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A-Pink Former Member Yookyung Updates Her Fans Since Her Departure

Yookyung, a member of K-Pop girl group A-Pink hasn"t been seen in the limelight since her departure and fans are happy to see her again through the latest update.

In the photo shared on an online community, Yookyung seems to be happy and cheerful as ever, making her aegyo(cute) pose on the camera.

Yookyung is said to be currently focusing on her studies. Fans are looking forward to seeing her again. 

G.NA Postponing Her Comeback Until Further Notice

Sad news to all who are looking forward to G.NA"s comeback because it"s been said that she"s indefinitely postponing her Pretty Lingerie comeback.

G.NA was scheduled to release her new song today and also have her comeback performance but due to the recent tragedy that struck Korea, she has cancelled all her promotional activities and instead decided to wait for the good news from the rescue team.

Cube Entertainment shared, "As for G.NA"s official comeback date, we"ll be generally adjusting her schedule through another conference later so she can come back with a good image. We express our deep condolences once again on the Sewol sinking, and hope for a miracle."

Rain Receives Casting Offer from Romance Drama ‘Indian Summer’

Rain has received a casting offer from upcoming drama Indian Summer.

Cube DC, Rain’s agency, spoke with Newsen on April 21 announcing, “Rain has recently been offered to act in Lee Hyung Min PD’s new drama Indian Summer. The offer was made due to the PD’s connection to Rain but his appearance in the drama has not been confirmed yet.”

Rain first gained recognition for his acting by starring in KBS 2TV’s Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School! directed by Lee Hyung Min PD in 2003. If he confirms to act in Indian Summer, he will be returning to the small screen after four years since he starred in KBS 2TV’s The Fugitive: Plan B.

Indian Summer is a romance drama that is scheduled to air in the latter half of this year

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young Couple Up Again to Endorse Another Brand

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Na Young sign on another joint exclusive model contract this year.

The two actors first worked together earlier this year endorsing outdoor brand Merrell and will now also endorse coffee mix Maxim.

Lee Na Young first endorsed the brand earlier last year with partner Song Joong Ki, who is currently serving in the military.

Kim Woo Bin will transform into a reliable and trustworthy junior who will show off his gentle personality and sweet smile. A person close to Lee Na Young revealed that the filming atmosphere was great and the models naturally worked well.

One advertisement official stated, “Kim Woo Bin is currently one of the hottest advertisement models right now and so we signed him on with Lee Na Young, who extended her contract with us

Yoon Gun Sings Theme Song for Lee Sang Yoon in ′Angel Eyes′

Yoon Gun participated in singing the OST for SBS’ drama Angel Eyes.

On April 21, the OST production company of Angel Eyes announced that ’Angel Eyes OST Part 3’ Love Too Much by Yoon Gun has been released on various music sites.

Love Too Much is lead actor Lee Sang Yoon’s theme song in the drama, featuring Yoon Gun’s charming voice singing out the sad story of first love.

Meanwhile, Angel Eyes is a melodrama depicting the story of a first love couple meeting each other again after 12 years.

Photo credit: SBS

“Empress Qi” Episode 46

"Empress Qi" is throwing everything it has at us, but it fails to be truly compelling. There are tears, and death, and convoluted political plots, but none of those things carry any weight. The buildup towards the events in this episode was sorely lacking and made the biggest reveal seem anticlimactic.

This drama has struggled with uneven development since the beginning. Seung-nyang and Wang Yoo's romance was choppily pieced together. The same can be said for Yon Feisu's strange relationship with Wang Yoo. While her romantic feelings were made obvious, his connection to her seemed to end with business. That is, until the show kills Yon Feisu off (in a scene that was absurdly forced and overly dramatic) and has Wang Yoo weep platonic tears for a woman he never seemed to care about before.

Then there is the sorely underused Empress Hudu who bided her time for five years only to impulsively ruin everything in a badly planned murder attempt on Maha

‘Running Man’ Cancels Filming for This Week

Filming day for SBS’ Running Man has been canceled.

On April 21, Running Man’s Jo Hyo Jin PD spoke with Newsen, saying, “To grieve with the victims of the SEWOL sinking accident, we have canceled filming, which were scheduled for April 21 and 22.”

“The Running Man filming usually takes place every other Monday and Tuesday. We have not decided if filming will begin again next week. We’re still watching the situation.”

Meanwhile, Running Man and new program, Roommates were scheduled to air on April 20, but both were canceled due to the SEWOL tragedy on April 16.

Photo credit: SBS

Music insiders predict the industry won’t pick up for another two weeks

Music industry insiders are predicting that artists won"t be holding much promotions until two weeks later.
Many are pointing out that the Sewol incident is turning into a bigger tragedy each day since it sunk on the 16th, and predict that more time is needed for grieving. Music broadcasts are currently canceled, but it will probably not start again this week. During the Cheonam sinking in 2010, the music shows were cancelled for a month.

However, even when the broadcasts start, it will be burdensome to have a comeback right away. One insider related to an artist having a comeback soon said, "Their comeback schedule will be heavily effected by when the music shows start airing again. However, the comeback will probably happen not on the first week, but the week after."
Another comeback insider said, "Time has passed, and it"s not possible to go through the schedule as released through promotions

“Very Good Times” Kim Hee-seon confesses her love

Kim Hee-seon confessed her love for Lee Seo-jin in tears.

The eighteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Very Good Times" showed Cha Hae-won (Kim Hee-seon) telling Kang Dong-seok (Lee Seo-jin) how she felt about him.

Cha Hae-won was going to kill herself along with her enemy Oh Chi-soo (Ko In-beom) but Kang Dong-seok and Kang Dong-hee (Taecyeon) stopped her. Kang Dong-hee tried to stop her but Kang Dong-seok sneered at her and left.

Kang Dong-hee took her to the police station and when she calmed down, she called Kang Dong-seok and said, "I was fine when you were not there. I wasn't embarrassed, sad, or hasty. It was something I had to do and I never regretted it".

"Now I wonder if this is the right path because of you. If I should be doing this

Samsung Music Puts a Hold on EXO Special Events for Now

With EXO’s comeback postponed, Samsung Music has decided to put a hold on all of its EXO events.

While it successfully hosted EXO’s comeback show on April 15, with the ongoing SEWOL tragedy that occurred on April 16, Samsung Music has decided to put a hold on its EXO special events until further notice.

Samsung Music posted a pop up window on its main website with a message that reads, “We would like to send words of comfort to the victims and families who are experiencing much pain due to an unexpected accident. We sincerely hope that everyone be rescued and returned to their parents.

As we at Samsung Music join the entire nation in desperately hoping that even just one person be rescued until the last moment, we ask for your understanding as we put a temporary hold on all EXO special events and fan signings