Korean Drama 'Pinocchio' Episode 11 Preview/ English Translation

Korean Drama 'Pinocchio' Episode 11 Preview/ English Translation


Here is the preview of SBS Drama ‘Pinocchio’ Episode 11. This Episode will be aired on December 17th on SBS. Don’t miss it!


Jae Myung: Ha Myung is dead! If he became a reporter like you, then he is dead!

Dal Po: If father came back, we could have watched fireworks! I want to go back to before! Hyung, you will make sure of it!

Chan Soo: Who is the culprit?

Dal Po: Ki Jae Myung. Ki Jae Myung is my hyung. Ki Jae Myung was unlike how the press showed him as and was not the real him.

In Ha: Oh, Dal Po-yah.

Dal Po: YGN News … This is Ki Ha Myung.


The 5 minutes Preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1 (English Translation)

The 5 minutes Preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1 (English Translation)


Here is the 5-minute preview of SBS Drama Pinocchio Episode 1

It seems like the family tragedy that strikes Dal Po’s (Lee Jong Seok) childhood and likely the reporting surrounding it might play a role in him becoming a journalist.

My Lovely Girl ends today, and Pinocchio will be taking over its time slot next week!



Inha: When the court is unsure of a case, law demands that we give the defendant the benefit of the doubt. However! During the questioning process, the defendant has revealed to me that he has murdered the victim and doesn’t regret it at all. I cannot bury my conscience, so I have to insist that the defendant is guilty!

(T/N: This part is about how Inha can’t be a lawyer because she can’t lie for her client.)

[The woman who can’t lie]

Dalpo: You’re a lawyer that’s supposed to defend the defendant, but can’t help but blurt everything out.

Woman’s O.S.: Hamyoung-ah, wake up quickly and eat~

Dalpo: Five more minutes… just five more minutes…

Inha O.S.: Dalpo yah!

[The man who lives under a fake name]

Dalpo: You’ve come, Dalpyoung-ah~ You look adorable, hurry up and get into the house~

Dalpo: Dad!

Dalpyung: Stop calling him ‘dad’; who are you, rascal, coming into people’s house and messing around like this!

Dalpo: I need a father. He needs a son. If I disappear now, he would collapse again…

Dalpyung: So we’re just going to keep up this lie? How is this right?!

Dalpo: Why is it wrong?! It’s not hurting anyone. So what if it’s a lie?

Woman O.S.: Who are you?

Dalpo: I’m Choi Inha’s uncle.

[Reality and Truth]

Students: Hey, did you hear, he’s a psycho. […] I heard that his real father is a criminal-

Woman O.S.: He went back into the fire against orders and caused all this tragedy, but now he’s disappeared…

Female Reporter: Did you receive any contact from your father?

Male Reporter: Not coming back home and hiding, is it because he feels guilty?

Jaemyoung: I’m sorry, I’m sorry… he really didn’t contact us.

Male Reporter: Where is he hiding?

Jaemyoung: There’s really no contact from him.

Cha-ok (Inha’s mom): Why did he force his way back into that fire when it was impossible? Is he aiming for a promotion of some kind…

Dalpo (Hamyoung): Father isn’t that kind of person!!

Cha-ok: Are you saying your father didn’t do anything wrong?

Jaemyoung: It’s not that, we’re just saying we don’t know the whole truth yet-

Cha-ok: You’re happy that your father survived, aren’t you?

Dalpo (O.S.): It was a terrible nightmare… Father got into a huge accident and then went into hiding… not long after that, my brother ran away as well…

Mother: Want to come with mom?

Jaemyoung: I promise.

Dalpo (Hamyoung): You’re not lying to me, right?

Man: [something about the incident of Dalpo’s dad, this part is saturi and I really can’t understand it] I’m sure of it! Because I have Pinocchio Syndrome, I can’t possibly lie!

Cha-ok: The image came out well, right? Get a few shots of the ambulance as well.

Cha-ok: After this scene, cut to the shots we took.

Kim Gong-ju: Maybe we should cut the scenes with the children. It’s a bit too cruel, isn’t it?

Cha-ok: That’s why we have to air it, because it’s cruel.

Lee Yongtak: No no no, there’s no way. Cut it.

