“Star King” Finishing After nine Years

“Star King” Finishing After nine Years

Star King Finishing later onnine Yearskokoberry July 19, 2016 0 Star King Ending After 9 Years LikedsortdisplayCelebrity King can be ending its run very soon.

SBSs Star King aired its first episode on January 13, 2007. The provebrieflychanged into popular as it supplied many laughs and moved hearts. A lot of talented individuals, approximately 3,000 or so, were visitorsat the show. Star King used to bethe primarydiversity prove to feature non-celebrities as the stars of the show. The basis of the show was to show off non-celebrities with suddenabilities or special stories.

Kang Ho Dong has been the main MC of the show. His call has grow to benearly synonymous with Star King. Leeteuk also joined him as an MC and has been with the show for a long time.

While filming their ultimate episode on July 18, the MCs spread out about how they felt about the finish of the show. Kang Ho Dong said, Star King was my lifes school. I learned anythingeach moment I stood in this stage. I sincerely thank everybody who has been a a phase of knocking on the door of Star King which was a window that helped dreams to come true and no longer exist lost in this difficult world.

The last episode of Star King will air on August 9. Its follow-up show has yet to be decided.

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Han Hyo Joo Has Not anything  Yet  Compliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In “W”

Han Hyo Joo Has Not anything Yet Compliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In “W”

Han Hyo Joo Has Not anythingYetCompliment For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In WJiwonYu July 18, 2016 0 Han Hyo Joo Has Nothing But Praise For Co-Star Lee Jong Suk In W Actress Han Hyo Joo has complimented how fantastic her co-star Lee Jong Suk is either as an individual and an actor.

During the clickingconvention for the recent Wednesday-Thursday drama W, Han Hyo Joo praised him, saying, The role that Lee Jong Suk plays in the drama is handsome, sexy, and has super manners. She continued, Lee Jong Suk is similar to that. Hes a guy who doesnt lack anything.

After hearing Han Hyo Joo praise him, Lee Jong Suk returned the compliments, saying, Han Hyo Joo is bright, tall, and pretty. She also has a fascinating way of talking.

The beautifulenvironment between the 2 raises the anticipation in their drama W, that may air on July 20 at 10 p.m. KST.

Watch the trailer below, and also take a glance atthe newest teaser stills here.

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Embarrassing Television  Pictures Of Dok2 Printed On “Radio Star”

Embarrassing Television Pictures Of Dok2 Printed On “Radio Star”

Embarrassing TelevisionPictures Of Dok2 Printed On Radio Big name soojji July 13, 2016 0 Embarrassing TV Footage Of Dok2 Revealed On Radio Star On July 13, MBCs Radio Star featured Dok2, Kim Bo Sung, U-KISSs Dongho, and Joo Woo Jae as visitors for the displays Turn Up My Lifestyles special. All the manner through this episode, rapper Dok2 revealed that he gave the impression on beyondform program Sponge 3 times as an experiment guy ten years ago.

Footage of a tender Dok2 at the aspect of rapper MicroDot in a tub with towels wrapped around their heads was once shown. Dok2 responds, Thats funny. I truly likethe onesforms of things. Loversstay sending me videos like that pronouncing its an embarrassing past, yet I revel in it.

MC Kim Gura asks, Am i ready to send them too? Dok2 responds, Please text them to me.

In this episode, Dok2 also talks about how he desires to spread hope to people. I would like todisplay that despite the truth that Ive lived a utterly unique life, have plenty of tattoos, and am short, anyone like me can bea success doing what I love.

Watch a clip of the prove below:

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Liam Neeson Has The Very best  Compliment For Operation Chromite Co-Star Lee Jung Jae

Liam Neeson Has The Very best Compliment For Operation Chromite Co-Star Lee Jung Jae

Liam Neeson Has The EasiestCompliment For “Operation Chromite” Co-Star Lee Jung Jaeilmare42 July 13, 2016 0 Liam Neeson Has The Highest Praise For “Operation Chromite” Co-Star Lee Jung Jae Liam Neeson and Lee Jung Jae mighthandiestseemin briefin combination in the movie “Operation Chromite,” yet Lee Jung Jae has obviously left a lasting impact on his fellow actor.

