Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

Park Shin Hye Will Star In Lee Hong Ki's Music Video

Park Shin Hye (Photo : Instagram)

Actress Park Shin Hye and FT Island singer-actor Lee Hong Ki have been friends since they starred together in the k-drama "You"re Beautiful." In the drama his character Jeremy had a crush on her character but lost her to Jang Geun Suk, the leader of the band Anjell. Despite his broken heart, they remained friends. In real life, Park and Lee did remain close friends, celebrating special events together and showing up to support each other"s projects.

(Photo : You"re Beautiful)

She showed up to support him when his band played at the 2015 FNC Kingdom Concert in Seoul. in 2014 she posted photos of herself dressed in pink clothing from Lee Hong Ki"s Skull Hong clothing line. Besides singing and acting, Lee is a fashion designer, songwriter and the author of a book on nail art.

In 2013 she wrote a supportive message for Lee Hong Ki"s film debut in "Rocking on Heaven"s Door." She wrote "Cheers for "Rocking on Heaven"s Door. Thank you so much Hong Star."

And in 2012, Park calld him when she appeared on the variety show "Music and Lyrics." And he paid back the compliment by participating in a call to her during a 2013 episode of Super Junior"s "Kiss The Radio Show."

The latest way Park will support her friend is to star in a music video for his first solo album.

"Despite her busy schedule, Hong Ki asked her and she promised and said it was her pleasure to appear in his music video," said a reperesentative from FNC Entertainment.

Lee began acting as a child but he has been the lead vocalist of FT Islandsince 2007. The band started 2015 with a world tour, called the "2015 FTISLAND FTHX Tour" then also toured Japan after releasing the single album "Puppy." As well as releasing successful singles, FT Island has contributed various sdrama oundtracks over the years, including the OSTs of "The Heirs," "Heartstrings," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." According to the Korean media outlet Naver TV, Lee Hong Ki"s first solo album will include a selection of tender ballads. The album will be released mid-November with the first teaser page due on November 9. Will the music video feature a love line between the two former co-stars? Fans can only hope.

Lee Hong Ki"s drama credits include "You"re Beautiful," "Bride of the Century" and "Modern Farmer." Park Shin Hye was last seen on the small screen in the drama "Pinocchio" and recently appeared in the films "The Royal Tailor" and "Beauty Inside."


K-Pop Boy Band EXO Confirm 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video 'Lightsaber'

K-Pop Boy Band EXO Confirm 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video 'Lightsaber'

(Photo : SM Entertainment )

(Photo : Star Wars Facebook ) May the force be with EXO as they work on a promotional music video for the upcoming new "Star Wars" film.

The SM Entertainment boy band has been confirmed to appear in the Star Wars: The Force Awakenscollaboration music video called "Lightsaber."

After a teaser photo was posted on the Star WarsKorean official Facebook pageTuesday, Nov. 3, K-pop fans surmised the lucky act involved with the popular movie franchise and onThursday, Nov. 5, it was officially confirmed by SM Entertainment.

EXO will release a new digital single titled "Lightsaber" in conjunction with South Korean promotions for the upcoming Disney blockbuster.

A short video teaser for "Lightsaber" was uploaded on SMTOWN"s official YouTubechannel, which shows member Kai showcasing his dance moves.

Star Wars: The Force Awakenswill premiere in Korea on Dec. 17.

EXO released their Japanese version of "Love Me Right" on Wednesday, Nov. 4.


EXO To Appear In 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video

EXO To Appear In 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video

On November 2, the official Star Wars Korea Facebook page uploaded a group photo of nine in a white silhoutte.

As the hype for the new "Star Wars" continues on, it looks like the legendary franchise will get a little help from K-poppers for the South Korean release next month.

In a caption posted with the photo it said, ""Star Wars: The Force Awaken" collaboration music video! Awakening the force with top stars!"

Which idols are posing for Stars Wars in the picture?"

Fans online quickly figured out that the silhouette was none other than that of the nine members of EXO. The photo was a shot from their most recent music video, "Love Me Right."

(Photo : SM Entertainment) The Star Wars collaboration music video will be released on November 5th. The Force Awakens will be in theaters in December.


