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Walking On Empty: Interview with Galaxy Express + Signed CD Giveaway

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20151101_seoulbeats_galaxyexpress Walking On Empty: Interview with Galaxy Express + Signed CD Giveaway Written by Laverne On November 2, 2015 Formed in 2006, three member Galaxy Express immediately attracted attention with a signature blend of garage rock, punk and psychedelic sounds. Their first EPs, To the Galaxy and Ramble Around, received high praise, but it was their first full-length album (and a double album at that!), Noise on Fire, that landed them Best Rock Album at the 2009 Korean Music Awards.

Of course, guitarist Park Jong-hyun, bassist Lee Ju-hyun and drummer Kim Hee-kwon, later outdid themselves for their sophomore album by writing, recording and releasing Wild Days in just 30 days. Wild Days also garnered the group Musician of the Year at the 2011 Korean Music Awards.

Since then, Galaxy Express has released another album (Galaxy Express), toured all over the world, appearing at big name festivals, such as South by Southwest, Canadian Music Week, Summer Sonic Festival and Liverpool Sound City, and even held shows in Hong Kong and Russia.

With their latest album, Walking on Empty, released this past August, the group took the time out of their busy schedule for a quick chat with Seoulbeats.

Galaxy Express has been together for nine years and has made a big impact on the Korean rock scene. In fact, when I interviewed PATiENTS, they cited you as one of their influences. Is it strange to think of yourselves as icons?

Ju-hyun: We feel honored and grateful when other bands speak highly of Galaxy Express. I think lots of bands in Seoul’s Hongdae music scene influence one another. Many Korean indie acts have influenced me and still continue to inspire me.

Before you gained popularity, you went through a lot of hardships including familial disapproval of your career choice. If you could travel back in time to give advice to your struggling artist selves, what would you tell yourself?

Ju-hyun: I’d tell myself, “Do whatever you want.”

Jong-hyun: I’d say, “Have lots of fun and don’t hesitate to do what you want to do. Don’t be afraid of people not understanding or agreeing with you choices.”

Making an album in 30 days is tough and yet Wild Days was fantastic! Would you ever want to attempt that again for a future album or was one time enough?

Ju-hyun: Thank you for the kind words about that album. I think making an album that way once was enough for us. If we ever had to do something like that again, we could do it. But I don’t think we’ll need to.

Jong-hyun: Wild Days challenged us in many ways, which was fun and exciting. I’d like to find more things to keep on challenging us as musicians and a band.

From an interview Galaxy Express did earlier this year, I found out that you didn’t stream your Galaxy Express album because of a ‘Stop Dumping Music’ movement. While I’m not familiar with the movement in South Korea, artists here in the US have echoed similar sentiments, most notably Taylor Swift. Do you think streaming sites, labels and bands will ever come to an agreement on what fair pay and revenue from streaming should be?

Ju-hyun: I’m not sure. I hope people can reach an agreement that’s fair to everyone.

And a follow-up from the last question, what changes, if any, would you like to see in South Korea’s music industry?

Ju-hyun: I hope people learn to respect all music regardless of who makes it or what kind of music it is.

The last time Galaxy Express did a US tour was 2013. Do you have any plans to tour here in the future? Any upcoming international tours planned?

Jong-hyun: We’re going to do a cross-country Korean tour in November. We’re talking about some possible international tours in support of our Walking on Empty album that came out in August, but no concrete plans have been made yet.

What is your favorite Galaxy Express album?

Ju-hyun: I love them all, but I think I’ll pick Noise on Fire because that was our first full-length album.

Jong-hyun: I love them all, too. Since Walking on Empty is our most recent album, I’ll go with that one. We spent a lot of time working on Walking on Empty and tried some different things when writing it and making it, so it’s definitely a special album to all of us.

And two fun questions to end off the interview. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ju-hyun: Bibimbap! I don’t think I could ever get sick of eating it.

Jong-hyun: Meat! Meat is my favorite thing to eat and is the food I find most delicious.

If you could join a different rock band, past or present, who would you join?

Ju-hyun: The Rolling Stones. They’re awesome.