During a press convention for the film in Seoul on July 13, Liam Neeson was once asked what he concept about Lee Jung Jae. The Hollywood star answers by way of explaining first that he’s been in around seventy movies then far, and so he knows a true actor when he sees one.

“Lee Jung Jae is a genuine actor,” he says. “He has a sexy quality of stillness. As a performer, it made me feel very comfortable and at ease because I used to berunning amongstan attractive fellow professional.”

“Operation Chromite” is a Korean film in accordance with the Combat of Inchon during the Korean War. It stars Lee Jung Jae and Lee Beom Soo, with Liam Neeson taking the role of Douglas MacArthur, the yank leader of the United International locations forces in Korea during the primarypart of the war. The film could be opening in theaters on July 27 in Korea.

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Lee Dong Hwi Stocks Photo With “Entourage” Co-Star Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Dong Hwi Stocks Photo With “Entourage” Co-Star Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Dong Hwi Stocks Photo With Entourage Co-Star Lee Kwang Sooleonid July 10, 2016 0 Lee Dong Hwi Shares Photo With Entourage Co-Star Lee Kwang Soo Actors Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Kwang Soo captured their close courting in a photo.

On July 10, Lee Dong Hwi uploaded an image of the 2 actors in combinationhaving a look cheerful and chummy, with Lee Dong Hwis arm around Lee Kwang Soos shoulders.

The warm friendship between the two actors is conveyed throughout the black-and-white image, which Lee Dong Hwi posted with the caption, Pricey my friend, as a connection with tvN drama Dear My Friends, which Lee Kwang Soo seems in.

The two friends are showedcontributors of the ensemble headlining tvNs upcoming U.S. series remake of Entourage, a drama about the each day lives of fellows in the entertainment industry, which also stars SEO Kang Joon, Park Jung Min, Jo Jin Woong, Ahn So Hee, and Kim Hye In.

Entourage has begun filming and might bean absolutely pre-produced drama.

A photo posted by way of 이동휘

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Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXO’s Xiumin With Never-ending Compliments

Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXO’s Xiumin With Never-ending Compliments

Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXOs Xiumin With Never-ending Complimentskminjungee July 7, 2016 0 Jo Jae Hyun Showers Co-Star EXOs Xiumin With Unending Compliments In a up to date interview, Jo Jae Hyun has not anythingyetcompliment for his Seondal: The guy Who Sells the River co-star, EXOs Xiumin.

In the movie, Jo Jae Hyun plays Sung Dae Ryun, Joseons maximumrobust authority figure, whilst Xiumin plays Gyun Yi, a con man-in-training who looks up to his savior, Kim Seon Dal (played by potential of Yoo Seung Ho). This production also marks the singers large screen debut.

When asked about his young co-star, Jo Jae Hyun reveals, Truthfully, I didnt know Xiumin was oncethe type ofnoted person. I couldnt have known, because he acted similar to a rookie actor mustall the manner through the script reading or even while filming on set. He wasnt arrogantly accompanied by a bigselection of staff, and wasnt pretentious simply because he became a star.

The actor describes how he never in point of fact saw the singer sitting down haughtily, and how he would at all times be status with a grin on his face.

He also compliments Xiumin on his modesty and acting skills, explaining, In the past, there were numerous idols who would take a glance at their hand at acting even if they werent ready. However, I believe thats replacedso much recently. Simply bytaking a look at Xiumin, I may see he no longerbest practiced his acting skills, but also his overall attitude.

Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River tells the tale of mythical con guy Kim Seon Dal who attempts to idiot the king so as to sell the ownerless Taedong River. According to a vintage novel, this historic heist movie premiered in South Korean theaters on July 6.

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Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A “Kiss Master”

Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A “Kiss Master”

Eric Raves About Co-Star SEO Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A Kiss Masterjun2yng July 2, 2016 0 Eric Raves About Co-Star Seo Hyun Jin, Reacts To Being Called A Kiss Master After the finish of tvN’s “Oh Hae Young Again,” Eric — who calls the drama the drama of his lifetime — had compliment later on praise for Seo Hyun Jin, and gave her all credits for the luck of the drama.