Lee Jong Suk Will Star In The Music Video 'My Valentine'

Lee Jong Suk Will Star In The Music Video 'My Valentine'

(Photo : CJ EM ) Lee Jong Suk delivers a carefree performance in the 30 second teaser for the upcoming music video "My Valentine." On May 13, CJ EM released the teaser for the Jung Yup video, featuring The "Pinocchio" star. He appears pensive and displays a whimsical smile in the video, which exhibiting his trademark charm.

"My Valentine" follows other music video appearances by Lee, including 2NE1"s "I Don"t Care."

The song is the lead track from upcoming album "Merry Go Round." "Merry Go Round" marks the solo third album for Brown Eyed Soul member Jung Yup. Lee previously collaborated with Jung Yup for the music video of "Why Did You Come Now" for the "I Can Hear Your Voice" original soundtrack.

"My Valentine" is a soulful, uptempo track which showcases Jung Yup"s intricate vocals. The full music video for "My Valentine" and the album "Merry Go Round" will be released on May 15.

The model-turned-actor celebrated the 5 year anniversary of his acting debut in March 2015. Lee Jong Suk recently gained attention for his stylish appearance with his "Pinocchio" co-star Park Shin Hye, at a Seoul celebration highlighting the Chanel cruisewear line. Both stars continue to perform well in the Popular vote categories for the upcoming Baeksang Arts Awards. As of print, Lee continues to lead the Most Popular Actor in TV category with 50.51 percent, while Park dominates the Most Popular Actress in Film division with 93.09 percent.

He has followed the success of "Pinocchio" with fan meetings throughout Asia and endorsement shoots. Fans in Hong Kong will have the opportunity to attend his upcoming fan meeting, which will be held on May 30 at AsiaWorld Expo.

He has not announced his next acting role but he recently appeared in a photo with a movie director who specializes in short films.


TaeTiSeo star in music drama for

TaeTiSeo star in music drama for "Louis Quatorze"

TaeTiSeo star in music drama for

"Louis Quatorze" dropped a glamourous "music drama" starring the gorgeous ladies of TaeTiSeo! The theme is Michel Foucault"s "Heterotopias," which is not Utopia or Dystopia, but a special space of otherness.

The three of the girls and a hologram-like DJ, Luke Worrall, turn the store into a club scene as the girls change their already gorgeous outfits of red, blue, and purple to matching, glitzy, silvery outfits with, of course, the beautiful "Louis Quatorze" handbags to match.

In addition, this music drama was directed by BoA"s brother, Kwon Soon Wook, with the set team from "Gangnam Style."


PSY Wins “Most Globally Influential Star Award” at China’s GQ Music Awards Show

PSY Wins “Most Globally Influential Star Award” at China’s GQ Music Awards Show

PSY’s continued international popularity has won him an award at China’s GQ Music Awards.

While attending the awards ceremony in Shenzhen, PSY was awarded with the Most Globally Influential Star Award, showing once again the international star’s amazing staying power.

During the show, PSY also gave energy-filled performances of his worldwide hits, “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” capturing the audiences eyes and ears. He also sang a moving Chinese-language version of his 2005 song, “Father,” which subsequently went on sale on various Chinese online music sites following the end of the awards ceremony.

Sponsored by the famous Chinese music site, the winners from the GQ Music Awards were chosen entirely by a transparent online voting process. Other stars in attendance included 4Minute, Jason Mraz, Wang Leehom, and other popular Chinese artists.



[Music Bank Star Dust] f(x) Amber Jokingly Bared Her Soul to Eric Nam:

[Music Bank Star Dust] f(x) Amber Jokingly Bared Her Soul to Eric Nam: "I Love You, Eric"

f(x)'s Amber jokingly bared her soul to Eric Nam!

The March 19th broadcast of KBS′ Music Bank Star Dust showed Eric Nam talking to Amber on the phone as he was traveling in a van.

During the phone conversation, Amber confessed, “I love you, Eric,” to which he responded, “I’m filming right now, so say it quietly.”

Then Amber jokingly said, “Other people have to know that we’re dating.” Upon hearing Amber’s confession, Eric Nam laughed as he said, “Why do you have so many people you′re dating?"

