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Lee Min Jung on the Series End of “Cunning Single Lady”

The staff of the MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady” recently posted a clip of their final episode filming on their official website.

In the drama, Lee Min Jung plays the role of Na Ae Ra, who fatefully runs into her ex-husband Cha Jung Wo at a mutual friend’s wedding. After deciding to apply as an intern at Cha Jung Woo’s company, their feelings for each other start to grow once more and they are faced with the challenge of starting over again with a failed marriage in their past.

Lee Min Jung was interviewed at the last filming for the drama, and she said, “We began [filming] when it was cold and now it’s already springtime. It was a meaningful project for me and while it’s refreshing for it to be over, I also feel a bit sad. Thank you everyone for giving ‘Cunning Single Lady’ a lot of love

Big Star share a drawing for the ‘yellow ribbon’ campaign for Sewol victims

Big Star became the next celebrities to join the "Yellow Ribbon" campaign and sent their condolences to the Sewol victims and their families.

Big Star tweeted, "During our overseas activities after completing "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education", we heard about the news of Sewol. We are saddened that all we can do is pray right now. With one heart, we all want to earnestly believe that a miracle will happen right now! We pray that they return to their families alive."

"To the rescue workers who are putting their strength into rescuing them until the late hours... Please don"t lose hope until the end. Everyone, gain strength! We give our condolences to the bereaved families. Pray For South Korea."

FeelDog tweeted on his group"s Twitter, "Everyone in Only One, please participate in the yellow ribbon (#YNWA ) campaign with the heart of hope for a miracle for the Sewol victims

Park Shin Hye and Oh Yeon Seo Also Donate to Support Sewol Ferry Relief Efforts

Actresses Park Shin Hye and Oh Yeon Seo have joined the cause to help families of victims from the Sewol ferry tragedy.

On April 23, a representative from Korea Disaster Relief Association Hope Bridge revealed that Park Shin Hye donated 50 million won (about 50 thousand USD) to support Sewol ferry relief efforts and families of the victims. It seemed like she didn’t want many people to know because she donated without letting her agency know. We’ll use the donation to help the victims and search for those who are still missing.”

The representative continued, “The families with missing loved ones and those with survivors will need to receive psychological treatment. Since there are many people, will need to be able to have them receive living support

Kim Ye-won-I and Kim Kwon in “Into The Flames”

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I met for the first time.

"Into The Flames" revealed pictures of lead stars Park Tae-hyeong (Kim Kwon) and Kumiko (Kim Ye-won-I).

Park Tae-hyeong and Kumiko met right before the Japanese Student Judo Competition. Despite his exceptional ability, Park Tae-hyeong had to be the Judo team's errand boy as they were prejudice against the Joseons. One day, there was a gun battle where he saves Kumiko, who is the only daughter of a wealthy plutocrat company called Sinsekai. Kumiko starts showing interest in Tae-hyeong and he begins to fall for her, too.

Kim Kwon and Kim Ye-won-I shot the gun battle scene. They were able to successfully film this difficult scene as safety became a priority for the two young stars.

Meanwhile, "Into The Flames" is a success story about Park Tae-hyeong who overcomes poverty and despair, in an attempt to construct steelwork for the financial development of Korea

Ryoo Si-won, “I’m being reasonable”

Actor and racer Ryoo Si-won requested for a recommendation of unconstitutional legal judgment.

According to the court, Ryoo Si-won did so regarding the location, information protection and usage. His reason is that the definition and regulations of the local information protection and usage, are against the principle of disclosure.

Ryoo's request for recommendation will decide if the laws applied to his case are a violation or not.

Ryoo is in the middle of a case divorcing his wife and was accused of threatening and abusing her. He was also suspected of attaching GPS to her car, tracking down her whereabouts. He was charged with a 7 million won fine but didn't obey the order.

Ryoo said, "I attached the GPS for the sake of my wife and child's safety". However, the court acknowledged that he did abuse his wife and that it was no excuse to be tracking down someone

Choi Jin-hyeok considers starring in “Fated to Love You”

Actor Choi Jin-hyeok is revising the script for the new MBC drama "Fated to Love You".

"Fated to Love You" is a remake of the original Taiwanese drama. It's a romantic comedy about a woman who has nothing but kindness to offer and a man who is at risk of losing his position of a successor.

While Jang Hyeok and Jang Nara have been pre-cast, Choi Jin-hyeok might end up in the role of a man who loves Jang Nara.

"Fated to Love You" will be broadcasted after "Sly and Single Again" and "A New Leaf".

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“Sly and Single Again” Joo Sang-wook and Lee Min-jeong spend the night together

Joo Sang-wook and Lee Min-jeong spent a night together drunk.

On the fifteenth episode of the MBC drama "Sly and Single Again", Cha Jeong-woo (Joo Sang-wook) and Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-jeong) kissed and went all the way to bed.

Gook Gi-bong (Lee Jeong-gil) who is the largest shareholder of D&T Soft Benchers, threatened Cha Jeong-woo that he would withdraw all of his investments for refusing his daughter Gook Yeo-jin.

Cha Jeong-woo told him, "I'm sorry but I won't change my mind". Gook Gi-bong said, "Will you say the same thing even if you lose everything?" and Cha Jeong-woo said yes. Gook Gi-bong slapped Cha Jeong-woo twice.

Nae Ae-ra couldn't help but feel bad for him and prepared dinner at his penthouse. She drank with him and started talking about things she never told him before

See Im Siwan Dressed to the Nines for “Triangle,” a Wealthy Man with a Traumatic Past

Abandoned as an infant and separated from his two older brothers, Im Siwan (ZE:A) was adopted by a wealthy family, and now, as an adult, is fated to meet his brothers again. Im Siwan plays Jang Dong Woo in the upcoming MBC drama “Triangle,” a character who lost his birth name of Yoon Yang Ha along with his family.

The ZE:A member fits his character like a glove, as is apparent in the stills that were recently released by the “Triangle” production, where he looks right at home, cleaned up in his sharp suit. According to a production official, Im Siwan excels in his portrayal of the character, as well, “satisfying everyone 120%” with his performance of the wealthy young man with a traumatic past.

“Triangle,” also starring Lee Bum Soo and Kim Jaejoong, will air its first episode on May 5, following the end of “Empress Ki

Kim Soo Hyun donates $290,000 to Danwon High School in response to Sewol tragedy

Kim Soo Hyun has shown his generous heart donating 300 million KRW (~290,000 USD) to Danwon High School, the school that enrolled most of the students aboard on the Sewol ferry,

Kim Soo Hyun donated the money to those who are suffering the most due to the recent tragedy - the school and its students, faculty, and families who lost hundreds of students or classmates. He requested that the donation also be used for the deceased students" memorial.

His agency Key East Entertainment reps stated, "We apologize for not being able to be of big help... We want to help those who are hurting the most. We hope that the students and teachers of Danwon High School, as well as their families gain strength as soon as possible. We hope that you do not lose hope."

Our prayers are with those affected by this heartbreaking occurrence

Jang Geun Suk Voted Top Celebrity Whose Bluff Is Charming

Although celebrities may appear charming and charismatic on screen, all such image may be a bluff. Yet, people who were able to see past such bluff also viewed such an act as charming in its own way. In a recent poll on DC Inside, actor Jang Geun Suk was voted as the top celebrity who’s bluffing nature was still charismatic.

When asked the question “Which celebrity is still charming despite their bluffing nature?” Jang Geun Suk topped the polls with 24.2% of the 1,402 total votes, receiving 339 votes. Second place was Mnet‘s “Super Star K4” contestant Jung Joon Young who received 23.8% of the total votes by gaining 333 votes. Third place went to actor Kim Bo Sung who is known for his phrase “Loyalty!”