Jong-hyun: The Sex Pistols. They weren’t around long, but they made a big impact.

Love Galaxy Express? Want a signed copy of their latest album? Head to the comments below and let us know 1.) What Galaxy Express song is your favorite and 2.) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Giveaway ends 11/16/2015 at 11:59PM EST. Good luck!

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Kim Woo Bin Looks sublime in New Pictorial With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5

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Kim Woo Bin Looks Chic in New Pictorial With Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 Elle magazine posted images from the collaboration between Kim Woo Bin and Galaxy Note five for the November factor of the magazine.

In the images, Kim Woo Bin is dressed in a sublime suit that highlights his good-looking looks. the manner he delicately holds the telephone contrasts with his sturdy features. He can be noticed appearing off the S pen, a new feature that Samsung is promoting.

As a world project, the pictorial might be released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam’s Elle magazines as well. The overall edition of the photo shoot will be released in the November problem of the magazine.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note five and Galaxy S edge Plus at home

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Note five and Galaxy S edge Plus at home

The strategic sensible phones of Galaxy Note five and Galaxy S6 edge Plus (edge+), that are expected to force Samsungs functionality in the 2d one part of the year were introduced on Thursday. Having to take the top rate sensible telephone marketplace before Apple who is introducing its new iPhone next month, Samsung put decrease costs at the 2 units than its old ones.

Galaxy Note five for 32 GB garage comes out from a factory at 899,900 Korean won (approx. 755 U.S. dollars) and for 64GB at 965,800 won (approx. 810 dollars). Galaxy S6 edge+ comes simplest with 32GB at 939,400 won (approx. 788 dollars). here's the primary time that the factory value of the product is underneath 900,000 won (approx. 755 dollars) among Galaxy Note series. Galaxy S6 edge+ got here out with a decrease price ticket than April style at 979,000 won (approx. 822 dollars).

With announced and extra grants, one should purchase the Galaxy Note five with 32GB garage for the lowest value diversity of 500,000 won (approx. 420 dollars). The announced grants differ by way of cellular carriers. In conjunction with the maximum costly plan, LG Uplus provides the best grants of 285,000 won (approx. 239 dollars) (New plan of unlimited voice call video 100), followed by way of KT at 281,000 won (approx. 235 dollars) (LTE knowledge 999 plan) and SK telecom at 248,000 won (approx. 208 dollars) (Band data 100). On best of these, one can experience further grants (15 percent) from agencies of 3 cellular carriers: 42,750 won (approx. 36 dollars) from LG Uplus, 42,150 won (approx. 35 dollars) from KT and 37,200 won (approx. 31 dollars) from SK Telecom. Opting for LG Uplus, the style comes with the lowest price ticket of 572,050 won (approx. 481 dollars).

Samsung Pay, a cellular wallet provider that the corporate has worked on, used to be also introduced at the day, which is to be had simplest in Korea, alluding a full-scale war in the 2d one part of the year. Introducing Galaxy Note five and Galaxy S6 edge+ in The usa on Friday (local time), Samsung will have a month of trial provider length for Samsung Pay before it officially launches the provider on October 28.

The best promoting point of Samsung Pay is that its provided now now not simplest with close to box conversation (NFC) same as Apple Pay yet also with magnetic protected transmission (MST), permitting its traders to take advantage of it at associate member shops of maximum credits firms. Apple Pay, at the alternative hand, is less flexible because it should simplest be used in shops with NFC payment terminals. In keeping with InfoScout, a world marketplace survey firm, some 13.1 % american citizens use Follow Pay as of June, down from 15.1 % on March whilst 19 % of its users were rejected the service, up from 15 percent.

The newly-introduced two units are provided with Samsung Pay. People who own the former style of Galaxy S6 may just use Samsung Pay via instrument upgrade. Customers of Woori Bank, in particular, can use it in chickening out money from computerized teller system of the bank.