He said, “Among the staff, Seo Hyun Jin… Hae Young is often called a ‘scam character.’ Her acting is that good, and she used to be then bright on set. Despite the reality that she had a massive number of lines, or even if she didn’t sleep the evening before, she brought a truly perfectpower to the set. She’s a jewel.”

Eric went on: “Hae Young turned into a captivatingpersonality and Seo Hyun Jin in point of fact brought her to life. The naturemay havewithout difficultydevelop into annoying, yet she really portrayed her well. … Physically, I were given tired, too, after five days of filming without a sleep, but Hae Young had such so much of lines on most sensible of that. It wasn’t so bad for me because I didn’t have that many.”

Talking about the primary kiss scene he had with Seo Hyun Jin, he said, “There was quite a fewstrainas it was a large kiss scene coming after nine episodes. … And prior to Do Kyung and Hae Young kissed, Anna (Heo Young Ji) and Hoon (Heo Jung Min) had a kiss scene first, and they honestly went at it.” Eric stated that since the other couple’s kiss, they were recommendedby potential of the director to do more.

When told that lovers call Eric a “kiss master,” he laughed and said, “Even I assumed the scene where Hae Young runs to me and leads the kiss was great.”

Talking about what he likes personally, Eric said, “Whether I’m in the lead or not, I love it all.” He then went back to the topic of the drama, and said how demandingit's far to do a kiss scene in front of so many people, although IT looks just right on camera. “It’s hard for guys like me, but it’s more difficult for actresses. Making an allowance for that, Hae Young did a fantastic job.”

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Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About “Oh Hae Young Again” Co-Star Eric And His Type Personality

Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Back Co-Star Eric And His Sort PersonalityJiwonYu June 29, 2016 0 Jeon Hye Bin Talks About Oh Hae Young Again Co-Star Eric And His Kind Personality Actress Jeon Hye Bin has spoken about her Oh Hae Young Again co-star Eric in a contemporary wrap up interview on June 29.

During the interview, she says, Eric used to be a sunbae to me back in his Shinhwa days. Back in the ones days, he felt like the sort of senior to me that I couldnt even glance at his eyes.

She continues, Yet Eric as an actor feels slightly different. Hes an excessivelybeing concerned person. He's taking care of his juniors and the group of workers very well.

Jeon Hye Bin adds, I got hereto understand why Eric is so popular thru this drama. Hes a fab sunbae whose movementsdiscuss more than his words.

Meanwhile, Oh Hae Young Again has aired its remaining episode on June 28. Once you havent already, catch up to the last episode on Viki:

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Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Co-Star Showed From National Audition

Joo Won’s “My Sassy Girl” Co-Star Showed From National Audition

Joo Wons My Sassy Lady Co-Star Showed From National AuditionJiwonYu June 24, 2016 0 Joo Wons My Sassy Girl Co-Star Confirmed From Nationwide Audition The fortunate girl who can begambling Joo Wons love hobby in the drama My Sassy Girl has been chosen.

On June 24, it used to be announced that the lady who were given the role of being the sassy girl is Kim Joo Hyun.

The drama edition of My Sassy Girl deals with a equivalent storyline as the noted movie. It's far about a guy named Gun Woo who starts a troublesome yet romantic courting alongside a feisty girl. This pre-recorded drama is planned to air originally of 2017 and may also broadcast in China and Japan.

The feminine lead, Kim Joo Hyun, become picked out of a general of 1,800 folks that auditioned for the role. This audition was special since the votes were up to the public. Her wonderful acting and excellent looks captured the judges attention correct from the start. She finished missions that were given to her flawlessly and made the public love her, which in the end earned her the spot as the female lead.

Producer Oh Jin Suk, who created Yong Pal, will be accountable for My Sassy Girl and should existoperating with Joo Won again. Since their outdatedpaintings was so successful, many fanatics are expecting that this drama will be good, too.

My Sassy Girl will get started filming in August.

Are you excited for this drama?

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