G-Friend show off their spacious new dorm

G-Friend show off their spacious new dorm

The lovely ladies of G-Friend allowed fans to get an exclusive peek into their spacious new dorm!

On July 31, the six members held a live broadcast through Naver’s ‘V’ where they gave a sneak peek at their new dorm. The girls sat down on the comfy couch next to a huge Snorlax plushie as they interacted with fans.  The girls didn’t give a tour but rather just a glimpse of their new digs while showing off their pricey furniture including a sleek flat screen TV and gave a cheerful shout out to their fans for the great support.

During the broadcast it was revealed that SinB and Umji are sharing a bedroom, Eunha and Yuju are sharing a bedroom, and Sowon and Yerin sharing a bedroom.

[Preview] View of GFriend’s new dorm!!! pic.twitter.com/X2PDGRxleP

— GFriend Part (@gfriend_part) July 31, 2017

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Watch the ‘V’ broadcast below.

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