had a lane violation for the third free throw which put Jinwoon at the foul line. Jinwoon missed both free throws but Gangnam Lakers"Jackson was able to grab the rebound and was immediately fouled.With 2.4 seconds left on the clock, Jackson got a free throw in, making the score 19 to 16!

After rebounding Jackson"s second missed free throw attempt, Mani Keun Jordan Team"s Minhyuk was fouled with just 0.3 seconds left on the clock. He made the first free throwand the score was 19 to 17. The only hope left was to purposely miss the second free throw and hope to score a tap in off a rebound to tie the game. Unfortunately, he airballed the second free throw attempt and the Gangnam Lakers took possession of the ball.

In the end, Gangnam Lakers won 19 to 17, earning the gold! Impressively enough, their team captain Jinwoon scored 15 points alone, proving to be an MVP.

Lee Min Ho Talks About "Role Models" Co-Star Kim Rae Won In "Gangnam Blues"

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Lee Min Ho Talks About

Hallyu star Lee Min Ho cemented his mark in Korean Wave of fame through television dramas such as "Boys Over Flowers," "City Hunter, " "Personal Taste," and "The Heirs."

Now, “Gangnam 1970,” in which the actor has his first-ever big screen lead role, has broken records at the box office as the first movie in 2015 to draw 2 million viewers. “Gangnam 1970” accomplished the feat within just 18 days of its release, showcasing Lee Min Ho’s clout as a top Hallyu star.

In an interview with News1, Lee Min Ho shared about why he waited until his late twenties to film a movie, “I received a flood of casting offers for movies after ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ but I always had the ambition to do [a movie] in my late 20s when I would be able to embody the weightiness [required] of the film genre.”

Through “Gangnam 1970,” Lee Min Ho was able to star alongside actor Kim Rae Won, whom he has named as his biggest role model since his debut. He said, “Kim Rae Won hyung was in my first management agency. He was a sunbae who had this aura that made me happy just being able to see him. Even now, he’s a good hyung and sunbae to me. I think it is a great experience and privilege to be able to work with [Kim Rae Won] after all these years.”

The actor also addressed hearsay that the director of “Gangnam 1970,” renowned director Yoo Ha, is a perfectionist, “Director Yoo Ha? (Laughs). I heard that he is very detailed, but I never filmed a scene more than three times. I think it might also be because I prepared myself a lot mentally. [Director Yoo Ha] also cared for me a lot. I heard that this was one of the more easygoing [films] for [Director Yoo Ha].”

Meanwhile, “Gangnam 1970” was recently purchased by Chinese distributors at the highest price of any Korean film ever sold. The film, which is currently being edited for Chinese release, is set for a March premiere.

Lee Min-ho to Star in “Gangnam Blues”

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20141112_seoulbeats_leeminho Lee Min-ho to Star in Gangnam Blues Written by Hania On November 13, 2014 One of Korea’s most dashing heartthrobs, Lee Min-ho, will be gracing our screens again in December, to the delight of his fans. However, this time he’ll be trying out the big screen rather than his usual drama roles, providing an interesting change. Lee Min-ho is set to be the lead for Gangnam Blues, playing the role of Jong-dae, with his renowned co-star Kim Rae-won playing Yong-ki, and director Yu Ha behind the helm.

Jong-dae and Yong-ki are brothers in every way except by blood, having grown up at the same orphanage. In their adulthood, they struggle to make ends meet and end up collecting rubbish for a living. The men are then swept up into the rapid industrial development of Gangnam, getting involved in gang turf wars and having their bond tested as a result.

The cast also features Jung Jin-young, a familiar face from legendary films like Miracle in Cell No. 7, and AoA’s young Seol Hyun, making her movie debut.

As we know, Lee Min-ho has more experience on the small screen, starring in hits such as Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter and The Heirs. Audiences are used to seeing him with flawless, dewy skin and donning neat outfits. In Gangnam Blues, however, Lee Min-ho has scruffy stubble, a smattering of scratches on his face and wears dishevelled clothing, presenting an altogether new image. His transition from a smooth romantic lead to a gangster in a historical action thriller will be interesting to see, with the trailer hinting at some promising fight scenes.

This film questions how far people will sacrifice their ties with their loved ones for greed, and looks set to be a thrilling journey. Fans will have to wait just a month or two for Gangnam Blues to be released in Korea, looking likely to be a huge hit!

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Kim Rae Won to Star in “Gangnam Blues” with Lee Min Ho

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Kim Rae Won to Star in “Gangnam Blues” with Lee Min Ho Actor Kim Rae Won confirmed his appearance in movie "Gangnam Blues".

