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[Weekend Update] GOT7, SNSD′s Yoona & Lee Seung Gi Split, Idol Championships and More Top the Week′s Headlines

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[Weekend Update] GOT7, SNSD′s Yoona & Lee Seung Gi Split, Idol Championships and More Top the Week′s Headlines

--> Feeling just a little out of the K-Entertainment news loop lately? Catch up on what you neglected as we recap the week′s Best five articles, in keeping with reader views!

5. Lee Seung Gi and SNSD′s Yoona ascertain Split

Lee Seung Gi′s and Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona′s respective busy schedules seem to have got the maximum efficient of those two stars, who showed they are no longer an item.

4. [Photo] Teenager Top, BTS, B1A4 and More Post pictures from ′Idol Championships′

The Idol Big name Athletics Championship took over the social media global this week as the idols posted updates from the two-day event.

3. YG Alternatives Up five Red Dot Design Awards

YG proved there′s not anything they can′t do, scoring no longer one, yet five Red Dot Design Awards, which is one of the crucial maximum prestigious design prizes in the world.

2. f(x) Krystal′s sublime Airport style Draws Attention

F(x)′s Krystal doesn′t need to do much to make headlines. A walk round the airport is sufficient to snatch our attention.

1. [Video] GOT7 Gets Goofy in ′Today′s Room′

GOT7? Goofy? Sounds like sufficient explanation why to watch.

Fans Speculate Lee Seung Gi's Upcoming Military Enlistment Behind Break Up With Girls' Generation's Yoona

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Fans Speculate Lee Seung Gi's Upcoming Military Enlistment Behind Break Up With Girls' Generation's Yoona

(Photo : Twitter ) A number of theories seek to explain why one of Korea"s most popular couples called it quits earlier this week, but one idea holds supreme.

With the sad news that Girls" Generation member Yoona (Im Yoona) and singer-actor Lee Seung Gi had called it quits after dating for a year and nine months, many fans took to the internet to try and explain why the popular couple ended their relationship.

Sources close to the pair cited the stars" busy schedules as motivation for the split. In true die-hard fan fashion, that explanation left a lot of questions unanswered, prompting fans to dig a bit further into the situation.

One prominent theory centers onSouth Korea"s mandatory military service, which Lee Seung Gi still has not completed.The actor"s impending military enlistment was cited by many as one of the main reasons for the breakup, according to forum comments translated byNetizen Buzz.

"I am glad [they broke up] since Lee Seung Gi has to go to army soon," said one commenter. "Seung Gi, lets go to army now. There is nothing holding you back now right?" asked another. "They"re probably too busy, but they most likely broke up because it"s time for him to go to the army," read another comment.

During a recent press conference for Girls" Generation"s OnStyle reality show Channel Girls" Generation, Yoona revealed that she will prioritize the group"s promotions over her "personal matters."

Lee Seung Gi has not announced any specific plans to enlist.

Lee Seung-gi and Yoona split, fanatics are feeling regrettable

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Lee Seung-gi and Yoona split, fanatics are feeling regrettable

As the scoop about Lee Seung-gi and Yoona"s split broke out, their fanatics published their regrettable feelings.

Fans said, "Lee Seung-gi Yoona wreck up, the couple looked great, feeling sorry", "Lee Seung-gi Yoona split, hope each and every of them will continue with excellent performances" "Lee Seung-gi Yoona split, I"m sorry to pay attention this" and so on.

On August 13th, an insider of Girls" Generation"s firm told Tv Report, "It is right Yoona and Lee Seung-gi broke up. They determined to remain excellent buddies from now on".

Lee Seung-gi"s insider also said, "I know it changed into once amicably done between the two. They acknowledged they would remain as excellent buddies like before".

Lee Seung-gi and Yoona"s dating changed into once reported thru an exclusive policy by means of Dispatch on January 1st, 2014. As soon as the romantic dating changed into once confirmed, the couple had been receiving much fortify from their fans.

Lee Seung Gi And Girls' Generation Yoona Confirmed Their Breakup

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Lee Seung Gi And Girls' Generation Yoona Confirmed Their Breakup

On August 13, the Korean outletStar News published an article which reported the breakup of solo vocalist-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of Girls" Generation.The report cited an unnamed source who attributed their breakup to schedule conflicts. Yoona and Lee were a beloved couple by both K-Drama and K-pop fans.

SM Entertainment subsequently confirmed that the couple had split, in a statement published by OSEN.

"Yoona and Lee Seung Gi have broken up," said an official for SM Entertainment. "They have decided to stay on good terms."

Yoona was one of the first members of Girls" Generation to publically date. On January 1, 2014, representatives for both sides confirmed that they were dating after photos were released which depicted them walking on a sidewalk. According to reports, the couple began dating in October 2013 and recently dissolved the relationship, after one year and nine months.

Star News highlighted the busy schedules of the young stars, particularly noting that Yoona has been overseas for the past few months to film to the Chinese period drama, "God of War Zhao Yun." While her free time was previously focused on the drama, she is now in the midst of promotional activities for the latest Girls" Generation release, "Party." The popular girl group, which sustained a lineup change, is preceding to release a subsequent album, "Lion Heart," with a retro-inspired concept.

The article published by Star News noted the strained appearance by Yoona, particularly during recent episodes of their reality show, "Channel Girls" Generation."

Lee Seung Gi has also faced limitations on his free time due to filming for his movie "Love Forecast" and work on his recent K-pop album, which was released in June 2015.


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Lee Seung Gi and SNSD′s Yoona Verify Split

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Lee Seung Gi and SNSD′s Yoona Verify Split

--> Lee Seung Gi and Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona have damaged up.

Yoona′s agency, SM Entertainment, said to Newsen on August 13, "It′s true they broke up recently. They determined to stay as excellent oppa and dongseng."

Lee Seung Gi′s agency, Hook Entertainment, confirmed, "They broke up recently. They'll remain as excellent oppa and dongseng."

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona showed they were in a courting on January 1 of closing year. After dating for more than a year, they've in the long run damaged up.

The two were swept up in breakup rumors before, yet they at all times denied they had split. In keeping with industry insiders, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona were not able to satisfy steadily because of their busy schedules, resulting in their split. As they are either juggling busy schedules abroad, their inability to satisfy steadily is being cited as they reason why for their breakup.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi has been busy since being forged in movie Marital Harmony and Na Young Seok PD′s new form show. Yoona is currently getting ready for SNSD′s 5th album promotions.

Breaking: Girls’ Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gi Have damaged Up

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Breaking: Girls’ Generation Yoona and Lee Seung Gi Have damaged Up It is lately being reported that Girls’ Generation member Yoona and actor/singer Lee Seung Gi have broken up.

Star News reported on August thirteen that the 2 best stars have recently parted ways. The couple up to now showed their courting on New Years Day ultimate year. They were in a courting since October of 2013.

According to the source, the 2 have broken up because of their busy schedules.

Yoona has been busy shooting her Chinese drama since previous this year, whilst Lee Seung Gi changed into once also away on set many of the time, running on his film “Love Forecast.” In conjunction with their filming schedules, Yoona had to paintings on Girls’ Generation’s tune as well.

The two have reportedly shown symptoms of separation in fresh times. Previously, when asked about her courting with Lee Seung Gi all the way through a press convention for Girls’ Generation’s truth Tv display “Channel Soshi,” Yoona responded that she would put Girls’ Generation ahead of her “personal matters.”

SM Entertainment, Yoona’s agency, has also showed the breakup, adding that they broke off on amicable terms.

YoonA and Lee Seung Gi showed to be not a couple

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YoonA and Lee Seung Gi showed to be not a couple

Rumors prior to now circulated sooner than about this, which have been denied, yet now it's been showed that Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are now not a couple. 

Media outlet Megastar News published thru their exclusive file just currently that they learned that the couple have parted their techniques after 1 year and nine months of dating. The reason? As you'll have guessed - because of their busy schedules. 

Lee Seung Gi and YoonA have either had more than a few acting roles and tune comeback arrangements to cope with this beyond year, so they couldn"t lend a hand yet float apart.

SM Entertainment quickly responded, and confirmed, "After confirming with her, we've got learned it"s true she and Lee Seung Gi have currently damaged up. They have determined to stay excellent friends."

This makes us unhappy as every other one of our favourite superstar couple has split. But we want each and every of them the best! 

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Yuri teases Yoona by way of bringing up Lee Seung Gi

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Yuri teases Yoona by way of 
bringing up Lee Seung Gi

The women" Generation are original in their talent to tease one any other about subjects that may just seem touchy to the public, yet if truth be told don't seem to be. Their playful demeanor and easygoing personalities at all times shine in moments like those.

the primary episode in their On taste truth program, "Channel women" Generation," aired on July 21 where the girls had to respond to querys all the way through a quiz segment. a query used to be asked, "In 2009, Yoona chose 3 crucial prerequisites for her identificationeal kind; what were they?"

Yuri"s mischievous facet got here out as she spoke back, "a guy who looks excellent in a suit and blouse," then added, "Lee Seung Gi," making all and sundry laugh. Yoona, who used to be at the back of her, sat on a chair as though she used to be feeling shy, grabbing additional attention.

Taeyeon then resolutioned the query with, "someone tall and con facetrate who looks excellent in a suit," whilst Sooyoung saidentification, "someone who looks excellent in a suit, blouse, and horn-rimmed glasses."

Ding ding ding! Sooyoung had the right kind resolution.

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women’ Generation’s YoonA Dodges questions on Lee Seung Gi

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girls’ Generation’s YoonA Dodges questions about Lee Seung Gi moderately harking back to < robust>Lee Seung Gi’s beyond avoidance of resolutioning questions associated with his female friend, < robust>girls’ Generation’s < robust>YoonA has made in a similar fashion slick moves to dodge discussing her boyfriend.

On July 21, at a press convention for lady’s Generation’s newest truth display “< robust>Channel girls’ Generation,” YoonA changed into once asked about her cooking corner at the display.

One reporter asks about the food she chefs for the channel and who she needs to feed. Given a call between popular cook < robust>Baek Jong Won, < robust>SM Entertainment’s < robust>Lee Soo man, and boyfriend Lee Seung Gi, the singer deftly resolutions, “nowadays is ‘Channel girls’ Generation,’ so here is more very significant. every time I cook, it’s at all times at house, so I feed my circle of relatives first. After filming [the cooking channel], I percentage images in girls’ Generation’s staff chatroom first. Since many participants covet the cooking phase, i need them to take a look at the food. I also would like to pay attention their evaluations.”

meanwhile, “Channel girls’ Generation” is a truth program in which every one and every member create their own contents and blow their own horns ideas that suit them highest. the primary episode will air on July 21 at nine p.m. KST.

What do you bring to mind YoonA’s resolution?

SNSD′s Yoona Chooses individuals Over Lee Seung Gi

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SNSD′s Yoona Chooses individuals Over Lee Seung Gi

--> "I wish to feed the SNSD participants first."

girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Yoona, who will take on a cooking program on On taste′s Channel SNSD, expressed her affection for the participants.

When asked why she′s specializing in cooking at the production presentation for On taste′s Channel SNSD, held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul on July 21, Yoona stated, "I′ve at all times been interested by it, so I sought after to check out it. The lovers also are excited about my cooking, in order that′s how I got here to do ′Yum Yum television.′

When asked, "Who do you need to feed the food you're making first? make a choice from Baek Jong Won, Lee Soo guy and Lee Seung Gi," Yoona stated with a laugh, "i believe you already had the solution in brain whilst you asked that query," sooner than announcing "If I cook, i believe I′d check out it at house. i believe I′d feed my circle of relatives first. I also sent pictures from the ′Yum Yum television′ shoot to the participants first. I wish to feed the participants."

the truth display is a program focused on subjects that suit every member the most efficient or a space the participants at all times sought after to check out. The participants will display their day-to-day lives via ′Tiffany X,′ ′attractiveness & frame Show,′ ′What must I Wear today?′ ′Maknae′s Double life,′ ′Bright girl′s subject,′ ′Yum Yum television,′ ′Self Master,′ and ′private a laugh life.′ viewers may be in a position to peer Yoona cooking via ′Yum Yum television.′

Yoona stated, " in place of display anything that I′ve cooked, I sought after to be informed. i believe it′ll be a display that would satisfy my non-public interests."

Sooyoung added, " i used to be in point of fact resentful of Yoona′s ′Yum Yum television.′ It′s no longer simple check outing a box you′re in point of fact interested by. That′s why i believe Yoona may be in a position to satisfy her non-public interests viaout the display."

Channel SNSD will air on July 21 at nine p.m. KST.

Photo credits: Hea Jung Min