Samsung Keeps Logo Off Galaxy S6 Sold in Japan

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Samsung Keeps Logo Off Galaxy S6 Sold in Japan

Samsung has removed its corporate logo from its Galaxy S6 smartphones sold in Japan amid deep distrust of Korea and Korean technology in the island country. Instead, the sleek smartphones features only the Galaxy brand name, as do all accessories. The move is unprecedented for Samsung, but a company spokesman said, "The measure took into consideration the specialized nature of the Japanese market". Japan is the only market in the world in which the Korean electronics giant is struggling. The Japanese smartphone market has been virtually impregnable to Korean manufacturers. According to U.S. market researcher Strategy Analytics, Apple ranked first in smartphone sales there last year, accounting for 40.8 percent of the market, followed by Sony (18.1 percent), Sharp (12.4 percent) and Fujitsu (8.8 percent). Samsung ranks fifth with only a 5.6 percent market share, while LG, the world"s No. 3, accounts for just 1.7 percent of the market in Japan. Samsung and LG"s combined market share in Japan still falls short of global also-ran Fujitsu.

Japan has a total population of 127 million, more than twice as many as Korea, and the mobile phone penetration rate is more than 110 percent. The smartphone penetration rate stands at only around 70 percent, which still makes the market appealing for Korean firms. A quick glance around any subway train in Japan will reveal just how many people use iPhones there. Japan has the largest number of iPhone users of any other Asian country, which why Apple made sure it was one of the first markets to receive shipments of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.Jeong Ok-hyun, a professor at Sogang University and former head of LG"s mobile phone RD center, said, "Japanese consumers think that Japanese brands have the best technology, and mobile service providers also favor Japanese manufacturers, so it is tough for foreign companies to break into that market unless they"re selling a product that has special appeal to consumers, such as the iPhone".When it unveiled the Galaxy S3 in Japan in 2012, Samsung ranked third after Fujitsu (21.4 percent market share) and Apple (18.4 percent) with 14.8 percent of the market. But anti-Korean sentiment stoked by a new far-right government meant the Galaxy S5 fared poorly, and Samsung"s share of the Japanese market fell to 10.7 percent in 2013 and to 5.6 percent last year. Korean companies are struggling to make their presence felt in Japan. Samsung plans to launch a big marketing onslaught in Japan for the Galaxy S6 to take the market share back. In October last year, it chose to unveil the Galaxy Note Edge featuring a curved screen in Japan first. LG also included Japan among the 15 nations around the world that will get to see the G4 before other countries. An industry insider said, "The Japanese market is unique. It"s tough to crack and doesn"t have the growth potential of China and India. But it"s symbolically important, which is why foreign companies keep trying to make it big in Japan".The situation is no different for home appliances. Samsung and LG, the No. 1 and 2 players in terms of global TV market share, have only a small presence in Japan. Samsung accounted for just 0.1 percent of the Japanese TV market until it packed up and left it in 2007. LG"s market share is rising slowly, but is still only in the two-percent range. An industry insider said, "Japanese are very loyal to their national brands and have become wary after seeing their once-mighty brands get beaten by foreign rivals on the global stage".

Discounts to disappoint Galaxy S6, Edge buyers

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Discounts to disappoint Galaxy S6, Edge buyers

Consumers demo the newest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones, officially launched by Samsung Electronics on Friday, at KT Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul. [NEWSIS]

Those purchasing Samsung Electronics" new flagship smartphones Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge may benefit from subsidies of up to 211,000 won ($193), as mobile carriers launched offline sales of the much-anticipated models on Friday. The largest subsidy will come from KT. The nation"s three mobile carriers - SK Telecom, KT and LG U+, in order of revenue and number of subscribers - unveiled the list of subsidies that vary according to the storage size and monthly plans users choose. The more expensive the monthly plan, the bigger the subsidy size becomes. But the subsidies have disappointed some prospective Galaxy purchasers, who were hoping for more discounts. Buyers were hopeful after the country"s top telecom watchdog, the Korea Communications Commission, raised the ceiling for subsidies to 330,000 won on Wednesday, up from 300,000 won. Individual stores may offer an additional subsidy equivalent to 15 percent of the carriers" subsidy, capped at 49,500 won. That means a 32-gigabyte Galaxy S6 could conceivably carry a price tag of under 600,000 won at some stores, after the two types of subsidies are applied. But consumers were still disappointed by the final prices, which were kept high despite expectations.Carriers do not need to arrange for hefty subsidies for smartphone models that are predictably popular - the Galaxy S6 series, for instance. Based on the premise that a new subscriber opts for the highest-priced 76,000 won monthly plan and a two-year contract, SK Telecom will offer a 130,000 won subsidy for a 32GB S6, the smallest among the new Galaxy series, and 120,000 won for a 64GB model. For the S6"s cousin, the curved S6 Edge, the subsidy has been set at 120,000 won for a 32GB model and 140,000 won for a 64GB model. After the subsidies are applied, the Galaxy S6 will cost 728,000 won for the 32GB and 804,000 won for the 64GB. The S6 Edge will cost 979,000 won for the 32GB model, and 1,056,000 won for 64GB.SK"s premium monthly plan allows for unlimited voice calls, 300 minutes of video calls and 100 gigabytes of data.Although Samsung Electronics initially showcased a 128 GB model for both the S6 and S6 Edge, it won"t be immediately available in Korea due to a lack of demand. Samsung has decided to retail the 32GB S6 at 858,000 won; the 64GB S6 at 924,000 won; the 32GB S6 Edge at 979,000 won; and the 64GB S6 Edge at 1,056,000 won.KT, the second-largest carrier, will offer subsidies between 164,000 won and 211,000 won with a two-year contract and a monthly plan of 99,000 won.LG U+ will provide subsidies between 166,000 won and 194,000 won with a monthly plan of 124,000 won. For those who choose a monthly plan of 34,000 won, the subsidy will shrink to as low as 46,000 won.BY SEO JI-EUN [[email protected]]

Sneak peeks at Galaxy S6 collection

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Sneak peeks at Galaxy S6 collection

Shin Jong-kyun, CEO of the IT and Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics, holds a presentation at the Samsung Galaxy S6 World Tour 2015 at the Korean tech powerhouse"s headquarters in Gangnam, southern Seoul, on Thursday. [NEWSIS]

Samsung Electronics invited early adopters, technology bloggers and reporters to experience the much anticipated Galaxy S6 series on Thursday, a day before the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge officially go on sale.Held at the headquarters of the tech powerhouse, the Samsung Galaxy S6 World Tour 2015 was bustling with people as Samsung seeks to regain its dominance in the premium smartphone market with the latest model following the disappointing reception of the Galaxy S5. Particular attention was paid to new features related to the phone"s camera, its payment system and battery performance with wireless charging. Users can access the 16-megapixel main camera in less than a second by double tapping the home button. That feature will be attractive to anyone who has missed filming important moments as they opened their phones and searched for the camera icon.

A visitor gets tips on the latest features of Samsung"s flagship smartphones at the World Tour event in Gangnam, southern Seoul, on Thursday. [NEWSIS]

"The home button function is designed to boost users" chances to capture spontaneous moments", said Park Joon-ho, head of the marketing division during a presentation session. "It works any time, even when the screen is off".Another handy shortcut includes tapping a sensor on the back to go directly to the selfie function.A lot of attention was given to the Edge because of its unconventional display, which curves around the edges of the phone. The rounded sides not only have an aesthetic appeal but make users feel closer to texts and images on display. The curved sides also contribute to functionality by allowing for quick access to customizable alerts and favorite contacts. The screen on the side can show e-mail, texts, missed calls and app activity. The screen will light up with favorite contacts" corresponding colors when they call. The new materials used in the Galaxy S6 line exude a fresh feeling. Samsung has ditched its clunky plastic body and replaced it with a sleek glass back.Another new feature is Samsung Pay. Despite a great deal of the buzz, little has been reported about how it actually works. A presenter from Samsung Electronics demonstrated the payment system. A user pays with the system by tapping twice: first to open Samsung Pay and then for a finger scan. For the payment system to operate, a user needs to either input information about credit or debit cards manually or take pictures of the cards, which are then scanned for information. A finger scan is also required.Samsung has plans to enter partnerships with 30 million companies to make its version of the wallet widely used. Samsung Pay will start operating in July.Wireless charging also captured many visitors" attention. For the round, wireless charger to work, the Galaxy S6 device needs to be placed very close to it. If the phone is more than 2 centimeters away, it will not charge.It took about 170 minutes for the wireless charger to fully power up the flagship smartphones, a fairly long time compared with existing wired chargers. Samsung Electronics predicted sales of the newest flagship smartphones will surpass those of the previous Galaxy phone. Shin Jong-kyun, CEO of the IT and Mobile Division, said that Galaxy S6 and Edge will sell more than any other models. BY PARK EUN-JEE [[email protected]]

"Materials boost the sophisticated design of Galaxy S6", say designers

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"These smart phones look sophisticated and pretty".

This is a usual response from general consumers who first encounter the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge of Samsung Electronics. Some even say, I want to throw away the Galaxy S5 that Im currently using. If so, what would be the response from designers whose profession is to create beautiful design? The Dong-A Ilbo asked this question to designers, who co-hosted First Look of Galaxy S6 at the 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week along with Samsung Electronics.

Designer Lee Ju-yeong who created a stage with the theme of color blocking black said, To liken the Galaxy S6 to outfit, high-class fabric has been used to make the outfit. It means that the materials have made great difference in the design. Though Korean devices boast great functionalities, they are thought to fall behind in their design. The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones have completely dispelled such a preconception.

Featuring the stage with the theme of simple but sophisticated white, designer Han Sang-hyeok said, I felt like the Galaxy S6 is a well-made metal device, which I havent felt with the one made with plastic, adding, It has the beauty that crystal boasts.

The both designers gave highly favorable review on camera function of the phone. Camera function of a smart phone is very important index when designers are choosing their phones. The Galaxy S6s camera expresses exact color of fabric, said Han. Giving rave review, Lee also noted that the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones set out great detail and evaluated the display of the phone by saying, It provides a lot more vibrant and pleasant feelings. Lee chose the black-colored Galaxy S6 while Han picked white one as the prettiest model, which corresponds to each designers theme color of the show.

Samsung Embarks on World Tour to Plug Galaxy S6

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Samsung Embarks on World Tour to Plug Galaxy S6

Models walk the catwalk with Samsung"s latest Galaxy S6 smartphone at a junket in Dubai on Wednesday. /Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung has launched a world tour to sell its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, on which much of the company"s future depends.It kicked off in Dubai on Tuesday with an event more like a gala show than a product presentation. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were given to participants who got to test them while watching performances by famous Middle Eastern singers. A Samsung spokesman claimed participants were pleased with the Arabic user interface.

The tour moved on to the Russian capital on Wednesday, where it was held on the sidelines of Moscow Fashion Week. Samsung joined hands with Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin to unveil accessories for the S6. Next are Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Sales start in 20 countries including Korea on April 10.

Kim Na Young becomes the first Korean to receive the "Galaxy S6 Edge" smartphone

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Kim Na Young becomes the first Korean to receive the

Comedian and fashionista Kim Na Youngbecame the first Korean to receive Samsung"s "Galaxy S6 Edge"!

She attened France"s Paris Collection on the 7th, attending the "Tasting Night With Galaxy" event along with the top 100 fashion names in the world. She, along with modelsGigi Hadid, Jessica Stam, and Vogue Internationl"s chief editor Suzy Menkes, received the phone as VIP guests of the event. The phone"s unpacking event was less than a week ago and the phone is not officially released yet, the fashionista became the first Korean to own the phone.

Congratulations to Kim Na Young! It looks like she"s really making a name for herself in the fashion industry!

f(x) Krystal Becomes New Face Of "Swarovski for Samsung Galaxy Note 4"

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f(x) Krystal Becomes New Face Of

It is reported that f(x) member Krystal has been appointed to be new representative of "Swarovski for Samsung Galaxy Note 4" in a new CF!

The CF is designed to show two completely different sides of Krystal. The singer has portrayed images of a bustling and modest low-level employee at a magazine company, as well as playing the role of a powerful, strict editor of the same magazine. In the end, both sides win thanks to "Swarovski" and the "Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Check out Krystal rocking crystals in the CF above!