[Video] f(x) Amber Playfully Confesses Her Love to Eric Nam on Broadcast

Eric Nam later revealed selfies that he took along with Roy Kim, Nicole, Infinite’s Hoya, as well as Amanda Seyfried and Paris Hilton, showing off his personal connections.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam and Amber are well known to be good friends in the entertainment industry.

Photo credit: KBS


[THE STAR] BTS Reveals Their 2015 Goal Orientation: Winning The Highest Point On Music Program

[THE STAR] BTS Reveals Their 2015 Goal Orientation: Winning The Highest Point On Music Program

BTS: “Our Biggest Goal for This Year Is to Win First on a Music Show”

BTS recently took part in a pictorial and interview with star and style magazine THE STAR.

The concept of the pictorial emphasized the manly yet innocent sides of each member.

During the interview following the photo shoot, the members of BTS talked about their passion for music and plans for this year. Leader Rap Monster expressed, “I’ve always been into ‘African-American music’ so I have never once been away from my earphones since my school days. Even when I studied, when I ate, before I went to sleep, I listened to music.” J-Hope shared, “I plan to reveal my very own songs or dance videos often through our blog this year.” Member Suga also said, “I will lock myself in the studio for a few hours a day to focus on making songs even if we have busy schedules.”

When asked about the group’s goal for the year of 2015, member V revealed, “I want to leave a mark in the music world. I would like BTS to become a turning point in the Korean music industry and hope to give rise to a sensation.” Rap Monster added on, “Winning first place on a music program is all of the members’ biggest wish. We work hard to create songs believing that with a good song, we will be able to win first when the time comes.”

The full pictorial and interview with BTS can be found in the March issue of THE STAR. Check out a few of the cuts below:bts 2 bts 3


"K-pop Star 4" Duet "Because I Love You" Surged To Top On Music Charts

“K-pop Star 4’s” Duet That Made Park Jin Young Cry Is Number One on Many Music Charts

The perfect couple of SBS's musical competition "K-Pop Star," Jung Seung Hwan and Park Yoon Ah, who left judge Park Jin Young speechless with their sentimental duet "Because I Love You," has marked their new record in all music charts.

The song “Because I Love You” is first place in many music-downloading websites including Genie, Soribada, Bug’s Busic, Naver Music, and Daum Music (based on January 21 7 a.m. record). Although the ballad is originally sung by a solo artist who sings about breaking up with a lover, Jung Seung Hwan and Park Yoon Ah edited the song to sing together as a duet. For the performance, they acted like a real couple who are about to break apart. They walked onto the stage holding hands, and let go of each other during the actual performance.

After watching the performance, Park Jin Young showed tears, and said, “This seems so real. It seems like you guys are actually about to break up. I’m not sure what to say. Both of you were so good. I really don’t cry that often, but it was very touching.”

Park Jin Young

Yang Hyun Suk also commented, “I was the one who suggested putting these two together so I will take the credit of being a good producer,” making everyone laugh. He also mentioned that the song should be released on music websites. As if to prove the credibility of Yang Hyun Suk’s words, the song had been topping music charts since Sunday.

The song is number one on many music charts amidst successful artists like G.Soul, Mad Clown, Soyu, and Jung Yong Hwa.

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time for Jung Seung Hwan to be topping charts. Check out Jung Seung Hwan and Park Yoon Ah’s performance:


CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa Stand in The Lead of Music Charts for

CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa Stand in The Lead of Music Charts for "Star, You"

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa topped the music charts with the new song Star, You.

Jung Yong Hwa’s new song Star, You released at noon on December 23 (KST) topped the real time charts of seven music sites, namely Daum Music, Monkey3, Soribada, Cyworld Music, Mnet, Olleh Music and Genie, as of December 24.

His name has also been listed as one of the most searched words on various music and portal sites.

Upon getting an enthusiastic response from the fans, Jung Yong Hwa tweeted in the afternoon of December 23, “It’s a song that I made as a gift to the fans but I’m the one receiving a gift. Thank you everyone!”

CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa’s Song ‘Star, You’ Gifted to Fans Tops Music Charts

Star, You featuring acoustic sounds is a song written and composed by Jung Yong Hwa for the fans, with the lyrics comparing the fans to the stars.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa has been spending busy days preparing for his solo album release next year.

Photo credit: FNC Entertainment