Gyo-dong: MSC has run so many stories on this already.

Lee Yongtak: That’s why people now call them MSG. All made up stuff and no good for people.

Gyo-dong: Well they call us YGN ‘organic news’ (YooGiNong news).

Lee Yongtak: Organic stuff is good for the body, it’s a compliment!

Gyo-dong: No! No matter how good you are for the body; if the food’s not tasty, no one would eat it! No one! In my opinion, news that no one is watching cannot be called news!

Lee Yongtak: … I suppose so. You have a point.

Gyo-dong: Then we’re keeping the story?

Lee Yongtak: Cut it.

Dalpo: You think broadcasting (news) is a joke. With one sentence, you can send a person to his death in a broadcast. How could you, dare, think that it is something to joke around with?

Inha: Dalpo-yah!

Dalpo: Aigoo.

[A drama about youth and growing up between this man who is living under a fake name and this woman who can’t tell lies]

Inha: Why are you staring at me like that? Because I’m pretty?

Dalpo: Yep, because you’re pretty.

Dalpo (O.S.): Now that I think back, I should have left her then.These are feelings I should never have had, and a person I should never have hoped for. I thought that these feelings will fade as time passes. Once it fades, then I can leave without burden. But that’s just a lie I told myself, just excuses… so that I could stay by her side.


2014 Style Icon Awards Highlight: CL Puts On A Killer Performance In English On Diplo's 'Revolution'

2014 Style Icon Awards Highlight: CL Puts On A Killer Performance In English On Diplo's 'Revolution'

(Photo : OnStyle ) CL emphasized her vocals during her 2014 Style Icon Awards performance. 2NE1s CL collaborated with renown DJ Diplo for a stage which featured Revolution from his 2013 extended play album. She performed verses in Korean "MTBD" prior to launching into "Revolution." "MTBD" highlighted CL"s rap skills, of which she is widely recognized.

The second part of her stage at the 2014 Style Icon Awards placed an emphasis on her vocal competency. CL performed Revolution followed by Dirty Vibe, with Diplo providing the instrumental backing as a DJ.

CL shined during her delivery of Revolution but the absence of G-Dragon from Dirty Vibe was notable. CL and G-Dragon are featured together on Dirty Vibe, the hard-hitting electronic dance track from the commercially successful Skrillex album Recess. Diplo is also credited on Dirty Vibe.

Diplo is more than just another DJ.

Diplo has worked extensively with international artists including Big Bangs G-Dragon and T.O.P to create a distinguishable world music sound.

Diplo rose to acclaim through his lyrical and production work on the critically acclaimed 2007 album Kala from British-Tamil recording artist M.I.A. Along with Switch, Diplo cultivated the globally influenced dance-pop sound on tracks such as Paper Planes.

His album Revolution debuted at number sixty-eight on the Billboard chart upon its release. The track originally featured Faustix, Imanos, and Kai. Revolution has grown in popularity due to its soaring female vocals.

Diplo is the founder the music label Mad Decent and is the co-founder of the electronic dance music collaborative group Major Lazer. G-Dragon and T.O.P appeared on a Korean remix of the Major Lazer track Bubble Butt which appeared on the 2013 album Free the Universe.

Diplo is also credited along with EDM artist Baauer on the title track for G-Dragons 2013 release Coup dEtat. Diplo also produced Knock Out from the 2010 collaborative album GD T.O.P.

Skillex and Diplo are currently involved in the highly anticipated collaborative project known as Jack U, which has been slowly revealing new music over the past few weeks including the song Febreeze which features rapper 2 Chainz.

YG Entertainment recently announced that CL was in the process of working on an upcoming release which would be promoted to audiences in the United States. American listeners have recently become interested in the music of 2NE1 due to the usage of I Am The Best in a commercial for Microsoft.

With her performance at the 2014 Style Icon Awards, CL has provided critics with food for thought, in regards to her upcoming U.S. debut.


2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English!

2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English!

2NE1, CL

2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English! CL of 2NE1 mingles with A$AP Rocky. (Twitter) 2NE1 may be have delayed their comeback to the disappointment of Blackjacks, but it doesn't mean they're seeing any less of its leader CL, especially with international celebrities like A$AP Rocky.

