G-Friend turn into fantasy “3-minute g-friends” on ‘SNL Korea’

G-Friend turn into fantasy “3-minute g-friends” on ‘SNL Korea’

G-Friend became ‘3-minute g-friends’ on the September h installment of ‘SNL Korea’.

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Comedian Kim Min Kyo wished for girlfriends, and he was ecstatic to see they were G-Friend members. He requested a ‘star girlfriend,’ and Eunha showed up, melting him with her aegyo. However, things quickly turned real when he went to her fan signing, and she said she wasn’t able to meet up with him due to her busy schedule, saying, “I can see you next year.”

SinB was up next with her lovely aura, and she pleasantly, and unpleasantly, surprised Kim Min Kyo with her unexpected personality dressing up as Darth Vader. He then asked for Yerin, who was the definition of “powerful innocence.” However, it wasn’t long until he learned that she never held back.

Check out G-Friend as ‘3-minute girlfriends’ below!