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Actors Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki Are maximum sought after on “Running Man”

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Actors Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki Are Most needed on “Running Man” Producer Im Hyung Taek of SBS’s kind display “Running Man” spoke about the “100 vs. one hundred race” episodes which aired for 2 consecutive weeks. He commented, “I felt like i used to be at a marriage running into long time friends. All and sundry who showed up were asked to seem at the prove spontaneously, so they all had their own studies to tell. I used to be so thankful to them for giving us their time to turn up.”

During the taping of the show, entertainer Lee Kwang Soo called up the mega megastar Jo In Sung. Lee Kwang Soo turned into flustered when Jo In Sung asked “Who’s calling?” obviously looking to pull one over Lee Kwang Soo. To such unforeseen response, Lee Kwang Soo said, “I don’t know why he’s acting this way. We’re in point of fact close friends.” Jo In Sung was ready to tug this type of stunt on Lee Kwang Soo because they are such just right friends.

Jo In Sung later sent a text message to Lee Kwang Soo joking, “I’m now not an acquaintance of yours. Whenever you idea we were close, I’m sorry about that.” comic Yoo Jae Suk then told Lee Kwang Soo, “Stop bothering In Sung. He’s done sufficient for your drama” cracking everybody around them. Lee Kwang Soo calmly said, “I bet he can misunderstand me” and moved on.

In actuality, Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Lim Joo Hwan had made an impromptu appearance on June 14 broadcast of “Running Man” sudden the team who didn't be expecting them at all. Song Joong Ki, who is probably the most customary contributors of “Running Man” commented, “This is like my home. I’m happy to peer all of the members and body of workers in such a long time.” He also added, “Jo In Sung isn’t busy at all. Please kidnap him one of those days.”

With such spontaneous appearances like that, the “Running Man” lovers are highly expecting Jo In Sung’s guest appearance in the close to future. At the mention of this fact, manufacturer Im said, “I’d be so grateful if Jo In Sung would make his appearance. yet I can’t force it to happen. I would actually like to have him on the show if there's a chance. He’s the most wanted guest on my list.”

About Song Joong Ki, Producer Im added, “He still has excellent relationships with the members. They take care of him. He needs to come on the show. i might love to have him back on when his paintings on the drama is over. I wish all 3 of them, Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Lim Joo Hwan, would seem together.”

Meanwhile, November 15 broadcast of the “Running Man” will have comedians and Cultwo as visitors for the “People Who in finding Laughter” episode. because of the WBSC Premier 12 baseball game, “Running Man” will air at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Check out the newest episode of “Running Man” here.

Lee Jong-suk gets 60 million won in keeping with episode, equivalent with Song Joong-ki

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Lee Jong-suk gets 60 million won in keeping with episode, equivalent with Song Joong-ki

tvN display "List of Names" published a listing of actors in their 20s and their pay grade.

Lee Jong-suk used to dream of turning into an athlete when he was once young and he's a degree four in Taekwondo. He were given harm in an coincidence when he become in junior top and commenced fascinated by being an actor whilst he won treatment.

He was then eliminate the streets and have become a model. He modeled for uniforms, acted in supporting roles and such since 2007.

Now, Lee Jong-suk gets paid 60 million won for a unmarried episode which puts him at an equivalent point as actor Song Joong-ki.

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Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young’s beyond Connection in school Revealed

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Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young’s Past Connection in university Revealed The past connection between the actors Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young had been revealed via a photo online.

Song Joong Ki is recently running at the upcoming KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun” starring along Song Hye Kyo. Moon Geun Young is currently performing on the SBS’s mystery mystery “The Village: Achiara’s Secret.”

The past connection between the 2 actors have been a hot subject of the net network as a photo of Song Joong Ki and Moon Geun Young taken back in college have resurfaced. It’s no longer the primary time the photo was the middle of attention online, yet it has grabbed the netizens’ attention once back as either actors’ present and upcoming paintings have been highlighted in fresh times.

The two actors are observed status in front of the lecture corridor speaking with buddies in the photo. At the time, they were both attending Sungkyunkwan University.

Moon Geun Young looks gorgeous dressed in a yellow most sensible and Song Joong Ki is smiling as he’s talking to some feminine students. Song Joong Ki used to be a industry main and Moon Geun Young was a Korean language and literature major. It’s a refreshing portrayal of the two actors in an each day atmosphere as scholars in position of actors in limelight.

