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“A Well Grown Daughter” Jeong Eun-woo proposes to Park Han-byeol

"A Well Grown Daughter" Jeong Eun-woo proposed to Park Han-byeol.

Seol Do-hyeon (Jeong Eun-woo) and Jang Ha-na (Park Han-byeol) promised marriage.

Seol Do-hyeon and Jang Ha-na visited Hwang So-jeong's Corni tree, where they promised their neverending love for each other under it.

Jang Ha-na said, "I am looking after the tree with all my apologies. I love you but I can't stop the war with chairman Seol. So although you might get hurt and wear out, I'm going to standby my principles".

"I am sorry that it's your father whom I'm fighting against. I am afraid of coming in between you two. There are ten days left to go. See how it goes, but don't forget to think about me".

Seol Do-hyeon said, "I'll be responsible for my father

“God’s Gift – 14 Days” Jo Seung-woo kills Kim Yoo-bin-I

Lee Myeong-han (Joo Jin-mo) ordered for the murder of Han Set-byeol (Kim Yoo-bin-I) to Hwang Kyeong-soo (Choi Min-cheol) on the final episode of the SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days".

He claimed that he couldn't kill her but was coaxed by Lee Myeong-han. He told Hwang Kyeong-soo that his son's execution date will be drawn closer and made him promise to do it.

However, Hwang Kyeong-soo let her go. He was a father of a child as well, so he couldn't do it.

Hwang Kyeong-soo fought with the men who were following them. Han Set-byeol ran away but was caught again; she was tied up.

Lee Myeong-han had thought of another plan, just in case Hwang Kyeong-soo didn't go through with it. He took advantage of Ki Dong-chan's (Jo Seung-woo) brain damage and made him believe that his mother (Park Hae-sook) killed the girl

“Empress Qi” Ji Chang-wook discovers Ha Ji-won and Joo Jin-mo’s son

Ji Chang-wook is about to get aggressive after learning about Ha Ji-won and Joo Jin-mo's son.

On the forty-ninth episode of the MBC drama "Empress Qi", Ta Hwan (Ji Chang-wook) found out that Maha (Kim Jin-seong) was Ki Seung-nyang (Ha Ji-won) and Wang Yoo's (Joo Jin-mo) son.

Golta (Jo Jae-yoon) planned to move Ta Hwan and grow out his authority, as Ki Seung-nyang was kicked out of the palace for killing Baek Ahn (Kim Yeong-ho), but Ta Hwan held hands with her again and Golta's plans fell through. He decided to kill her.

Dang Ki-se (Kim Jeong-hyeon) who was on Golta's side, found out that Maha was the son of Ki Seung-nyang and Wang Yoo. He decided to revolt and planned to kill the prince, Ki Seung-nyang and Ayoo, then replace them with a new king

“Empress Qi” increases again

According Nielsen Media research, the forty-ninth episode of the MBC drama "Empress Qi" rated 26.6%. This is 3.7% higher than the forty eighth episode, bringing it to the front of the line.

The majority of TV shows and programs are being cancelled and replaced with breaking news due to the Sewol ferry tragedy. However, "Empress Qi" and some other dramas have been broadcasted on their regular times since this week.

Meanwhile, SBS drama "God's Gift - 14 Days" which ended on the 22nd, rated 8.4% and came in second place.

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K-Drama Feature: Six Evil Drama Mamas

With Mother"s Day right around the corner, I thought I"d compile a list of the most evil mothers ever to grace the screens of South Korea. If you"re a guy, just hope that whoever you"re with or end up with doesn"t have a mother like any of the ones on this list!

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Bang Young Ja A Hundred Years" Inheritance

Jealous of every woman her son brings home, this woman terrorizes our heroine, Chae Won. She hits her, screams at her and insults her. She makes her son believe Chae Won is cheating on him. As if all that"s not enough, she jails Chae Won"s father, and has her committed! And that"s just a partial list of this woman"s crimes.

Jung Ji Sook Heirs

Ji Sook lives in a difficult situation, to be sure, but two wrongs don"t make a right

“Secret Love Affair”, “God’s Gift – 14 days” and more dramas will resume broadcast

Empress Ki, God’s Gift – 14 Days, Secret Love Affair, A Witch’s Romance and “Their Perfect Day” are most likely set to resume regular broadcasts this week.

Most South Korea broadcasting stations had put their shows on hold due to the Sewol ferry incident that happened last week. As a sign of respect and mourning, variety shows were cancelled and some dramas were delayed to be broadcasted. However,m this week, most dramas have already resumed broadcast. Though MBC, KBS 2TV, JTBC and SBS revealed that even if they’ll be airing some of dramas again, changes may still occur especially if some progress have come to light regarding the Sewol ferry incident, they will still switch to news flash for updates.

In addition, MBC also released an official statement saying that Empress Ki will still continue its regular broadcast since the incident also happened after the drama has been aired

“Wonderful Days” Kim Hee Sun confesses in tears to Lee Seo Jin

Actress Kim Hee Sun showed off her incredible acting in the drama Wonderful Days as she confessed to Lee Seo Jin and busted out in tears. Even the viewers were moved by her tear jerking performance.

Aired on April 20, KBS weekend drama Wonderful Days revealed Kim Hee Sun’s emotional confession on the 18th episode.

When Hae Won failed to commit suicide, she then phoned Dong Suk (Lee Seo Jin) and confessed to him in tears and said, “Everything was fine before you came back. There were no problems before. Neither I was sad nor nervous. Whenever I did something, I knew that it was something I should do so I didn’t have any regrets. But when you came back, I started to have doubts again. I keep doubting if this is the right way or not, if I should do it or not. It’s all because of you

Which actor would you want as your older brother?

While there are some celebrities that make girls swoon and wish they were dating these hunky men, there are some celebrities who are popular and attractive just because they seem like really nice and warm guys - like an older brother!

So out of the choices of actors below, which would you want most as your older brother?

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Jo In Sung

Handsome and charismatic, Jo In Sung would make one of those awesome brothers you"d like to put on display in front of your friends to make them green with envy. He also played a brotherly figure in his last drama "Wind Blows In Winter" alongside Song Hye Kyo. Of course, he wasn"t her real brother

SBS Apologizes For Airing Reporters Grinning At South Korean Ferry Disaster Site

(Photo : SBS)(Photo : SBS)

As the death toll of the South Korea Sewol ferry disaster climbed to 181 people on Tuesday, with 181 people still missing, executives at the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) were forced to apologize for a news broadcast that showed their reporters smiling in front of the sunken vessel.

According to the South Korean network"s explanation, the reporters were not discussing or reporting on the Sewol ferry tragedy when they were seen smiling on camera in a live shot broadcast on Sunday.

"After the live broadcast, the reporter was talking about other things with the other reporters while they were preparing for the next broadcast," the SBS statement read, according to Turkey Sea News.

"The segment where the reporter was getting ready for his next segment aired by accident by the broadcast manager who was in charge of the outgoing feed