Top 11 contestants of Indonesia’s ‘Galaxy Superstar’ to receive special K-Pop training

Top 11 contestants of Indonesia’s ‘Galaxy Superstar’ to receive special K-Pop training

Top 11 contestants of Indonesias Galaxy Superstar to receive special K-Pop training

Koreas world famous idol training system will be making its way into the Indonesian music market!

Composer Kim Do Hoon, the hitmaker behind CNBLUEs Loner and 2AMs Like You, has been named the official trainer for an Indonesian audition program titled Galaxy Superstar. The top 11 contestants will win the chance to be trained just like other K-Pop stars under Kim Do Hoon.

Galaxy Superstar is a collaborative project between Korea and Indonesia. The program broadcasts in Indonesia every Sunday at 8 PM. Over 10,000 contains from five different cities have gone through the preliminaries, and after a month and a half of fierce competition, only the top 11 remain.

Under the direction of Kim Do Hoon, the top 11 contestants will be training under Rainbow Bridge Agencys Korean artist incubation training system to receive the same vigorous training that has made K-Pop a worldwide phenomenon it is today.

The contestants will arrive in Korea on March 16th and begin their activities with a press conference. Everything leading up to their debut in Indonesia will be broadcast through Galaxy Superstar.

One official explained, Galaxy Superstar has been receiving the hot attention of local press and public interest. The process of the top 11 stars training under the system of K-Pop will allow K-Pop to grab hold of a foundation in Indonesia and surrounding countries.

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver


Hwang Bo-ra to superstar in

Hwang Bo-ra to superstar in "Blow Breeze"

Hwang Bo-ra is starring in "Blow Breeze".

UL Entertainment announced that Hwang Bo-ra is starring in the hot MBC weekend drama "Blow Breeze" which is set a North Korean defect named Mi-poong who overcomes warfare with a Seoul guy who is an attorney of human rights involving a fortune of billions of won.

Hwang Bo-ra takes at the part of Jo Hee-ra, the more youthful one of dual sisters who used to be born 12 mins later. Jo Hee-ra is bright and cheerful yetinfrequently unruly, which makes her twin brother Jo Hee-dong in deficient health and uninterested in her.

Hwang Bo-ra is best for the role and she is going to bring power to the drama.

Meanwhile, "Blow Breeze" is written by capability of Kim Sa-kyeong and directed by Yoon Jae-moon.

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Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC

Joo Sang-wook to superstar in JTBC "Fantastic" as awful actor

Actor Joo Sang-wook is gambling a most sensiblesuperstar who is a bad actor.

Upcoming drama JTBC "Fantastic" is the tale of a drama state of affairsauthor named Lee So-hye, who simplest has a couple of months to live, and a height star named Ryoo Hae-seong. The 2enjoya briefyet heated romance.

Joo Sang-wook takes at the office of Ryoo Hae-seong, a celeb who does notunderstand how to act. He'sgood-lookingand intenselysexy but God did not give him talent. His nicknames are 'Bal-Caprio', 'bad actor' and 'robot Hae-seong'.

He is filled with himself and loves getting attention. He looks ill-tempered on the outdoor but in facthe isvery hot and lovable on the inside. He reunites with Lee So-hye who is his first love and liable for his repute after 10 years.

Joo Sang-wook is stepping down from the righteous and favorable symbol he's been developmentup to now and is changing into a 'bad actor' Ryoo Hae-seong. Joo Sang-wook has been in more than a few dramas since his debut from romance to investigative dramas. His co-star in Kim Hyeon-joo in the role of Lee So-hye.

Joo Sang-wook said, "I could notforestallguffawing when I read the script. I'm excited to turn out to be this new character".

"Fantastic" is written via Lee Seong-eun and directed by Jo Nam-gook. The primary episode will also beobserved on the second of September at 8:30PM.

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Kim Hye-seon to superstar in SBS

Kim Hye-seon to superstar in SBS "My Gap-soon"

Actress Kim Hye-seon who is a certain icon of a a success drama, is starring in the hot SBS drama "My Gap-soon".

Every drama Kim Hye-seon has been in has been profitable and the anticipation for this one isn't any different.

Kim Hye-seon is becominga classy and a laughpersona in the drama "My Gap-soon".

Her control claimed she's been catching two hares without delay as she's been busy with her cosmetics industry and drama making.

"My Gap-soon" will get startedat the 20th of August at 8:45PM.

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Reporters divulge that a undeniable  superstar “friend” pairing is in reality a couple

Reporters divulge that a undeniable superstar “friend” pairing is in reality a couple

13kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A contemporary airing of a show Brave Reporters revealed that a most sensible actress and singer pair that the public know handiest equallypals are if fact exist toldfanatics in disguise.On the show, a reporter discussed a couple that most peopleused to beended inconsiderare just friends. The reporter mentionedthat primepoint actress A and peak level singer B have currentlydevelop into a couple. She described actress A as a filled with life and adorablepersonalitywhilst stated that singer B sweeps charts each and every fourth dimension he releases an album. Whether B is a solo artist or in a setbecameno longer mentioned.

According to this reporter, a close friend of the 2showed that the two are dating. She publishedextra hints throughannouncing the two had recently left on a travel abroad. The two left secretly yet met up on the aircraft at which point they showed such screenof love aboard the plane. The public still only knows of them as close friends. She later faced the firm alongsidethe tips and the officials, flustered, told her that it was a vacation out of friendship.

Netizens detectives are currently runningnot easy to figure out who this couple could also be

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented on the long-established article from our Korean source. The under comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

I think there's a high choice that here is Jihyo and GaryIf it were monday couple I might 100% enhance themoh I'm hopingit's far them that might make my dayI hope its none of my boys ㅠㅠㅠㅠPark Shinhye and Jung Yong Hwa?There arent that many top solo male artists so it will have to be an idol Source: Instiz

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This Is How Most sensible  Superstar Kim Soo Hyun Deals With Rejection

This Is How Most sensible Superstar Kim Soo Hyun Deals With Rejection

11kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Loving lovers poke amusingof waysbestsuperstar Kim Soo Hyun is particularly adorable when facing rejection.

It occurs to the maximum efficientfolks Kim Soo Hyun is not any exception. His drama and picture roles in the hot years in addition his dabbles in the song industry has made him one of the crucialmost smartly liked male actors of this generation. However, he isn't invincible as fans have discovered out.

Posters on Instiz have compiled a chain of pictures and GIFs that display the actor in embarrassing eventualities of rejection.

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Superstar K 2016 Unveils Judges Lineup In New Poster

Superstar K 2016 Unveils Judges Lineup In New Poster

“Superstar K 2016” Unveils Judges Lineup In New Posternotclaira July 20, 2016 0 “Superstar K 2016” Unveils Judges Lineup In New Poster Audition program “Superstar K” is determined to make its return, and all seven judges had been chosen!

On July 20, the display unveiled a new poster appearing the seven judges. Previously, most effective Kim Bum Soo had been showedto lookat the show.

According to the poster, Gummy, Gil, Kim Yeon Woo, Courageous Brothers, Ailee, and Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment have joined him in the list of judges. The lineup is a combine of veteran singers and manufacturers in the industry.

The judges may be separated into the kinds of “Legendary Vocal,” “Trendy Artist,” and “Star Maker.” The contestants will be judged now not only on their vocals yet their star power, public appeal, and potential.

An Mnet representative stated, “‘Superstar K 2016’ will prove the maximumexchange among the entire ‘Superstar K’ seasons. So asto turn the audiences anything new, we will be ready to existremodeling the show the complete way from the judging lineup. Please awaitthe recent season.”

The first episode is scheduled to air on September 22 at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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K-Pop Lovers  In finding Korean Superstar Look-Alikes For Every Member Of BTS

K-Pop Lovers In finding Korean Superstar Look-Alikes For Every Member Of BTS

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn an internetnetwork board, a fan collected several footage of whom BTS individuals share some capabilities with. Taking a lookviaall of the photos, do you disagree with any?

While some imagesspotlightequivalent accessories and haircuts as well, there also aresamefacial expression that each and every idols will share with one another. They do notappear to belimited to just comparing BTS members with other boy teamsyetlady groups as well. And in one case, with a well-liked entertainer.

1 Image: BTS Suga (left) / SEVENTEENs Woozi (right)

4 Image: TWICEs Nayeon (top) / BTS Rap Monster (bottom)

2 Image: BTS Jin (left) / Black Crimson Kim Jisoo (right)

4-1 Image: BTS Jimin (left) / Don Spike (right)

4-2 Image: BTS V (left) / EXOs Baekhyun (right)

6 Image: BTS Jongkook (left) / Yoo Jae Suk (right)

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Ailee And Kim Yeon Woo In Talks, Kim Bum Soo Showed  To register for “Superstar K” As Judges

Ailee And Kim Yeon Woo In Talks, Kim Bum Soo Showed To register for “Superstar K” As Judges

Ailee And Kim Yeon Woo In Talks, Kim Bum Soo ShowedTo join inMegastar chiliad As Judgesehk38 July 12, 2016 0 Ailee And Kim Yeon Woo In Talks, Kim Bum Soo Confirmed To Join Superstar K As Judges On July 12, Mnets making a song audition program Superstar K announced that singers Ailee, Kim Yeon Woo, and Kim Bum Soo are in ultimate talks to connect the judges panel for this season.

After finalizing the lineup, we may bein a position tofree up an professional statement, the display shared.

Since then, Kim Bum Soos controlfirm Ilgwang Polaris Entertainment has confirmed Kim Bum Soos appearance at the show.

On July 13, the agency revealed, After deep contemplation, Kim Bum Soo has made up our minds to join Mnet Superstar K 2016 as a judge.

Using his beyondrevel in on the show, Kim Bum Soo will use his subtle eagle eye to noticeuncooked talent, Ilgwang Polaris says.

If Ailee and Kim Yeon Woo join the show, Kim Bum Soo often is themost effective returning judge. Past judges Yoon Jong Shin, Baek Ji Young, and Sung Si Kyung were latelyprinted to have became down givesto move back to Superstar K this season.

What are your mindin this tentative lineup of judges?

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Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Korean Comic Kim Shin Young After all Breaks Silence With Reality About Alleged Superstar Sex Tape

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKim Shin Young braves the public as she for my part denies malicious speculations that she was oncethe femininefamous person in a reported sex tape. 

On July 12th, Kim Shin Young broke her silence thru her ownr adio display and stated, “I am now notthe girl in the sex tape.” In step withthe fame and entertainer, she became embarrassed about the sex tape controversy and won more than 16 videos for the beyond4 days. She went on to expose that as the difficulty continued, she can'tlend a handyet watch it and clarified that it was not her. There has been no way that she’ll be ready to movie and described herself as a “very lonely person.”

She was praised for the manner she treatedthe debate and expressed her surprisein opposition to it. She also thanked the eagle-eyed netizens who discovered online evidence just about her identity trough the site of her moles.

Kim Shin Young ended her remark alongside a message that she was hopingnobody else will brokenthrough the misunderstanding.

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