Song Joong Ki Transforms into Brooding guy in newest Spread

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Song Joong Ki Transforms into Brooding guy in newest Spread

--> A spread taking pictures actor Song Joong Ki′s original air has been released.

Song Joong Ki has reworked into an outdoorsy guy in Kolon Sport′s newest spread for Elle.

Song Joong Ki supplies off a masculine feel with his gaze and more than a few poses.

In one cut, Song Joong Ki is observed leaning opposed to a wall, dressed in a beanie and coat, and in every other cut, he looks sharp in all black, losing his flower boy image, reworking into a sober man.

He affords pro items a run for their cash in some other shot, wearing a padded coat and filled with attitude.

Photo credit: Kolon Sport

Song Joong Ki Makes His Return In Fashionable Elle Pictorial

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Song Joong Ki Makes His Return In Fashionable Elle Pictorial

A Werewolf Boy actor Song Joong Ki has returned from his mandatory military service. The star chose Elle for his comeback fashion pictorial and interview. In the October issue, he modeled winter basics like casual stadium jackets, slim black pants, polished overcoats and buckle boots.

Among the showcased winter pieces, there was a Kolon Sport lightweight padding jacket. The piece has a diamond quilt pattern, side zip pockets and is made from ultra-light material. The affordable jacket can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Song draped a second Kolon Sport coat over a Saint Laurent motorcycle jacket for a layered look. The classic biker jacket has epaulets and silver studs on the collars. It can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

Of course, the denim trend also made an appearance! Song wore the "Veste" jean button-up shirt by A.P.C. Denim in an interesting jump shot. The shirt has two chest pockets, slit cuffs and yellow top-stitching. It can be yours HERE and can be seen below.

In related fashion news, Song Joong Ki recently became the muse for Kolon Sport"s Fall/Winter 2015 collection and posed for the latest lookbook.

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Singer Lyn has her eyes on Song Joong Ki + talks about married life

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Singer Lyn has her eyes on Song Joong Ki + talks about married life

Lyn used to be probably the most visitors at the September 22nd airing of "Choi Hwa Jung"s Vitality Time" all the manner through which she discussed her married lifestyles and drama OSTs.

DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked Lyn, "You get a massive number of gives to sing the OST for dramas, and I heard that you sing the OST if there is an actor you like." Lyn replied honestly, "Of course, if there is an actor I like, my middle gets fluttering." The singer admitted that at the moment she has her eyes on Song Joong Ki, saying, "I would like to sing the OST for a drama that Song Joong Ki stars in." 

When Choi Hwa Jung questioned, "Then do you now not sing the OST if there are actors you don"t like?" Lyn replied, "There were no cases like that. yet it will happen." 

The singer also discussed her married life to Lee Soo. Lyn confessed, "I think it"s just right that I married. It feels great. I"m never lonely. Because my husband could also be my friend, i suspect it"s fantastic that we get to talk about other things." 

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Song Joong Ki Takes On Fall Fashion And Discusses Post-Military Life In ELLE Korea

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(Photo : ELLE Korea ) Song Joong Ki is ruggedly handsome in his pictorial for the October issue of ELLE Korea. In his first editorial since his release from the military.

In his upcoming interview, the Hallyu star weighs on his time spent in the military and his role in the action drama, "Descendants of the Sun." The popular actor also discusses his recent trip to Thailand, where he enjoyed leisure time with Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo.

Song addressed the common fears that loved ones and audiences have for enlisted men when discussing his time spent in the military."I didn"t catch a cold once and got on okay," said Song.

Song Joong Ki returns to fashion with his October editorial in ELLE Korea. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) He attributed his ability to thrive in the military to advice that he received from his friend, actor Son Hyun Joo. With these words, the star of "A Werewolf Boy" was overcome his fears and approach military life with from a positive perspective.

Song discussed his recent trip with real-life pals, Lee Kwang Soo and Jo In Sung. Their journey to Thailand, which included a guest appearance on "Running Man.

"I really feel like I was able to hang out somewhere, received good energy and played," said Song, when speaking about his trip.

The introductory article opened with the star weighing in on his first K-Drama role since departing from the military. He admitted that he selected "Descendants of the Sun" because of the story, which is a creation of "The Heirs" screenwriter, Kim Eun Sook.

Song expressed his enthusiasm at the opportunity to act with Song Hye Kyo, an actress who gained acclaim for her roles in melodramas like "Autumn in My Heart" and "That Winter, The Wind Blows."

The October 2015 ELLE Korea feature includes behind-the-scenes footage and additional photos which transition into cold-weather style.

Song Joong Ki Opens Up About His Enjoy in the Army

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Song Joong Ki Opens Up About His Enjoy in the Army

--> Actor Song Joong Ki, who used to be discharged from the navy in would possibly and is determined to make his small screen comeback via KBS′ Descendants of the Sun, is featured in the October factor of Elle.

Song Joong Ki units fall to wintry weather styles, donning coats, turtlenecks and beanies in the spread.

In the accompanying interview, Song Joong Ki stated of his expertise in the army, "I didn′t catch a chilly once and were given on all right."

Although he had some fears about the army prior to his enlistment, Song Joong Ki said he changed into ready to triumph over them and move with a favorable mindset.

"I actually feel like I went to hang out somewhere, received just right power and got here back," said Song Joong Ki.

Song Joong Ki′s complete spread and interview will also be discovered in the October difficulty of Elle.

Song Joong Ki Reflects on His holiday With Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo

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Song Joong Ki Reflects on His Vacation With Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo Actor Song Joong Ki had his first interview and photo shoot after winding up his army provider with Elle magazine. Having began filming his comeback drama “Descendants of the Sun,” the actor unearths that he decided on this drama as a result of the story. He also comments on how operating with Song Hye Kyo has been wonderful because of their equivalent personalities and skill to appreciate each and every other. Group of workers individuals reportedly said, “It’s intended to be a melodrama, but aren’t they too close?”

During the interview, Song Joong Ki also discusses his time in the military. He reassures lovers and says, “I’ve been neatly and haven’t gotten a chilly even once.” Then the actor admits he had fears ahead of entering his defense force service. However, he was once ready to conquer his worries after receiving suggestion from his drinking friend Son Hyun Joo. Furthermore, Song Joong Ki reflects on his post-military service vacation with close pals Jo In Sung and Lee Kwang Soo. He notes, “It turned into the maximum heart-fluttering vacation I have had so far.” Then he additional stocks how special this experience is to him.

You can see more of his interview and pictorial in the October factor of Elle.

Are you excited for his upcoming drama?

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Are Stunning In First 'Descendants Of The Sun' Still

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Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Are Stunning In First 'Descendants Of The Sun' Still

(Photo : KBS2 ) The production team for the highly anticipated KBS2 drama, "Descendants of the Sun," released the first still featuring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. On September 17, the Korean outlet Dispatch published the first photo, which was shared by the drama production company through its official Instagram.

The still depicts the on-screen couple in the midst of an action sequence, where Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) appears to have command over other UN troops that trail behind him. Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kye) has a distraught face and imploringly looks back.

Set within an alternate land called Wookreukeu, "Descendants of the Sun" focuses on the challenges faced by UN Captain Yoo Shi Jin and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, who are deployed to the nation as part of a peacekeeping effort. In a country plagued by war and death, they must maintain their sanitywhile aiding those in need.

Song Joong Ki makes his K-Drama return in the series, following his mandatory military service. His role is highly-anticipated, as it follows the success of his last screen appearances in the 2012 hits, "The Innocent Man" and "A Werewolf Boy."

"Descendants of the Sun" differs from most Korean dramas in that all of the episodes of the series will be filmed prior to its air date. This is a departure from the live filming production format that characterizes most K-Dramas. While live filming or taping allows audiences to provide immediate feedback regarding the plot or love lines, "Descendants of the Sun" will benefit from the ability to dedicate time to craft quality acting and post-production editing.

"The Heirs" screenwriter Kim Eun Sook will be joined by "The Queen"s Classroom" writer Kim Won Suk for the drama.

The series also stars Jin Goo (C"est Si Bon), Kim Ji Won (Gap Dong), and SHINee"s Onew. "Descendants of the Sun" will premiere in late 2015.

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