At the 2013 Style Icon Awards at CJ EntertainmentMedia center, A$AP Rocky arrived in Korea for the first time and was introduced by his friend CL of 2NE1 before performing for the audience.

As a presenter for the 2013 Style Icon Awards, CL also interviewed A$AP Rocky in English, and impressed many 2NE1 fans with her fluent English.

Check out the 2013 Style Icon Awards here to catch a snippet of the interaction below:

"I appreciate [Style Icon Awards] for understanding urban culture and street fashion, because people like me get to be iconic, and usually I get my respect from people who love or have taste for high fashion or art," says A$AP Rocky during an interview after receiving the Global Icon award according to YGLadies.

In addition to CL of 2NE1, fellow YG Family member G-Dragon was also present at the 2013 Style Icon Awards, where he was presented with the Daesang award and proclaimed "Style Icon of the Year."

"Thank you. Since there's so many fashionable people in Korea, I don't know if I can accept this award. Thank you very much...I'm thankful I received such a big award," said G-Dragon as he accepted the award according to AllKPop.

"I released my first solo album in four years and have been receiving a lot of love. I made good memories all throughout promotions and was happy. I, as a style icon, will try to do performances that contribute to the development of culture. I thank those who have helped me with my styling."



Psy"s "Gangnam Style" Chosen by the Collins English Dictionary as Word of the Year

The Collins English Dictionary chose Psy′s Gangnam Style as its word of the year.

Through its webpage, the Collins English Dictionary recently released its list of ′Twelve Words of 2012′. Psy′s Gangnam Style was chosen as the word of November.

The word joined the ranks of such influential words as ′Sandy′, the name of the hurricane that swept through America, and ′Eurogeddon′, the word that refers to the European economic crisis and connects it with ′armageddon′.

The Collins English Dictionary chooses 12 words a year, one for each month, taking into consideration their frequency of usage and future life.

It introduced Gangnam Style as a song that spawned numerous parodies from around the world, and mentioned that its music video became the most viewed video on YouTube in November.



Psy, "I Don't Have any Plans to Make a Gangnam Style English Version"

Psy, Gangnam Style, MTV

Psy, I Dont Have any Plans to Make a Gangnam Style English VersionPsy revealed that he has no intentions of making a "Gangnam Style" English version.

Psy had stated in an interview with MTV that he does not plan to make an English version of "Gangnam Style."

Psy stated, "I don't want to confuse the 160 million people who have already watched my video. There will be no English version." His video is currently over 200 million views.

He continued, "I don't think this song has anything to do with the language aspect of it. It's just the dance and the sound and the visuals that make it fun and attract people's attention."

He did state that although he does not have any intentions of making an English version of "Gangnam Style," he does have plans to make a whole new English album.


PSY: "No English Version of 'Gangnam Style'"

PSY: "No English Version of 'Gangnam Style'"

PSY: No English Version of Gangnam StyleAlthough the track has gone viral, performed on the MTV Video Music Awards stage, and attracted the attention of worldwide music superstars such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears, PSY revealed that there will not be an English version release of his hit “Gangnam Style.”

Local news agencies reported that PSY has disclosed this in an interview with MTV and posted on their web site. The rapper of the moment stressed that there were more non-verbal elements to the track, such as its music and the famous dance move that has already appealed to a wide audience, and that there would be no need to confuse them with an English version.

At the time of the interview, the “Gangnam Style” video posted on PSY’s official YouTube channel has had 160 million views. As of press time, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” records more than 218 million views.

An English language release, however, is not impossible. PSY has met with Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager, which paves the way for an album in English later on.


Will PSY release an English version of "Gangnam Style" + interview with MTV

Will PSY release an English version of "Gangnam Style" + interview with MTV

Will PSY release an English version of Gangnam Style? + interview with MTVAfter becoming a U.S. sensation with his latest single "Gangnam Style," PSY recently sat down for an interview with MTV to discuss his future plans.

As of now, the official music video for "Gangnam Style" has had over 212 million views on YouTube, but PSY doesn't plan to change any of the lyrics to appeal to his new fanbase. He commented, "The Korean version is what everyone fell in love with, after all. The thing is, already like 160 something million people saw the video all over the world, so if I change it now, like 160 million people [will get] confused." PSY went on to explain that for this track, the nonverbal cues, dance moves, and how it looks and sounds was the point of the story, and that verbal parts were not that important.

The artist then announced that he would soon be releasing another single, this time in English. "After I can be somebody in the U.S, and then of course I have to release now the single, and that will be in English. I [have all my] equipment and media stuff in Korea so I have to go back and I got to write another song and then I have to bring it here."

PSY will also be bringing back some of his older dance moves from past Korean singles. Before the horse dance helped him receive huge popularity, the bird dance from his debut song "Bird" also has a significance. He stated, "I've done this 12 years, and I've done these kinds of moves my entire career, so actually I have several more left. So, I'm going to make some new songs with my old moves."

Meanwhile, PSY was recently signed by Scooter Braun to Schoolboy Records, and PSY shared his impressions of the manager: "When I see Scooter Braun I feel like I'm watching a mirror because we have really same character mental-wise, working hard, not sleeping, working hard, partying hard, drinking hard and then working hard, loving life, loving music," Psy said. "When we talk together we are brother from a different mother. He was the very first manager that I met in the U.S., but he was the first and last because we are so similar."

PSY also appeared on NBC's "Extra" earlier this week for a flashmob and live interview, and he is scheduled to appear on the "Ellen" show on September 19th (PST).

Watch PSY's complete interview with MTV below? Will you be looking forward to an English single?

Get More:

Music News

Source: MTV and Newsen


[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan

[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan

Interview took place in :

“50 FIFTY” cafe

Seoul City, Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 646-1

Met Lee Seung Gi, Korea’s“Nation’s Younger Brother” in a coffee shop located at Seoul.

Finally, the Nation’s star who is most loved in Korea is going to debut in Japan! He, a nice guy without scandal came to the coffee shop at Gangnam, Seoul for this interview. Everyone please follow us and let’s imagine having a date in the coffee shop.

Q: Lee Seung Gi san who is super busy, how long do you need to take from the moment you are awake until you leave the house?

A: Approximately 15 minutes. If I wake up, I will on the light, wash my face, set my hair, brush teeth and lastly wear my clothes. To sum up,it is approximately 15 minutes.

Q: Please tell us your strength and weakness.

A: My strength is I will accept all the comments/words from the person I respect. If the person who I have faith in tells me to ‘Do it’ then I will not reject and 100% do it seriously. That is why (I think) it brings me to where I am today. But, it becomes my weakness too by overdoing it. The reason being is once I have chosen to believe that person, then I will be blinded and not able to see the matter around us. Even though some people point out that person’s wrongdoing, I might not be able to think rationally and not be able to see his/her shortcoming. I behave the same too when I am in a relationship.

Q: Have you ever thought to debut as a group?

A: Yes. It is more like to debut as a band instead of a group. Whenever in difficult times, the team members can chat and share the stress. But, you won’t be able to see the multiple sides of yourself if you are not a Solo. And it is quite difficult to form a group now. (Smile) I think it is good to be a Solo as I can see the multiple sides of myself.

english translation @mickuan based on chinese trans of xiaoxiao at china cafe

[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan[English Translation] Lee Seung Gi in Japanese Magazine Anan


The developing  style of “chaebol idols”

The developing style of “chaebol idols”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens are calling it as the maximum importantexplanation whyall and sundryneeds to grow to be an idol after they have gotcame upon the trending upward push in “chaebol idols.” 

A contemporaryfileprinted that a type of idols weremaking an investment their not easy earned profits and royalties into homes with the fashion being called as “chaebol idols.” Former TVXQ and JYJ’s Junsu, for example, owns a hotel and apartment, costing no less than 37.3 billion won. Some of the luxury complex he owns is in Jeju Island which boasts a romantic environment with its Tuscan vibe and seasonal out of doors swimming pool. It opened to the public back in 2014.

Aside from being a singer, musical actor and entertainer, Super Juniors Kyuhyun owns a guesthouse that in particular caters to foreigners and worldlovers in the guts of Seoul.

Other celebrities integrated Han Seungyeon and BoA, who either takeconstructions and villas in their own in the Cheongdamdong area.

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