On the 18th, Kim Rae Won"s agency HB Entertainment claimed that "Kim Rae Won finalized his decision; it"s been a long time since his last moive - Kim Rae Won is set on bringing his best to the screen through thorough character analysis".

Kim Rae Won, who captured women"s hearts with his dandy and gentle image, seeks to transform into a character with tough charisma through his efforts to mold himself to the role both internally and externally.

"Gangnam Blues" is directed by Yoo Ha, who produced "Once Upon a Time in High School", "A Dirty Carnival", and "A Frozen Flower". Set in 1970 Gangnam, the action noir film illustrates the political struggle for power and the dark influences of society. Actor Lee Min Ho has also been cast for the film.

Gangnam Style Star Hyuna, 4minute on SNL Korea 'School Uniforms and Sexy Comedy'

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Gangnam Style Star Hyuna, 4minute on SNL Korea 'School Uniforms and Sexy Comedy' Hyun A, 4Minute on SNL Korea ‘School Uniforms and Sexy Comedy’International sexy star, Hyuna, from the music video of "Gangnam Style" will host Saturday Night Live Korea on April 27 along with the members of 4Minute.

Famous for rated-R comedy, this week's episode of SNL Korea is expected to even go farther than it has before.

Hyun A has always embraced her sexy image, putting on successful track records with "Troublemaker" and "Bubble Pop" both of which were not exactly family friendly due to its sexual contents in music videos as well as its promiscuous lyrics. She may have just found the perfect stage for her to showcase her sexiness--this time, through a medium of comedy.

A staff member from SNL Korea revealed that Hyun A is a huge fan of SNL Korea. "She has watched nearly all of the episodes. Even though 4Minute is extremely tight on schedule since they have a lot on their plate after making a comeback with the new album, they insisted on making this show happen. They are very excited" he added.

After a one-year hiatus, 4Minute has just come back with their new album, My Name is 4Minute, and title song, "What Is Your Name?" They begin their official performances today, April 26.

Psy's Manager Originally Wanted 'Gangnam Style' Copyright For New Justin Bieber Version: 'He Was Not Interested In Who I Was' Star Says [VIDEO]

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Psy, Psy Gangnam Style, GentlemanPsy, Gentleman

Psy's Manager Originally Wanted 'Gangnam Style' Copyright For New Justin Bieber Version: 'He Was Not Interested In Who I Was' Star Says [VIDEO] there was a time when even his manager Scooter Braun didn't believe that Psy (shown onstage here) could ever recreate the success of Gangnam Style--the most watched YouTube clip in history.Psy's Manager Originally Wanted 'Gangnam Style' Copyright For New Justin Bieber Version: 'He Was Not Interested In Who I Was' Star Says [VIDEO] there was a time when even his manager Scooter Braun (pictured) didn't believe that Psy could ever recreate the success of Gangnam Style--the most watched YouTube clip in history.With his new smash hit "Gentleman" still racking up YouTube views by the hundreds of millions, Psy has proved that he is an international sensation who is here to stay.

Yet there was a time when even his manager Scooter Braun didn't believe that Psy could ever recreate the success of "Gangnam Style"--the most watched YouTube clip in history, seeing him as more of a one-hit wonder.

"When Scooter Braun first contacted me, he was not interested in who I was as an artist," Psy said Monday on the South Korean radio show, "Bae Chul-soo's Music Camp."

"He wanted to buy my copyright to 'Gangnam Style' so that he could mix it up and have Justin Bieber sing it."

Psy decided that he and Braun should discuss the matter in person, so he hopped a plane to the U.S. to meet with his future manager.

"It was during my flight that Scooter Braun got to see one of my concert clips," Psy said. "He wanted to know whether I can speak English and, if so, he wanted to sign a contract with me."

Braun became Psy's manager, "Gangnam Style" became an international juggernaut and the rest, as they say, is history.

And about that talk of him being a one-hit wonder?

Psy's video for "Gentleman" has already broken YouTube records for a second time, after it was watched 50 million times in the first 24 hours it was online.

"Gentleman" decimated the previous record for most views in a single day held by the video for Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" which got a mere 8 million views.

Hot on the heels of the smash hit follow-up to "Gangnam Style," Psy will again be flying to the U.S., to begin a promotional tour starting on Thursday.

Only this time, with Braun in his corner and the world at his feet, we're guessing he's flying first class.

Watch Psy's hit follow-up music video to "Gangnam Style," the much anticipated "Gentleman" RIGHT HERE: