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f(x)'s Krystal to superstar as lead in upcoming Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'

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f(x)'s Krystal to superstar as lead in upcoming Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'

f(x)'s Krystal may be starring as the lead personality in the impending Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'.

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According to SM Entertainment, "Krystal participated in the casting announcement for the Chinese drama 'Graduation Season' on November 28." 'Graduation Season' is described as a drama about young those whoinputthe trend industry brand new from school.

In comparable news, f(x) have wrapped up selling "4 Walls" and shouldcling their concert in Seoul Olympic Section on January 30-31 of 2016.

Will you be observing Krystal's drama?

"Superstar K" Draws Curtain Of Seventh Season with an Amazing Teaser

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Mnet’s “Superstar K” will be opening the door to its seventh season on March 5 by receiving sign-ups for the first round.

Mnet revealed the logo for “Superstar K7” and its first teaser. The short clip contained the audition program’s determination to create an even more entertaining season than the past six years by depicting themselves as seven-year-old children.

In the teaser, interviews of young children that represent the producers and Lee Seung Chul are comically dubbed by mature voices. “Little Lee Seung Chul,” wearing oversized sunglasses, is slouching on the couch in Lee Seung Chul’s signature “Welcome” position. Through these children, “Superstar K” is releasing the young, energetic vibe they are hoping to produce this season.

The teaser’s main message is that they are trying to make a platform where contestants can play the music they enjoy and viewers can be both touched and entertained.

Mnet representatives said, “We will be trying to actively connect with viewers through a spirit of youth and technology in the seventh season of ‘Superstar K,’ and expressed this determination in the teaser as well. You will be able to see ‘Superstar K’ progress accordingly to the development of a digital society.”

Several other changes to the program, such as a different sign-up method, will be revealed in the near future.

After regional preliminary rounds, held from mid April to July, the actual show will air in August.

"Superstar K" Confirmed To Open The Curtain For Seventh Season

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The singing audition show "Superstar K" will draw its curtain for another season!

On February 2nd, Mnet officially announced, “’Superstar K7’ will be broadcast this year. Please look forward to it.”

While the upcoming new season of the show has been confirmed, the detailed plans for the formatting of the show have yet to be decided at the current time. However, it has been said that the general format will not be much different from past seasons.

The Mnet rep explained to OSEN, “We plan to recruit the participants as quickly as possible. As soon as we prepare the recruitment, we will immediately begin to develop the plans for ‘Superstar K7.’”

Are you looking forward to a brand new season of the program?

Yoon Jongshin confirmed as judge for “Superstar K Season 6”

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Yoon Jongshin confirmed as judge for “Superstar K Season 6”

Yoon Jongshin has been confirmed to be one of the judges for Mnet’s Audition program, “Superstar K Season 6”.

On the 9th of July, Yoon Jongshin revealed on Mnet that he will be on the panel for “Superstar K 6”, and that he was determined to provide valuable advice and make the right decisions based on his extensive experience as a judge on the show for seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5.

The producer of the program also revealed that several of the contestants are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to meet Yoon Jongshin and hear what he has to say about their talent.

"Superstar K 6" will start airing on Mnet on the 22nd of August.

‘Superstar K’ Season 6 To Start! Auditions Begin March 6th!

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‘Superstar K’ Season 6 To Start! Auditions Begin March 6th! Korea"s audition program Mnet"s "Superstar K" will be recruiting new participants starting March 6th to kick off its 6th season.

On February 10th Mnet"s "Superstar K6" witty parody video was released to announce the new season. The video was released online and through SNS. It says, "No matter where you are, this will make you keep dreaming. And now we introduce to you a more amazing Superstar K6!"

Mnet stated, "We made this video to capture the amazing, fun, and moving content that will be featured in the next season. We will continue to release videos that support passion for music and such dreams, so you can look forward to them."

"Superstar K6" will start accepting applications on March 6. Qualifying auditions will take place from late next month through July, and will be broadcast mid-August.

‘Superstar K6′ drops out 1st promotional video for the new season

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‘Superstar K6′ drops out 1st promotional video for the new seasonSuperstar K6‘ has recently released the first promotional video for its new season, calling all contestants who dream of becoming a star.

Mnet shared the video with the description, “We created a video to express the [future] fun and touching moments of ‘Superstar K6′ which will return with more amazing [talent]… We will continue to unveil various videos of the passion for music and dreams of ‘Superstar K‘.”

Staring on March 6, Korean citizens, from children to ninety-nine years old, can apply to this show via ARS (1600-0199)

‘Superstar K6′ will kick off its new season in August.

Superstar K Season 5 Entering Semifinals - Who Will Be Eliminated?

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Superstar K5, Park Si Hwan, Park Jae Jung, Song Hee Jin

Superstar K Season 5 Entering Semifinals - Who Will Be Eliminated? Superstar K Season 5 Entering Semifinals - Who Will Be Eliminated? Superstar K Season 5 is entering its final stages, and it's changing its format to add fun and suspense for the viewers.

Currently there are 3 finalists left in the tournament - Park Si Hwan, Park Jae Jung, and Song Hee Jin.

The Top 4 stage that was held last week was a runaway success because they changed the format to a "Rival Match" instead of the four man competition format. Song Hee Jin was pitted against Kim Min Ji, while Park Si Hwan was pitted againt Park Jae Jung.

Taking into consideration the favorable reviews of the viewers, the Top 3 stage will also be executed in a "Rival Match" format. All three contestants will perform in the 1st round, and the judges will pick the best one among them. Then the two who were not chosen will have a 2nd round "Rival Match" in which one of the two will be eliminated. This will leave the Top 2 contestants left for the final survival round "Rival Match".

Because two of the three contestants will be able to perform twice, some have speculated that being chosen as the top among the three may not be a great spot to be in. The reasoning behind that speculation is that the viewers and the judges will remember those who have performed more and more often.

The top 3 contestants are all preparing three songs each for the last few episodes of Superstar K. They will certainly make their cases to be the victor by showcasing themselves in various ways. The last episodes look to be highly entertaining.

The top internet votes are for Park Si Hwan, who has received 45% of the votes. Park Jae Jung is a close second with 37%. Also Song Hee Jin is in the last place of the internet votes, it will be interesting to see if she can regain fan interest in the semifinals. There are two more episodes left of Superstar K Season 5.

"Superstar K" Will Be Back Next Year with Season Six

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Superstar K Will Be Back Next Year with Season SixMnet’s Kim Ki Woong (content producer) recently announced that “Superstar K,” currently caught up in controversy, will definitely be back next year.

There had been a lot of talk about the legitimacy of “Superstar K” after Brad Moore of last year’s winning band, Busker Busker, revealed a lot of behind-the-scenes information about the show in an American interview.

Kim Ki Woong said, “It’s not a matter of whether or not the show will continue anymore. Superstar K is a sort of brand and an annual festival. As long as it is possible, we will continue the show.”

When asked about the show’s loss of popularity, Kim Ki Woong replied that they still have a lot of things to show the public.  He explained that there are a lot of contestants who do well in practice, but lose a lot to nerve in the live broadcasts, and that he thinks they will be able to do well in the remaining shows.

Currently, the remaining contestants on “Superstar K5” are Park Shi Hwan, Park Jae Jung, Song Hui Jin, Jang Won Ki, and Kim Min Ji.

Roy Kim, Winner of 'Superstar K Season 4', Will Be Performing As A Special Guest At Jason Mraz’s May Performance In Korea

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Roy Kim, Winner of 'Superstar K Season 4', Will Be Performing As A Special Guest At Jason Mraz’s May Performance In Korea Roy Kim will be performing with Jason Mraz at his next show in KoreaRoy Kim, Winner of 'Superstar K Season 4', Will Be Performing As A Special Guest At Jason Mraz’s May Performance In Korea Jason Mraz asked Roy Kim to be a special guest performer at his concert in Seoul this MayRoy Kim will be performing as a special guest for Jason Mraz's concert in Korea this coming May.

Jason Mraz will perform at Seoul's Jamsil Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium on May 17 through Live Nation Korea. Roy Kim has been revealed as a special guest performer, in addition to Joe Brooks and IDIOTAPE.

Roy Kim's managers stated, "Roy Kim previously revealed that he likes to listen to Jason Mraz's music and is a fan of the musician. He was invited as a special guest for the concert and plans to have fun while performing. With his experience performing on big stages, including the 'Superstar K' final stage as well as the '2012 MAMA', we anticipate that he will show an impressive stage to the 20,000 music lovers that will be present."

Roy Kim won the fourth season of South Korea's television talent show series Superstar K.

Roy Kim commented on his upcoming performance, "I am a fan of Jason Mraz's music so I'm happy that I get to perform on stage with Jason Mraz. I will work hard to prepare a good stage. I also ask that you anticipate my debut album which I am currently in the middle of recording for."

Roy Kim has expressed his admiration for Jason Mraz before; the last song he posted on his blog was Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up."

Although Roy Kim's cover is no longer available on YouTube, the comment accompanying the cover song posted on January 14, 2012 said, "I actually recorded two songs today. This is one of them. It's gotten really cold in Asheville recently. Cold seems to be approaching in my body. Keep yourselves warm. Hope this helps. Peace, love, happiness. Roy."

Top 11 contestants of Indonesia’s ‘Galaxy Superstar’ to receive special K-Pop training

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Top 11 contestants of Indonesia’s ‘Galaxy Superstar’ to receive special K-Pop training

Koreas world famous idol training system will be making its way into the Indonesian music market!

Composer Kim Do Hoon, the hitmaker behind CNBLUEs Loner and 2AMs Like You, has been named the official trainer for an Indonesian audition program titled Galaxy Superstar. The top 11 contestants will win the chance to be trained just like other K-Pop stars under Kim Do Hoon.

Galaxy Superstar is a collaborative project between Korea and Indonesia. The program broadcasts in Indonesia every Sunday at 8 PM. Over 10,000 contains from five different cities have gone through the preliminaries, and after a month and a half of fierce competition, only the top 11 remain.

Under the direction of Kim Do Hoon, the top 11 contestants will be training under Rainbow Bridge Agencys Korean artist incubation training system to receive the same vigorous training that has made K-Pop a worldwide phenomenon it is today.

The contestants will arrive in Korea on March 16th and begin their activities with a press conference. Everything leading up to their debut in Indonesia will be broadcast through Galaxy Superstar.

One official explained, Galaxy Superstar has been receiving the hot attention of local press and public interest. The process of the top 11 stars training under the system of K-Pop will allow K-Pop to grab hold of a foundation in Indonesia and surrounding countries.

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver